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Pokemon Co., Ltd. “Pokemon GO” TV commercial featuring Mitsuki Takahata will be broadcast nationwide from December 16th!

The Pokémon Company
“Pokemon GO” TV commercial starring Mitsuki Takahata will be broadcast nationwide from December 16th!
As the first step of the “Let’s go on the slopes of Japan” campaign, a “real pocket stop” with a height of about 4m appears on Motozaka in Hakodate, Hokkaido!

Pokemon Co., Ltd. (Minato-ku, Tokyo, President: Tsunekazu Ishihara) will launch a new campaign for the location information game app “Pokemon GO” for smartphones, starting on December 16, 2022 (Friday). Focusing on “slopes”, we will start the “Let’s go on Japanese slopes” campaign to share the charm and excitement of walking outside. [Image 1

In this campaign, you can sweat comfortably, get excited about the unseen scenery at the end of the hill, and enjoy the sense of accomplishment you climbed. Focusing on the charm of “slopes” that everyone has experienced at least once, we will convey the joy of walking in the outside world through “Pokémon GO”. In the TV commercial series that starts on the same day, actress Mitsuki Takahata walks down hills in various places while looking for Pokemon. As the first campaign, from December 16th (Friday), a TV commercial set in Motoizaka in Hakodate, Hokkaido will be aired nationwide. Please pay attention to the attractive appearance of Pokemon such as “Snorlax”, “Madatsubomi”, “Pochama”, and “Pelliper” that appear in the commercial, and the cute Hokkaido dialect that Mr. Takahata will show. Furthermore, from December 16th (Friday) to March 12th (Sunday), a “Real Pokestop” with a height of about 4m will be set up at “Perry Square” near Motoizaka, and the Pokemon that appears in the commercial will be set up. We will also hold an in-game linked event that makes it easier to appear in “Pokémon GO”.
Mr. Takahata visits a slope in Japan! Let’s go on the slopes of Japan The first commercial “Hakodate / Motoizaka”
[Image 2

The stage of this commercial, which was released as the first installment, is “Kisaka” in Hakodate City, Hokkaido. Nearby is Perry Square, which has a monument to Commodore Perry’s Arrival, and is a popular tourist attraction in Hakodate. Mitsuki Takahata, who plays “Pokemon GO” on the stage of Motozaka, appears in the commercial. You can see how he enjoys walking up the slope with his Pokemon. Please pay attention to the adorable appearance of the Pokémon and how Mr. Takahata will show off the Hokkaido dialect, saying, “I was tired of being tired, and it was a pleasant slope.”
Title: “Let’s go on the slopes of Japan Hakodate / Motosaka” Duration: 15 seconds
Broadcast start date: Friday, December 16, 2022
Broadcast area: Nationwide
[Interview with Mr. Takahata]
Q: Please tell us the highlights of this commercial.
It’s so lovely to see the Pokemon showing their faces in the beautiful scenery of the land!
Everyone, please try playing “Pokémon GO” in various places! Q: How was the atmosphere in Motosaka, Hakodate City, Hokkaido? The scenery from the last park was beautiful, and combined with the clear air of Hakodate, it was soothing.
It was a very windy day and it was difficult to shoot (laughs). Q: What do you like about Pokemon GO?
It is a place where the scenery you usually see suddenly looks fresh. Q: When do you personally play “Pokémon GO”?
I play “Pokémon GO” between shooting and breaks. It’s more fun when you go to the countryside!
At first, I couldn’t throw the monster ball well, but after throwing it many times, I improved a little… maybe? I think (laughs)! I also played during the break of shooting this time.
Q: This time the commercial is set on a hill, but does Mr. Takahata have a particular favorite hill?
Kagurazaka because the university was nearby!
A huge “real pocket stop” appears at the location of the commercial! A game-linked event will also be held!
[Image 3

In the “Let’s go on the slopes of Japan” campaign, the familiar “PokéStops” from “Pokémon GO” will appear in the real world as “Real PokéStops” with a total length of about 4m in various places where the commercials are set.
In addition, if you play “Pokémon GO” near Motozaka, which was the stage of the commercial, we will also hold a game-linked event that will make it easier to encounter the Pokemon that appear in the commercial.
From December 16th (Friday) to March 12th (Sunday), a real pocket stop will appear in “Perry Square” along Motoizaka. Also, from December 16th (Friday) to January 3rd (Tuesday), “Snorlax”, “Madatsubomi”, “Pocchama”, “Pepper”, and “Chagull” that appear in the commercials will be in “Pokémon GO”. ] It will be easier to appear in the game. When you visit nearby, please open “Pokémon GO” and enjoy catching Pokemon and taking AR photos with Pokemon.
Real Pokestop Location: Perry Square (2 Yayoicho, Hakodate City, Hokkaido) Real pocket stop installation period: December 16, 2022 (Friday) to March 12, 2023 (Sunday)
*The installation period is subject to change without notice. *Please cooperate with the manners when using mobile phones. *Please be considerate of other customers.
[Comment from the person in charge of Hakodate City Tourism Department] Q: Please tell us what led to the implementation of this measure. It is a collaboration with “Pokémon GO”, which has many fans all over the world, and we were told that it would be the first project to be developed in conjunction with TV commercials focusing on slopes all over the country, and we set up a real pocket stop. In addition to the unique content of the project in collaboration with the local community, we sympathized with the unique initiative of “Pokemon GO” that allows players to enjoy sightseeing in the local area with “Pokemon GO”, which led to this implementation.
Q: Please give a message to everyone participating in the “Let’s go on the slopes of Japan” campaign.
A real pokestop with a height of about 4m will be set up for a limited time of about 3 months at Perry Square along Motoizaka. If you actually see it in Hakodate, you will be surprised by its size, but we hope that not only “Pokemon GO” players but also many tourists will come and enjoy the “Pokémon GO” experience in Hakodate. We hope that you will enjoy the charm of Hakodate, such as the exotic streets and gourmet food.
■ About “Pokémon GO”
“Pokémon GO” is a smartphone-oriented game jointly developed by The Pokémon Company and Niantic, Inc.
It is a location information game application. Released in Japan on July 22, 2016 after being released in the United States on July 6, 2016. Currently, it is deployed in more than 150 countries and regions around the world, and has been downloaded over 1 billion times. “Pokemon GO” Official Website:
“Pokemon GO” Official Twitter Account: ■ Requests regarding title names
When writing text “Pokemon GO”
*Please add an accent to the “e” of “Pokemon”.
*Please write “GO” in all capital letters.
*Please put a space between “Pokemon” and “GO”.
* Please enclose the title name in double quotation marks unless there is a special reason.
*There is no abbreviation, but it is possible to write it as “Pokemon GO” depending on the space and medium.
[Product information]
・ Title: “Pokémon GO”
・Supported OS: iOS/Android
* Depending on the terminal and OS version, it may not be possible to play. ・ Sales price: Basic play free
*Some items are charged.
・ Publisher: Niantic, Inc.
・Developer: Niantic, Inc.
(C) 2022 Niantic, Inc.
(C) 2022 Pokemon. (C) 1995-2022 Nintendo/Creatures Inc. /GAME FREAK inc. Pokemon and Pokemon are registered trademarks of Nintendo, Creatures, and Game Freak.
【Company Profile】
Company name: The Pokémon Company
President and Representative Director: Tsunekazu Ishihara
Business content: Video games / card games / applications / video production and development / licensing business / store management, etc.
Established: April 23, 1998
Headquarters: Roppongi Hills Mori Tower 8F, 6-10-1 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo Company URL:
Company name: Niantic, Inc.
CEO: John Hanke
Business description: Development and provision of platforms using AR and mapping technology, and applications that use the platform to turn the real world into a game board (“Ingress,” “Pokémon GO,” “Pikmin Bloom”)
Established: October 2015
Headquarters: San Francisco, California

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