PONANT JAPAN French cruise company “PONANT” to start sales of Mediterranean, Atlantic and Northern Europea n cruises in summer 2024

French cruise company “Pontin” to start sales of Mediterranean, Atlantic and Northern European cruises in summer 2024

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France’s only cruise company, Ponant (UK: PONANT / Headquarters: Marseille, France), will start selling Mediterranean, Atlantic and Nordic cruises in the summer of 2024. There are 50 new routes that you can visit on our calm and sophisticated ships. This is a program that allows you to visit UNESCO World Heritage Sites and other rich cultural heritage sites and breathtakingly beautiful scenery while traveling at a leisurely pace. From the Greek islands to the cliffs of Ireland, the pristine landscapes of Algeria and the turquoise waters of the Canary Islands, we have 28 voyages in the Mediterranean and 22 voyages in the Nordic and Atlantic Oceans.
-Introduction of new route-
(1) Mediterranean islands and cities
Schedule: From July 23, 2024 (8 days and 7 nights)
Route: From Athens (Greece) to Valletta (Republic of Malta)
Cruise price: from 3,860 euros
Details: https://asia.ponant.com/the-mediterranean-islands-and-cities-of-the-mediterranean-eg230724-9 [Image 2d46036-27-72a8c07a1d2040723290-1.png&s3=46036-27-307de5cd8a0597a1eb7ee9732d6c7ab0-910x706.png
Departing Athens, Le Bougainville will take you on a journey between Greece and the majestic Maltese coast. Visit the island of Paros in the Cyclades, the car-free island of Hydra, and the remains of Venetian and Byzantine architecture on the Monemvasia peninsula. After a stop at the port of Pylos and a visit to the Nestor Palace, we will set sail again to Taormina at the foot of Mount Etna. Your final destination is Valletta, home of the Knights of Malta.
(2) Adriatic Landscape and Culture
Schedule: From July 9, 2024 (8 days and 7 nights)
Route: To/from Venice (Italy)
Cruise price: from 3,860 euros
Details: https://asia.ponant.com/the-mediterranean-landscapes-and-cultures-of-the-adriatic-eg090724-9 [Image 3d46036-27-1f3dba76688c0bc2a7df-2.png&s3=46036-27-8564c207dcc59f07d709b34eeb4e3207-910x742.png
With hundreds of enchanting islands dotted along its coastline and an extraordinary heritage, the Adriatic Sea is full of wonder and fascination. The Le Bougainville sails from the town of Doge to Rovinj, the jewel of Istria. Then continue to Primosten, a charming fishing village in northern Dalmatia, the UNESCO World Heritage-listed city and historic center of Split, Hvar, the island of Brac, the Brijuni Archipelago, and Pula. Continue to the walled Slovenian city of Piran before returning to Venice.
(3) Cultural heritage and Scandinavian panorama
Date: From June 21, 2024 (12 days and 11 nights)
Route: From Edinburgh (Scotland) to Stockholm (Sweden)
Cruise price: from €7,870
Details: https://asia.ponant.com/northern-europe-scandinavia-cultural-treasures-and-scandinavian-panoramas-eu210624-8 [Image 4d46036-27-6b8234dd681deed01221-3.png&s3=46036-27-6d83835ee3e400860e0f361ad688322f-902x742.png
Departing from the historic city of Edinburgh, a UNESCO City of Literature, Le Dumont d’Urville offers a voyage through the landscapes and cultural heritage of Scotland and Scandinavia. After a stop at Kirkwall in the Orkney Islands, home to many seabirds, from the colorful facade of Egersund to Arendal, the Venice of the North, to the multicultural capital of Oslo, to Gothenburg, Sweden and Danish art. Head to Stockholm via the capital Copenhagen.
(4) Visit the footprints of the great civilizations of the Mediterranean Date: May 9, 2024 ~ (10 nights and 11 days)
Route: From Valletta (Republic of Malta) to Antalya (Turkey) Cruise price: from €4,890
Details: https://en.ponant.com/the-mediterranean-the-mediterranean-in-the-footsteps-of-great-civilizations-au090524-9 [Image 5d46036-27-fb1500e367160a08a472-4.png&s3=46036-27-e0d055434d6aacc315c755dafeb69150-908x748.png
This voyage from Valletta to Antalya awaits you to discover the Mediterranean, a treasure trove of culture and history, a crossroads of peoples and civilizations. Depart from the capital of Malta and head for Sicily and the Puglia region of southern Italy. The beautiful coastline and historical ruins fuse together, giving you a moment where time seems to have stopped. Then visit the Greek islands of Corfu and Itea to see the UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Delphi and the Monastery of Osios Loukas. Then visit Athens and Volos, opening the door to the hidden treasures of Turkey. The archaeological remains of the ancient city of Ephesus, one of the oldest cities in Magna Graecia, testify to the great history of the Mediterranean. The majestic city of Antalya welcomes you at the end of your journey rich in history and culture.
(5) British Isles and Celtic Coast
Schedule: From May 2, 2024 (8 days and 7 nights)
Route: From Saint-Malo (France) to Dublin (Ireland)
Cruise price: from €3,360
Details: https://asia.ponant.com/northern-europe-scandinavia-british-archipelagos-and-celtic-shores-bo020524-9 [Image 6d46036-27-efc88d91da1986730533-5.png&s3=46036-27-643d29b9605e32f1e76bd8d85109d44e-908x748.png
From the coast of Brittany to the coast of Ireland, sailing across the Atlantic at the intersection of the English Channel and the Celtic Sea is the center of a landscape of enigmatic beauty, between lush meadows, rocky cliffs and colorful little villages. lead you to Departing from Saint-Malo, the boat heads northwest to the wild Channel Islands. Then head to the charming little town of Dartmouth at the mouth of the River Dart, then along Cornwall’s legendary cliffs to the Isles of Scilly, magical little islands with landscapes straight out of an Enid Brighton masterpiece. increase. After stopping in Bantry and Cobh, your cruise concludes in Dublin, Ireland’s vibrant and charming capital.
-Company Profile-
Company name: PONANT
Head office location: 408 Avenue du Prado, 13008 Marseille, FRANCE Founded: 1988
Official website: https://www.ponant.com/
-What is PONANT-
France’s only cruise company started by sailors. Starting with the 3-masted 60-passenger Le Pontin, in 2010 we launched four ships, including the world’s first luxury-class cruise ship, the Le Boreal, which was built with the premise of cruising the polar regions. We have built a sister ship and boast the largest number of Antarctic passengers in the industry. PONANT is committed to promoting responsible cruising towards sustainable tourism, and all its cruise ships are eco-friendly, using state-of-the-art environmentally friendly diesel and electric engine systems.
As the global leader in luxury expedition cruises, PONANT takes you from the Arctic to the Antarctic, offering you all the wonders, as well as cruises to the Caribbean and Mediterranean from the comfort of your own private yacht. .

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