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POPBORN Co., Ltd. Movie directed by Aki Morita “Dolphins seem to dance hula” to be released in 2023

Director Aki Morita Movie “Dolphins seem to dance hula” to be released in 2023 Yoi Katada starred for the first time in a young carer, “If you watch it, you will want to see your grandma” Nursing care x youthful new sensation movie

Aki Cinema’s movie ‘Dolphins seem to dance hula’ will be released in 2023 Movie impression TikTokr Shinnosuke’s live distribution “Christmas special LIVE Cinereco! 2023 release movie introduction special” It was announced by guests Hagoromo Mihara and Yoi Katada and Yuina Sakai. [Image 1

Aki Cinema’s movie “Dolphins seem to dance hula” will be released in 2023. Sato Igawa, a rural high school girl who dreams of performing in theater in Tokyo, struggles with her dreams for the future and the reality of nursing care. An original story about planning to take her grandma’s dream trip to Hawaii with her friends before entering. It was produced with the aim of being a pop and fun movie that can be easily watched even with the heavy theme of “nursing care” to reach the younger generation who are concerned about the “young carer problem”.
[Image 2

The main character, Sato Igawa, is played by Yori Katada, who will be starring for the first time in this work. She is an actress who has appeared in many topical works such as “Botaro Sentai Don Brothers” (EX) and “If my favorite goes to the Budokan, I will die” (EX), and is expected to play an active role in the future.
In addition, she plays Shizu Igawa, the most difficult and important grandmother with dementia. Yuko Fukui, a veteran of
The main character’s best friend and rival, Kaede, will be played by Hagoromo Mihara, a top influencer with over 2.1 million SNS followers and an actress who became popular with “Ookami-chan and Ookami-kun won’t be fooled” (Abema TV).
Directed by Aki Morita, who is also an actress.
Junpei Yoshioka, the representative of POPBORN Co., Ltd., is the producer and scriptwriter.

The part of Yori Katada/Sato Igawa
[Image 3

@ Kosuke Mae Credit required when using photos
Born November 20, 2004 (18 years old, 3rd year high school). Debuted in 2021 from Nara prefecture. EX “Violent Sentai Don Brothers” Episode 10: Marina Maeda, Movie My Graduation Project “To Tomorrow’s Me” Akari Kadono Regular appearance in the currently airing drama “If My Favorite Comes to the Budokan, I’ll Die”.
For upcoming works
The role of Rena in the movie “If my favorite goes to the Budokan, I will die”, Participated in the music for my graduation project “18-year-old, Tsumugimasu”, and played the role of Momo in the movie “17-year-old does not stop”
When I read the script for the first time to audition for this work, my beloved grandmother suffered from dementia and Parkinson’s disease. I was very touched by the bond between Since it was my first lead role, rather than “participating” in the work, I took on the challenge with a strong feeling of “making a good work together with everyone”. Please look forward to the release. I hope it reaches many people. The part of Yuko Fukui/Shizu Igawa
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Born January 1, 1951 Born in Nagano Prefecture
Promoted to a member in 1982 after working as a research institute for the theater group Yen. In addition to theatrical company performances, he has also appeared in many external works such as stage
performances, dramas, and movies.
Major performances in recent years
[Movie] “Dedication of Suspect X”, “Still Deeper than the Sea”, “How to Find the Best Life”, “Oshukatsu”
[Drama] “Koi wa Tsuzukuyo Dokodemo” (TBS), “Unsung Cinderella” (CX), “Kindaichi Shonen no Jikenbo” (NTV)
[Theater] “Hedda Gabler”, “Hanasho no Onna”, “Soha, Fuku no Tokoro”, etc. comment
Dear Sato-chan, your grandmother was innocently yelling, “Dolphin hula dance!” I’ve been wishing for it for a long time. Recently, I’ve become senile and physically handicapped, but it’s okay. That’s why you don’t have to carry your grandmother on your back anymore. From now on, Sato will spin the time for Sato. However, at the end of the grandma, please set up on the beach where you can see a real dolphin hula dance! May the love of Sato and Shizu reach everyone.
The part of Joe Saito/Tatsuhiko Ikawa
[Image 5

Born in 1964, from Tokyo
Since 1990, he has appeared as a stage actor in “Amadeus,” “Richard III,” and the 55th Art Festival Grand Prize-winning work “The Grapes of Wrath.” Since around 2005, he has been appearing as a guest at [Shiki Theater Company]. Currently, he is active in various genres such as stage, drama, and commercials, and “Dolphin seems to dance a hula dance” will be his first feature film appearance.
Mihara Hagoromo/Kaede role
[Image 6d114196-2-fcc7acbf643e3e943439-3.jpg&s3=114196-2-0a2eda03b9080daee5244c459e8ad3bf-1883x2700.jpg
Born September 22, 2002. Born in Hyogo prefecture. A top influencer with over 2.1 million SNS followers. Received the 7th Japan Uniform Award Grand Prix. Currently, she is jumping beyond the boundaries of SNS and expanding her activities to include actresses and models. Appeared works include WOWOW “Isekai Izakaya “Nobu” Season 2 ~Witch and Archbishop”, Amazon Original drama “Is it true that you get married”, etc. Appearing in the latest series ABEMA “Ookami-chan and Ookami-kun won’t be deceived” is attracting attention.
Sakai Yuina/Hina
[Image 7d114196-2-bfa20785045798c75ccc-0.jpg&s3=114196-2-15c0df3ab8599d86d2314da3409ecffc-500x719.jpg
Born January 25, 2003. Born in Ehime prefecture.
Won the Grand Prix out of 4,102 applicants at the 9th (2020) Miss Teen Japan. Currently, WOWOW original drama “Kokoro no Fufufu”, stage play “Swimming with Lemon Jelly Blue”,
He is active mainly in acting work, such as appearing in
advertisements for “Dragon Quest Walk”.
Related information
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◆Released: Scheduled for mid-2023
Yori Katada Yuko Fukui
Joe Saito and Moe Hagiwara
Hagoromo Mihara Yuina Sakai Dowan (Tamayura Rest)
Koei Ueda Tsubaki Omura
Satsuki Natsukawa
◆Director: Aki Morita
Screenplay / Producer: Junpei Yoshioka
◆Planning/Production: Aki Cinema
◆ Advertisement/Distribution/Production: POPBORN Co., Ltd.
◆ Official Twitter: @iruka_gekijou
◆ Official Instagram: @iruka_gekijou
◆ Official TikTok: @iruka_gekijou
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A video production company started mainly by people in their twenties, from planning to delivery. We plan, produce and edit a wide range of video works such as commercials, music videos, documentaries, movies, vertical cinema, short movies, animations, making-ofs, spin-off dramas, etc., and operate video events nationwide, mainly in Tokyo and Osaka.
◆ Representative Director and President: Junpei Yoshioka
◆Established: July 2021
◆ Location: Pearl Heights 401, 1-1-24 Higashi-Izumi, Komae-shi, Tokyo 201-0014 ◆Branch office: Picasso Nippon Ichi Building 6F, 1-17-17 Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka 542-0073
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