Pre-order sales of the waist warmer On bare skin that heats up in one second have started!

Utax Co., Ltd.
Pre-order sales of the waist warmer [On bare skin] that heats up in one second have started!
Thinnest class seamless waist warmer equipped with a next-generation cloth heater

*This press release, which was scheduled to be distributed from PR TIMES at 10:00 on December 19, 2022, was not distributed due to a problem with our system. We sincerely apologize and will send it again. Utax Co., Ltd. will start pre-ordering the seamless waist warmer “bare skin” from the seamless innerwear brand “Smoon” on December 16, 2022 (Friday) at Makuake, a support purchase service. I was.
[Support purchase service “Makuake” pre-order sales page]
[Image 1
Thinnest class 2.5mm! A surprising fit that makes you forget you’re wearing it “My temperature” with one touch Easy temperature control with a smartphone Stretchable belt equipped with next-generation heater “HOTOPIA” that heats up in 1 second!
[Warm bare skin]
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1. 100% seamless
The waist warmer made with the adhesive technology of the innerwear brand “Smoon” is the ultimate seamless (R) finish without sewing a single stitch. There are no seams, piping, or tags, so it is gentle on the skin and does not cause itching or pain.
[Image 3

2. Thinnest class of less than 2.5mm
The waist warmer body is attractive because it is less than 2.5 mm thin, which is comparable to seamless innerwear.
It is less likely to be stiff and rough that is common with
wrap-around types, and it is designed so that it does not resonate even if you wear clothes over it.
It weighs less than 80g and is so comfortable that you forget you’re wearing it *The weight of the mobile battery is not included. [Image 4

3. HOTOPIA, a next-generation cloth heater that heats up in one second [Image 5

HOTOPIA’s cloth heater, which achieves safe and uniform planar heat generation with a patented technology that knits silver fibers, is used. This cloth heater, which supports an exceptionally soft fit, is truly the next generation heater.
*Patented technology of Sanki Consys Co., Ltd. (Patent No. 6018600)  Patents have been obtained in Japan, China, South Korea, Taiwan, the United States, and EU countries.
4. Easy one-touch temperature control with smartphone app
By installing a dedicated app, you can easily adjust the temperature from your smartphone. You can adjust your own temperature with a single touch, regardless of the location, so you can enjoy
long-lasting comfort anytime, anywhere.
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5. Thin mobile battery
We adopted a thin mobile battery that takes into consideration the difficulty of reverberation to the outer.
The point is that when you set it on the main body and wrap it around your waist, you won’t feel the weight.
6. Machine washable material
The waist warmer body uses underwear material.
If you use a net, you can wash it in the washing machine, so you can easily wash it and keep it clean at any time.
*Please remove the cloth heater when washing.
7. Hook-and-loop fastener that is gentle on clothes
[Image 7

The hook-and-loop fastener rarely catches knit threads or damages clothes, so it is a stress-free specification when putting on and taking off. The thin hook-and-loop fastener does not interfere with coordination because it does not show thickness even in overlapping parts and does not show through the outerwear.
8. Organic cotton blend is gentle on the skin
We use organic cotton blend fabric with excellent heat retention and breathability.
The material has a soft texture that wraps around your waist and keeps you warm even when the power is off.
9. Tagless print display
By printing the washing instructions on the body of the waist warmer, no tags are sewn on.
【Use scene】
[Image 8

Under a suit or uniform that you can’t wear even if it’s cold! For winter camping and outdoor work!
For those who don’t like bulky luggage!
For those who like fashion and don’t want to ruin the silhouette of their clothes!
【 Product name 】
Seamless waist warmer warm bare skin
[Project period]
Pre-orders are available from December 16, 2022 (Friday) to January 29 (Sunday) of the following year at the support purchase service Makuake.
【 Company Profile 】
Company name: Utax Co., Ltd.
Location: 201-1 Nomura-cho, Nishiwaki City, Hyogo Prefecture Representative: Daisuke Udaka
Established: April 1, 1967
Business description: Manufacture and sale of innerwear, manufacture and sale of secondary clothing materials, manufacture and sale of sportswear, import and export of fashion accessories
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