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Press release Hikaru Takahashi and Ultraman appear as campaign characters for “Hatachi no Blood Donation”! Mr. Takahashi from the Hatachi generation and the national hero Ultraman convey the importance of donating blood, saying, “Donating blood is

Japanese Red Cross Society Blood Service Headquarters
Hikaru Takahashi and Ultraman appear as campaign characters for “Hatachi no Blood Donation”! Mr. Takahashi from the Hatachi generation and the national hero Ultraman convey the importance of donating blood, saying, “Donating blood is sharing the power to live!” Spread understanding and cooperation for blood donation! Reiwa 5th Year “Hatachi Blood Donation” Campaign / Japanese Red Cross Society “Hatachi Blood Donation” New CM “Genki Share Hen” will be released nationwide from Sunday, January 1, 2023!

The Japanese Red Cross Society (Minato-ku, Tokyo) will conduct a “Hatachi Blood Donation” campaign nationwide for two months from January 1 (Sun) to February 28 (Tue), 2023. Also, on the same day the campaign starts, the new CM “Genki no Share Hen” will start
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The “Hatachi no Blood Donation” campaign aims to ensure a stable supply of safe blood products in winter, when the number of blood donors tends to decrease. This is a campaign that asks for
Actress Hikaru Takahashi and national hero Ultraman have been appointed as campaign characters for the 5th year of Reiwa. The CM concept is “Donating blood is sharing the power to live”. In the commercial, Hikaru Takahashi does various “shares” that are full of everyday life, such as sharing cakes, sharing photos on SNS, and sharing music with earphones. Then, every time Mr. Takahashi shares, the familiar voice of “Share!” echoes. Finally, Ultraman appears who kindly watches over Mr. Takahashi as he goes to donate blood. Along with the national hero Ultraman’s shout of “Share!”, Mr. Takahashi, who represents the Hatachi generation, strongly and positively conveys the importance of blood donation, saying, “Blood donation allows us to share the power to live.”
Japanese Red Cross Society “Hatachi no Blood Donation” New CM “Genki no Share Hen” Storyboard
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Interview with Hikaru Takahashi
●In this commercial, there were several sharing scenes based on the concept of “donating blood is sharing vitality and the power to live.” Please let me know if there’s something you’ve wanted to share recently, or that you’ve accidentally shared.
I often share with my relatives and family, especially my mother, and I see videos on social media that look like home videos of cute dogs and babies eating. And cute and cute. I often send back pictures of dogs. So I just return the stamp silently. I can’t help but share (I’m going to share it on SNS, or I’ll send it already.)
Well, I’m already sending it directly to one person.
●Are there any moving or happy events in your life that you would like to share the most?
The thing I want to share the most is that I myself got the chance to enter the entertainment world through the All Japan National Bishojo Contest, which was also triggered by my dance teacher’s
recommendation. By doing this kind of challenge, I was able to meet a lot of people, and I was able to participate in the campaign like this, and I was able to meet a lot of people. So I think it would be nice if I could share the reason for taking on a challenge and the importance of taking on a challenge. By doing so, I feel that I have a lot of fun every day.
(It’s nice. You want to share what you challenged, not the result.) Well, the results will come someday, or even if it’s a good result, I think it will come back in various ways as experience, so it depends on each person. First of all, I thought it was important to challenge myself.
●Please tell us if there are any experiences or episodes that make you feel that you have been encouraged by others around you.
Recently, when I released my photo book, I couldn’t meet the fans in person due to the current situation, but it was the first time I had an online autograph session. what would that be like? Autograph session without face-to-face? I thought. I actually got comments in real time while streaming the video live. I’m writing autographs and messages while reacting to it, and even though I’m not actually meeting them, I can feel their words and enthusiasm, and I’m very excited. It would have been better if we could have met in person, but I felt that it was possible to connect properly even in places far away, such as SNS, and I thought that they were very energetic and shared.
(It means that the participants shared their energy.)
Yes. I would be happy if you could send me energy too.
(Will the autographs reach everyone at a later date?)
That’s right, I wrote it on the spot and sent it later. I feel like I’ve already reached you
(The fans are also sharing their energy.)
I hope it’s arrived.
●I was with Ultraman for today’s shoot. How was it?
No, it’s already a muscle muscle feeling (laughs). The body, the physical beauty was very beautiful. Also, the dignified eyes were really wonderful, and the poses and movements were always sharp. . He was in great shape.
(Was power shared?)
●If Ultraman were around in the real world, would you have anything to ask him? I think it would be nice if it was an older brother. If you’re an older brother and you’re in trouble, or if you’re in trouble during your school days, I think you’ll be able to help me, so I want you to be my strong ally.
(If you’re an older brother, you’re the strongest family.)
The strongest, isn’t it? It’s a longing.
●I think you will become a new adult in January 2022. Looking back on your 20th year, what kind of year was it?
Well, this past year, after I became “Hachi”, I had the opportunity to challenge myself with a new job or a new genre of work. I’ve been in charge of the MC, and I’ve been able to progress the program more and more. There were times when I had to turn things around, so I was able to challenge new things every day, face difficulties and make mistakes. I wonder if it was.
Musical is also a challenge this year. I thought that I would never be able to sing while doing this job, but I am grateful for this wonderful opportunity.
●Is there anything you do when you feel depressed at work?
I often watch videos of people singing on social media, sing along with them, or watch live streams. It’s the same with radio, live streaming of games, etc. Recently, it’s possible to share people’s present on SNS. I really like that, and because “now” is so real-time, I can feel the distance closer, and I can feel like I’m with you, so I’m really excited. I’m really excited about live streaming, radio, and other “raw” content, especially live performances.
● “Hatachi Blood Donation” is a campaign that we hope will be an opportunity for young people of the Hatachi generation to donate blood for the first time. Please give a message to everyone watching the commercial.
This time, I participated in a campaign called “Hatachi Blood Donation,” and I learned for the first time that the blood donation rate among people in their 20s is surprisingly low. I think that’s the thing. Donating blood seems familiar, and we often see blood donation buses, but for those who have an image that it’s a little difficult and a little scary, maybe they’re not good at giving injections! Some people may be afraid of needles, but I think it’s wonderful to be able to help someone, so why don’t we share our energy together?
“Hatachi Blood Donation” Poster Ultraman Panel
Hikaru Takahashi and Ultraman appeared in posters at the blood donation venues of the Japanese Red Cross Society. The two of us will vigorously and proactively promote blood donation. In the poster, Hikaru Takahashi is also showing off the “Genki Share Pose”, which is a fusion of finger hearts and specium beam poses. This “Genki Share Pose” is also included in the TikTok “Genki Share Dance” danced by Mr. Takahashi. Please pay attention.
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* Posters will be posted at blood donation venues nationwide.

“Blood Donation of Hatachi” Commemorative Gift
[Table 5: ]
During the campaign period, we will present an original drawstring bag with the campaign logo as a souvenir to those who have registered for the blood donation web member service “Love Blood” who have cooperated with blood donation in their teens and twenties.
* “Labrad” members do not matter whether they are existing or new members. [Image 12

[Campaign requirements]
■ Period:
January 1 (Sun) to February 28 (Tue), 2023 *Ends when supplies run out ■Present:
“Hatachi no blood donation” original purse
■ Participation conditions:
Gifts will be given to the first 20,000 people who fall under 1. or 2. below who donated blood during the campaign period.
1.Those in their teens and twenties who wish to be members of “Lovelad” 2. Those in their 30s or older who participated in the “Hatachi Blood Donation” Twitter campaign and presented the tweet screen at the time of reception.
■ Drawstring specifications:
Cotton purse W115 x H180mm
* It will end as soon as it runs out even during the period. *Depending on the blood demand of the medical institution, we may ask you to change the type of blood collection you requested.
* Even if you apply for blood donation, you may not be able to cooperate with blood donation due to your own physical condition on the day.
* Regarding goods, resale to third parties, including flea market apps and auctions, is prohibited.
* Those who have registered for “Love Blood” on the day are also eligible. * “Labrad” is a blood donation web membership service that connects the Japanese Red Cross Society and blood donors.

“Hatachi Blood Donation” Official TikTok & Special Site
Ultraman will appear on TikTok for the first time on the official TikTok account (@kenketsu_share) for this campaign!
Here are some important points about donating blood. Also check out Hikaru Takahashi’s cute “Genki Share Dance”! In addition, dance videos of Ultra Seven and that Ultra monster will be updated from time to time! Please pay attention!
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Content posting schedule
12/26 update
(1) Ultraman blood donation introduction
(2) Ultra Seven’s first blood donation Seven Step
(3) Hikaru Takahashi’s energetic share dance
Updated as needed after 1/1!
(4) Pigmon’s energetic share dance
(5) Tiktoker Rinori’s energetic share dance
(6) Introduction video of blood donation venues nationwide
*Submission content and schedule are subject to change.
On the special site, in addition to campaign information, CM videos, TikTok videos, and other movie content, blood donation introductions by Ultraman and Ultraseven, and a “photo frame” where you can take pictures with Ultraman will appear!
■ URL:
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* Photo frame image
“Hatachi Blood Donation” Twitter Campaign
During the campaign period, follow the official Twitter account (@kenketsu_share) of this campaign and retweet the “CM post”. [Image 22

[Campaign requirements]
■ Period:
Sunday, January 1 to Friday, February 10, 2023
“Hatachi no blood donation” original mobile battery
■ Number of winners:
100 people by lottery
■ Participation conditions:
STEP 1. Follow the official Twitter account (@kenketsu_share) during the period STEP 2. Retweet “Comment posted”
■ Mobile battery specifications:
*The connection cable is MicroUSB/iPhone(Lightning)/USB Type-C specification. It is a mobile battery that is useful for charging smartphones on the go. With two outputs, you can charge your family and friends at the same time! *Winners will be notified by direct message on Twitter from March onwards. * Regarding goods, resale to third parties, including flea market apps and auctions, is prohibited.
*Shipping is limited to within Japan.
Performer profile

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■ Hikaru Takahashi
Date of birth: September 22nd, 2001
Birthplace: Shiga Prefecture
Blood type: Type O
Height: 167cm
≪Biography and latest information≫
In 2014, she won the Grand Prix at the 14th All Japan National Beautiful Girl Contest. In 2016, he made his debut as an actor in the movie “Promise of Life”. In 2017, she made her drama debut in the NHK Taiga drama “Onna Joshu Naotora”. After that, he appeared in various topical works. Major appearances include the drama “Where did my skirt go?” ”(WOWOW), the movie “Osomatsu-san” (2022), the musical “Little Zombie Girl”, etc. Widely active in variety shows, radio, and modeling.
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(C) Tsuburaya Pro
■ Ultraman
Height: 40m
Weight: 35,000 tons
Maximum flight speed: Mach 5
Birthplace: Nebula M78, Land of Light
Special Move: Specium Ray
He followed the space monster Bemular to Earth and fought to protect it from monsters and aliens. It has many special moves, including the Specium Ray. Nebula M78, the Land of Light is her hometown.
Not only is he strong, but he also has the kindness to take care of innocent monsters. On Earth, he is a Hayata member of the Science Special Investigation Corps.
[Table 6: ]
*This commercial, making, and interview were filmed after taking sufficient measures against the new coronavirus infection.
*Please refrain from using the photos for purposes other than introducing the web movie, and for secondary use.
* Regarding photo materials, we will only use your papers, magazines, and programs for which the release has arrived.
 The provision and publication of materials in other newspapers, magazines, and programs, and on-airing are strictly prohibited.

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