Produced by Cannox Star, a YouTuber with over 1.4 million subscribers! “Drink before moving” “DIET OFF COLA” is now available!

CityCamp Inc.
Produced by Cannox Star, a YouTuber with over 1.4 million subscribers! “Drink before moving” “DIET OFF COLA” is now available!
The industry’s first craft cola focusing on “fat burning” has been completed after more than a year of development.

CityCamp Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo / Representative Director: Kyosuke Matsuike) has a unique interpretation of “Cola”, a drink that symbolizes the city and camping. OFF COLA”, we will announce “DIET OFF COLA”, “drink before moving”, produced by popular YouTuber Cannox Star as a producer.
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A new lineup has joined “OFF COLA”, which has released numerous collaboration products so far. The guest producer this time is Kanok Star, a popular YouTuber with over 1.4 million subscribers. Produced a new flavor based on his idea of ​​”a cola that I really want to drink”.
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After more than a year of development, together with Mr. Hiroki Hayashi, a top-class pastry chef in Japan, who is the general supervisor of the OFF COLA series, they succeeded in developing a craft cola that they both were satisfied with. With the theme of “delicious and healthy cola,” DIET OFF COLA, the first* fat-burning craft cola in the craft cola market, was born, incorporating diet elements without sacrificing umami. We will bring a new trend to the booming craft cola.
This product, which is made from natural materials, uses more than 8 kinds of spices. Among them, 2,400 mg of black ginger, which is said to be effective in burning fat, is blended, making it a craft cola syrup that is ideal for dieters who love sweets. In addition, one of our commitments is that it is a simple and body-friendly cola syrup that does not contain any artificial sweeteners, preservatives, coloring agents, or white sugar.
Reservations will be available at the official online store from December 5th. At the same time, a release event will be held to commemorate the release of “DIET OFF COLA”.
*: Based on our research in November 2022
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“I want to drink really delicious and healthy cola”
A canox star who likes cola so much that he regularly drinks cola drinks in his own videos. However, perhaps because I am concerned about my health, at some point I become reluctant to drink. That’s when I met OFF COLA. I was instantly fascinated by the design, and it was realized in the form of being contacted by Kanok Star.
This time’s “DIET OFF COLA” is a natural material that thoroughly eliminates bad things such as artificial sweeteners and preservatives. It has become a healthy craft cola syrup that clears the “unhealthy” element that is used.
Of course, it has a deep, spicy flavor that you won’t get tired of even if you drink it daily, and you can enjoy it with soda, milk, or soy milk. During the day, you can enjoy a refreshing taste during your free time between video editing, and at night, you can relax and enjoy it before going to bed. It’s caffeine-free, so you can drink it at night without disturbing your sleep.
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“DIET OFF COLA” sales start from December 5th
“DIET OFF COLA” will be on sale at the official online store from December 5th. With a capacity of 375ml per bottle, it is possible to make about 15 cups of craft cola. You can choose from three purchase plans: single item purchase, monthly subscription, or subscription every three months. This time, each purchase plan will have Kanok Star benefits as a collaboration benefit. Please refer to the official website for details of the benefits.
I would be happy if you could help me get closer to my ideal self by continuously drinking “DIET OFF COLA” with black ginger, which is a hot topic for burning fat. Please try to incorporate craft cola into your daily life that is easy to drink and never get tired of. [Image 5d77104-9-88d5792ef4905f3f8c13-4.png&s3=77104-9-ad74cf07cdef1752a04300491bafb600-758x568.png
DIET OFF COLA Official Online Store|
OFF COLA Official Online Store| Instagram|
About “OFF COLA”
OFF COLA is a craft cola that you drink during your off time. Mr. Hiroki Hayashi, a top-class patissier in Japan, was appointed to supervise the recipe, and two kinds of flavors were created using more than 10 kinds of spices with the image of 6:00 pm and 2:00 am. This caffeine-free craft cola contains no artificial sweeteners,
preservatives, colorings, or white sugar, and is made for those who spend their leisure time in good health.
The creative direction is handled by Kyosuke Matsuike himself. In addition to the above products, CBD-infused craft cola “OFF COLA x NORTH VILLAGE #CBDmeltdown” jointly developed with Japan’s largest shisha cafe “NORTH VILLAGE”, and glasses and packages by illustrators such as Aki ishibashi, ChiMy, and shiomi wada We have released various collaboration products such as OFF COLA with special specifications designed by us.
About the operating company: CityCamp Co., Ltd.
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CityCamp is a lifestyle DNVB (Digitally Native Vertical Brand) that produces leisure time. It is a brand that aims to turn off your feelings by having you experience extraordinary things. He is involved in the development of “Ebisu Bonfire Bar CityCamp / City Camp” where you can enjoy a chill space in the center of the city and craft cola “OFF COLA”.
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