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Proroute Marumitsu Co., Ltd. Lifestyle mail order “&est” SNS open campaign

Proroute Marumitsu Co., Ltd.
Lifestyle mail order “&est-and est” SNS open campaign
A special opening campaign limited to SNS will be held through influencer marketing on the mail order site “&est-and est”, which delivers products and own brands selected by wholesalers with 122 years of history.

Operated by Proroute Marumitsu Co., Ltd. [TSE Standard: 8256] (Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Osaka, President: Hirofumi Morimoto), The lifestyle mail-order site “&est”, which focuses on our original products, has opened an official SNS. In addition to carrying out influencer marketing measures, we will carry out a special open campaign limited to SNS.
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■ About special campaign contents
Through SNS, we will promote the product in collaboration with influencers who have been attracting attention on a daily basis, and distribute special coupons such as “2000 yen discount coupon” and “1000 yen discount coupon” that can be used only for viewers every week. , This will lead to increased willingness to purchase products. In addition, we will continue to post a large number of SNS posts every day to improve product awareness and generate more UGC (user-generated information).
■ About official SNS
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■ About Proroute Marumitsu Co., Ltd.
For 122 years since its founding, Proroute Marumitsu Co., Ltd. has contributed to the local community with a focus on general clothing wholesale business. From October 21, 2022, we will launch the “&est” business, a manufacturer retail business format that delivers products directly to customers, and aim for further business development. 【Company Profile】
Company name: Proroute Marumitsu Co., Ltd.
Location: 2-1-3 Kitakyuhojicho, Chuo-ku, Osaka
Representative: Hirofumi Morimoto, President and CEO
Founded: Meiji 33 (1900)
Established: March 1951 (1951)
Capital: 245 million yen (as of March 20, 2022)
Business description:
・General clothing wholesale business (clothing, accessories, bedding, interior, etc.)
・Beauty and healthcare business
・B2B platform business (pro route mall)
Details about this release: