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Proscenic Technology Co.,LTD Limited time campaign for new products 3-level switching, wall-mounted charging & storage, powerful suction, cyclone installed! Notice of special coupon

Proscenic Technology Co., LTD
[Limited time campaign for new products] 3 levels of strength switching, wall-mounted charging & storage, powerful suction, cyclone installed! Notice of special coupon
Implementation period: From 2022/12/16 to 2022/12/18 23:55

Proscenic Co., Ltd. is a consumer electronics manufacturer that integrates the development, production, and sales of air fryers, air purifiers, robots and cordless vacuum cleaners.
As a thank you to our customers, we will sell our brand new product, the I10 cordless vacuum cleaner with powerful suction, on Amazon! Not only can it be used as a Christmas present for your loved ones, but it can also be used as a free item for those who are busy every day.
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Current selling price: 32900 yen
Sales price after discount: 15900 yen
Coupon: 16400 yen OFF
Promotion code: 600 yen OFF (code: PROI10NEW)
Product page URL:
Deadline: 2022-12-16 0:00 JST-2022-12-18 23:59 JST
Cordless Vacuum Cleaner I10 : Equipped with 8*2200mAh large capacity battery Equipped with a large capacity battery, it can be used continuously for up to 50 minutes. With VBoost, which automatically maximizes suction power when a carpet is detected, you can clean your room efficiently without manually switching modes.
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Cordless vacuum cleaner I10 : three-mode suction adjustment
3 modes can be switched freely to meet different needs.
Eco mode and automatic mode are applicable for daily cleaning, so you can thoroughly clean the whole house.
Max mode can clean stubborn stains quickly and intensively.
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Cordless vacuum cleaner I10 : LED light
Equipped with an LED light, you can effectively clean even in dark places.
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Product Specifications
[Table 2: ]

About Proscenic
[Image 5d70154-141-bf8328b095583bc81a13-2.png&s3=70154-141-66a5133bca47b6159556b66696c3b85c-450x122.png
Proscenic is a smart home appliance brand that sells air purifiers and cordless vacuum cleaners equipped with smart functions based on the concept of “smart and comfortable living”. Since our founding in 2013, we have provided optimal solutions that make full use of technology to over 50,000 customers. We will continue to strive to develop small home appliances that will be chosen by everyone.
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