Proscenic Technology Co., LTD Ultra lightweight | Victidy V8 cordless vacuum cleaner that can be used easily by women is being held for a limited time-

Proscenic Technology Co., LTD
Ultra lightweight | Victidy V8 cordless vacuum cleaner that can be used easily by women is being held for a limited time ~

Vactidy is a subsidiary of Proscenic Co., Ltd. Since its establishment in 2013, with the motto of “providing customers with the best cost performance service”, we have been working on the development and sales business in the field of smart home appliances. It will be on sale at Amazon on Saturday, December 27th.
Regular sales price: 13,990 yen (tax included)
Sale special price: 10,990 yen
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35 minutes continuous operation! ! 6*2200mAh large capacity-detachable battery [Image 1

Equipped with 6⋆2200mAh lithium rechargeable battery, just 2.5 hours quick charge can provide up to 35 minutes continuous working time for daily home cleaning. It can be used in any home, from single-family homes to single-family homes. Also, the vacuum cleaner’s removable battery can be charged and replaced separately. Not only is the charging method unlimited, it can be revived with a spare battery (sold separately) without interruption even after long cleaning. 2 modes of advanced design & alternating strength and weakness [Image 2

[Image 3

The V8 cordless vacuum cleaner features a 2-in-1 turbo electric floor brush that combines stiff and soft bristles in one roller, perfect for carpets and floors. Standard mode – 12kPa is suitable for various floor cleaning missions and powerful mode – 22kPa can deep clean carpets. From dust to cat litter, you can thoroughly clean it, and you will be freed from the troubles of housework!
With LED light & easy to rotate
[Image 4

Equipped with 2 bright LED lights at the tip of the power head of the cordless vacuum cleaner, it is easy to clean dark places even during the day, such as under sofas, beds, and behind furniture. The vacuum cleaner uses a head that rotates 180° left and right and 90° up and down. Offers limitless mobility.
Cyclone and high-efficiency filter system
[Image 5

Cyclone Vacuum Cleaner Cordless uses cyclone dust removal technology and combines it with the vacuum cleaner’s 4-stage HEPA filter system. Fully airtight design traps small dust particles and provides fresh and clean air for your home. Filters can be washed and reused. Multi-purpose in one unit – can achieve a dust-free environment [Image 6

The V8 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner features a variety of handles and multi-functional accessories, including an ergonomic 2-in-1 brush, long slits and an extension tube. The stick vacuum can be easily converted into a portable handheld vacuum, perfect for cleaning stairs, sofas, beds, tables, blinds, upholstery, cars and more. Wall-mounted storage & charging stand
[Image 7

Hang it on an unobtrusive wall for space-saving storage and charging at the same time. You can take it out quickly when you want to use it. Very easy to disassemble and clean & washable filter
[Image 8

The filter and dust cup can be washed with water and kept clean at all times. *Caution: Place the washed filter and dust cup in a well-ventilated place for about 24 hours and dry them thoroughly.
Portable and lightweight design
[Image 9

Even small women can easily lift it with one hand, so you can carry it anywhere without any burden. You can clean comfortably by reducing the burden on your arms.
About Vactidy
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