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Proscenic Technology Co., LTD Vactidy V8 telescopic pipe allows you to change the length of the cyclone vacuum cleaner “One day only event” held ~

Proscenic Technology Co., LTD
A cyclone vacuum cleaner whose length can be changed with the telescopic pipe of Vactidy V8 “One-day event” held ~
The length of the pipe can be adjusted according to height and location, making cleaning much easier.

Vactidy is a subsidiary of Proscenic Co., Ltd. Since its establishment in 2013, with the motto of “providing customers with the best cost performance service”, we have been working on the development and sales business in the field of smart home appliances. Only on December 29th (Sat), we will sell it at 3000 yen off on Amazon.
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What is the Vactidy cordless vacuum cleaner “V8”?
Weighing 1.5kg, this is a super lightweight vacuum cleaner.
It’s cordless, so if you want to clean it, you can pick it up and start cleaning quickly. In addition, with a maximum suction power of 22000Pa and a strong suction power, it can firmly absorb fine dust and hair.
■ Features of the Vactidy cordless vacuum cleaner “V8”
・1.5kg that can be held with one hand
・Maximum suction power 22000Pa, strong suction power
– Gift a multi-functional brush to easily clean dirt on any surface and crevices, this V8 cordless vacuum cleaner is all you need to clean your home!
・Cordless type that can be used without worrying about outlets ・Exhausts clean air with a washable filter
・Small and detachable battery
・Transparent dust cup makes it easy to see the amount of dust ・The dust cup can also be washed with water.
[Video 2:] 【Product Summary】
Product Name: Vactidy V8 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner
Size: 44.3×25.9×19.8cm
Weight: about 1.5kg
Continuous use time: about 35 minutes
Dust cup capacity: about 1200ml
Noise: ‎78 dB
Accessories: HEPA filter, telescopic hose, roller brush, motor-driven head, crevice nozzle, round brush
Sales location (Amazon)
Sales price (tax included): 13,990 yen
Final price: 10,990 yen
[Image 2d70154-149-a8d63a9c4ecc9afdfe29-1.png&s3=70154-149-ac1d67db6e16a2c3a78238e9dced02cc-705x607.png
About Vactidy
[Image 3d70154-149-a9bc143b6a5cffe57a15-2.jpg&s3=70154-149-256acba5a679c995c068b52bac0c0c3c-970x600.jpg
Founded in 2013, Vactidy is a global home appliance brand that plans, manufactures, and sells cordless vacuum cleaners and robot vacuum cleaners. Rather than unilaterally pursuing low costs, we have achieved the best balance between quality and price by focusing on refining our technology. We will continue to do our best to develop technology that makes full use of technology to improve the user experience of our customers.

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