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Prototype of “AC tap type wireless power supply unit” released

B&Plus Co., Ltd.
Prototype of “AC tap type wireless power supply unit” released
B&Plus Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Saitama Prefecture), a manufacturer specializing in wireless power supply, has recently developed a prototype of an “AC tap type wireless power supply unit”. In conventional wireless power supply, direct current (DC) output is common, but since the prototype outputs 100V AC, it is possible to connect devices like a general outlet.
What is AC tap type wireless power supply?
General wireless power supply modules generally output power in direct current (DC). For this reason, it is necessary to customize the output voltage according to the device to which power is to be supplied, which has the disadvantage of reducing versatility. (For example, supplying 5V power to a 12V drive device by wireless power supply will not drive it well).
Therefore, B&PLUS has developed a prototype of an AC tap type wireless power supply unit that can be driven like a general AC outlet. Since it outputs at AC 100V, if the power capacity fits, it is possible to connect the outlet of a general AC drive device and operate it.
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Released two types of prototypes
Two types of units, large and small, have been developed. Both output about 30W. The power supply range and distance differ between the large type and the small type. The large type is larger in size, but has a higher tolerance in the direction of misalignment, eliminating the need for strict positioning. For both types, you can secure AC100V power supply by placing the wireless power receiving unit on the power transmission spot. When not in use, contactless communication reduces power consumption by shifting to standby mode.
[Image 1d9609-82-a687aa551d6a4d43f855-6.png&s3=9609-82-672b7d2ef3446f0e61143d7bf9be5357-1506x846.png
[Image 2d9609-82-7367715a5d4a2ac23ea4-5.png&s3=9609-82-a655e38cfe2e76fca4951eaf283d5147-1425x952.png
[Image 3d9609-82-4544675fb4d5dbe37cbc-4.png&s3=9609-82-e491d1562a80b078125ff0f583b0d7a2-1562x606.png
Since the large type can take a wide power transmission spot (inside the red dotted line frame), there is a high degree of freedom in positional deviation.

Future developments Using these AC tap-type wireless power supply unit technologies, we will set up power supply spots on the floor or on the table, and proceed with building a mechanism that can be used only when you want to use it and sorting out needs. In addition, as a further technological development, we are conducting research to realize a larger power transmission.
At the B&PLUS wireless power supply showroom (Omiya), various wireless power supply demonstration machines, including the newly developed AC tap type wireless power supply unit, are on display. Please feel free to contact us if you are interested.
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