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Provided 10 “Aruku MechatroWeGo” to Living Robot Co., Ltd. and Abukuma Shinkin Bank. We aim to provide new h ospitality as a “growing karakuri clock”.

Living Robot Co., Ltd.
Provided 10 “Aruku MechatroWeGo” to Living Robot Co., Ltd. and Abukuma Shinkin Bank. We aim to provide new hospitality as a “growing karakuri clock”.
“Walk Mechatro Wego” who is good at dancing. At the appointed time, they dance all at once and bring a smile to the customers.

Living Robot Co., Ltd. (Head Office: Date City, Fukushima Prefecture; President: Yasuhiro Kawauchi; hereinafter Living Robot) has launched the “Aruku MechatroWeGo” developed by the company, Abukuma Shinkin Bank (Minamisoma City, Fukushima Prefecture, Chairman Fukuhiro Ota). ) has been installed at the sales branch window.
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Wego is loved by men and women of all ages for its cute appearance and cute movements. The appearance of dancing all at once softens the visitors.
The living robot “Walking MechatroWeGo” has continued to evolve as a partner robot that is close to people, increasing the functions required.
Until now, we have mainly developed it for educational and nursing care, but we will start a new service that will inform you of the fixed time with its cute appearance and dance, and soften the place. Abukuma Shinkin Bank is a financial institution that strengthens community-based financial initiatives and is strongly committed to revitalizing the local economy. This time, we have installed 10 WEGO units in total, 5 units each at the counters of the head office (Minamisoma City) and the Higashi branch (the same city). At the set time, the 10 of them will dance in unison to inform you of the scheduled time. Aiming to be a soothing face for visitors, we started operation from Friday, December 23rd.
The old-fashioned karakuri clocks, in which dolls and pigeons come out to dance at a fixed time, have been loved by people in towns and at home for many years, but nowadays it is rare to see them.
Wego’s dance, which can be enjoyed by men and women of all ages, is similar to the old karakuri clocks. As a modern version of the karakuri clock, we would like to become a presence that brings smiles to people as a “growing karakuri clock” by increasing the variation of dances for each season.

In the future, we will propose utilization not only in financial institutions but also in various places where people gather, such as hospitals, hotels, dealers, shopping malls, and large commercial facilities. We will evolve Wego so that we can provide services that naturally bring smiles to people’s faces through stress reduction and healing effects.
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About Living Robot
Living Robot is a technology company that develops partner robots and related technologies with the aim of realizing a society where humans and robots live and grow together. We are promoting business expansion and social contribution, such as using “Walk MechatroWeGo” in programming education, working on social implementation in various fields, and exhibiting products at domestic and overseas technical events.
Walking MechatroWeGo (C) MODERHYTHM / Kazushi Kobayashi
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