Ptera Co., Ltd. Solve the problems of NFT marketing! Beta version of NFT marketing tool “AILEE” launched

Ptera Co., Ltd.
Solving NFT Marketing Issues! Beta version of NFT marketing tool “AILEE” launched
To commemorate the launch, a large-scale campaign with an ambassador with a total of 200,000 followers and a total of over 500,000 yen will be held.

Ptera Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Teppei Uchiho) will use the NFT marketing tool “AILEE” for free on December 7, 2022 (Wednesday) to streamline the NFT gift campaign. We will release a beta version that you can use.

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Overview of AILEE
“AILEE” is an NFT marketing tool that streamlines the NFT gift campaign (Giveaway). In general, when launching a new NFT project in the NFT market, an NFT gift campaign called “NFT Giveaway” will be held to raise awareness of the NFT.
The NFT gift campaign (Giveaway) requires the following work, which is very time-consuming for the person in charge.
・Confirm whether the applicant has taken the action of the application conditions
・Lottery of winners
・Contacting winners and announcing winners
・Collection of wallet addresses from winners
・ Send NFT to winners
In addition, it is necessary to verify whether each applicant has taken all actions and cleared the conditions in the planning of application conditions such as follow-up & RT of the NFT gift campaign. Not only that, but it was also necessary to individually interact with the lottery of winners, collection of wallets, sending NFTs and notifications.
When using our marketing tool AILEE, campaign settings (application conditions, period, distributed NFT, etc.) will automatically generate a campaign page. Efficient notification.
By using AILEE, the time spent on NFT marketing can be drastically reduced! [V1] Registration here? input? It would be better to describe what you do specifically.
[V2] Describe whether it can be done collectively and efficiently Click here to use the beta version (all beta versions are available free of charge)
Functions list
[Application management]
・Twitter follow, RT, like, reply
・Website visits
・Join Discord
[Tweet management]
・Reserved posting
·Result notification
[Lottery function]
・Automatic lottery
・Manual lottery
[Management of Applicants]
・Applicant list display
・ Acquisition of wallet information of winners
・Winner information CSV download
[Data analysis]
・Simple analytics
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■ Support not only NFT campaigns, but also WL (WhiteList) and AL (AllowList) campaigns!
In addition to the NFT gift campaign (Giveaway), we also support the distribution of priority sales rights (WL/AL).
■Support for raising awareness of the gift campaign (Giveaway) itself! In many NFT projects, there is also a big problem that “I do not notice that I am doing a gift campaign (Giveaway) in the first place”. AILEE will make the service itself into a platform and list the current Giveaway information. This provides an opportunity for users who have visited other Giveaway projects and users who have visited for information on Giveaway to recognize their own Giveaway projects. In addition, the official Twitter (currently about 5,000 followers) will actively spread the campaign carried out on AILEE and support the increase in awareness of the Giveaway project.

Beta version launch commemorative campaign
To commemorate the beta version launch of AILEE, we will carry out a large-scale campaign with a total of over 500,000 yen.
We will carry out a large number of NFT Giveaway campaigns with the “AILEE Ambassadors” who have over 200,000 total followers!
-AILEE Ambassadors (in alphabetical order / titles omitted)- Ark 丨 Marswawa: @ark3141592
ABCD-YAMA TEAMY: @c_yama_saikoo
Gaccho: @daice_0622
Kuusui/crypto, invest: @invest_kuusui
Ginko-chan @NFTCollector: @aki_silverfox
Grimu TEAMY: @GrimRoad925
Kei @NFT: @ukiuki_daisuki
Sub RHC official supporter ������������������: @suv4301
Sa—w (Sawa-san) aka TEAMY: @QNdN3QJUgs9P4o2
theta/Theta������ Teamy: @theta_dot
Shun-chan TEAMY������|TUGUMI supporter【nft-labo.eth】:@aoisora80088548 ������ ������������������������������������������������TEAMY: @tarcher_symbol tamagoyaki/TEAMY/TNL-MOD/KillerBee President: @air1152116930 Nemuko@ODENPETS, AstarCats: @gohannemunemu
HachiKuro Flowerlolita/cryptopath/teamy: @KuroooooHachi
Hana-chan: @nori63755910
Hayatti.eth @ Hayatti: @HayattiQ
Haruharu: @kohaharu45
Bunta ������������������������N Festival: @yoobundanna
Dr. Head ������������ TEAMY: @doctorhead2
[Strange] Harutta-kun (swamped): @ken_ltw
Mickey | CNPP Pappara Corps Captain: @mikky_8080
Ryo CNF������TEAMY⚜️GGE������ | WeAbove: @Ryot0125
Ryota @ODEN DAO&EIEN (������, ������): @ryotablogger
yyy.k ������������TEAMY: @TENSETV333
-Giveaway scheduled NFT in the campaign (in alphabetical order)- ・ANIM.JP
・Astar Prince
・Baby Bunta 2nd collection
・Chibi Lolita
・CNP Students
・Flower Lolita
・Kawaii Meta Collage
・Mars WaWa NFT
・Meta Kawaii
・Shibuya Scramble Punks
・Tokyo Brave Heroes
Announcements and campaigns are being carried out from time to time on AILEE’s official Twitter.
Company Profile
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Company name: Ptera Co., Ltd.
Location: 2-8-1 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0022 Shinjuku Seven Building 6F (604)
Representative: Teppei Uchibo, Representative Director
Established: October 2022
Business: Planning and operation of NFT marketing tool “AILEE”, planning and sales of AI character generation system “Chara-Genny”, production and consulting of NFT
[Inquiries regarding this matter]
Ptera Co., Ltd. E-mail address:

Details about this release:


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