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publication! The color of 2023 is “yellow wrapped in kindness”

Japan Fashion Color Association (JAFCA)
publication! The color of 2023 is “yellow wrapped in kindness”
The Japan Fashion Color Association (JAFCA, Location: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Chairman: Eiichi Mikumo) announces one color that symbolizes the next year as the “next year’s color” every December. .
We have selected the “color of the year 2023”, so we will announce it here. The “color of 2023” is a color selected by our association, but it does not simply mean the color that will be popular next year, but what kind of year 2023 will be, and various keywords that symbolize the mood of that era. It can be said to be the “theme color” of the year.
■ “The color of next year (2023)” is “yellow wrapped in kindness” -Color Name- Luminous Yellow
Munsell value: 6.2Y9.2/4.1 System color name: Pale Yellow

2023 Luminous Yellow
[Reason for color selection]
We live in a world of great anxiety, such as how to deal with the long-lasting new infectious disease, conflicts between nations, and environmental pollution. I yearn for the strength to survive and the power to bounce back from adversity, but it’s all I can do because I can’t see the future and get through the uncertain days. What is the color that makes you feel lighter and gives you a sense of relief, instead of forcibly stimulating your feelings?
The Japan Fashion Color Association (JAFCA) has chosen a bright yellow like a sunshine as the color of 2023. “Luminous yellow” that gradually seeps into the color. It is a color that is gentle, calm, and makes us feel hopeful. Pale and soft colors will easily enter even your uneasy and hardened hearts, gently soothe them, and make you feel bright. In addition, digital devices are indispensable in our daily lives, but the light that makes up digital screens tends to be strongly stimulating. Such a gentle yellow may be a hint for digital expression and design.
Key words
Diversity, connection, spread, symbiosis, healing, glow, immaterial, suitable temperature, gradation, immersion, blurring of boundaries ● Color selection / “Next year’s color selection committee” (JAFCA + Mihoko Komori -JAFCA expert committee-)
●The Munsell value is the numerical representation of color based on the Munsell color system. Systematic color names are color names that are systematically classified according to hue, tone, etc.
● What is the Japan Fashionable Color Association (JAFCA)?/Since its founding in 1953, it is an organization that conducts various activities related to color, such as dissemination of color trend prediction information and consulting for the industrial world.
● What is next year’s color? Popular colors sensitively reflect the ‘feelings’ of the people of the time = the mood of the time. Once a year in December, we announce the colors that symbolize the mood of the following year, with the aim of making the relationship between colors and moods widely known and increasing interest in colors. Starting in 2015, this will be the ninth time. Please note that voting for the “color of the year (2022)”, which selects the color that symbolizes this year, will not be held this time.

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