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Q&A service “Question Market” created with fans, first registration campaign for opening influencers with th e start of service

Pixis Inc.
Q&A service “Question Market” created with fans, first registration campaign for opening influencers with the start of service
~ Realizing the revitalization of the community of influencers and fans as a source of revenue and gaining new fans ~

Pixis Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Shohei Inoue, hereinafter Pixis) will start the QA service “Question Market” created with fans from December 22, 2022 (Thursday). increase. Along with that, we will recruit opening influencers and conduct an initial registration campaign.
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■ About “Question Market,” a Q&A service created by influencers and fans together
Service site: – –
“Question Market” is a new service centered on Q&A. Influencers can earn money by answering questions from various fans. When other fans view (paid) questions answered by influencers in the past, fans who ask questions with influencers can earn revenue (business model patent pending).
This allows influencers to earn a steady income without having to answer the same questions over and over again. There is also plenty of support for influencers to use the service with peace of mind, such as blocking slander.
Fans don’t have to pay money if they don’t answer, and both
influencers and fans benefit, which contributes to further expanding the circle of influencers and fans.
-Service model- *Patent pending
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■ Characteristics of “Question Market”
[Benefits of influencers]
1. Answer questions and get rewards
“You will receive questions and requested amounts from fans.” Influencers get instant rewards for answering questions. The reward amount is displayed, making it easier for influencers to prioritize their questions.
2. If you view the answer (paid), you will receive a reward [* 1] Questions answered by influencers can be viewed (for a fee) by other fans. For each view, the influencer and the fan who asked the question will be rewarded. This allows influencers to get paid without having to answer the same question over and over again.
3. Leading to the acquisition of new fans
By answering questions and having influencers share on SNS that their answers have been viewed, it is possible to acquire new fans and acquire questions.
[Benefits for fans]
1. If you do not answer, there will be no charge.
When asking a question from a fan, the requested amount is required for the influencer to answer, but if the influencer does not answer, there is no charge.
2. If you ask a good question, you can get a reward [* 1]
When an influencer answers a fan’s question, other fans will be able to view the question and answer. For each view, both the fan and the influencer who asked the question will be rewarded.
*1 The influencer and questioner must allow viewing settings. ■ Recruitment of opening influencers
For opening influencers, we have prepared a number of benefits such as preferential service fees, introductions on the official SNS of “Question Market”, and priority guidance for corporate projects. Please apply for registration with any of the currently main Twitter, Instagram, or TikTok accounts, and those who pass the screening will be notified of the dedicated page in order.
1. Preferential service fee to 30% instead of the usual 40% (until the end of March)
2. Introducing the use of Question Market on the official SNS 3. Priority guidance for corporate projects
-Registration flow-
1. Register the official LINE account of “Question Market” as a friend. 2. You can view the registration URL and manual on the official LINE account. From there, it takes up to 48 hours to complete the review after the registration process. You can start using it.
3. If you accept questions from fans and answer 5 or more questions from fans, the campaign entry is complete.
Question Market official LINE account < > ■ About the first registration campaign
We will present an Amazon gift card by lottery from those who have started using this service as an opening influencer and answered 5 or more questions from fans.
-Present contents-
・ Amazon gift card (100,000 yen worth): 1 person
・ Amazon gift card (30,000 yen worth): 2 people
* Campaign period: Until midnight on Saturday, January 21, 2023 -Qualification requirements-
■ Those who have more than 10,000 followers on Twitter, Instagram, TikTok SNS *Registration with celebrity fan accounts and fake accounts will be invalid. There is no problem with registering with a gourmet account. Apply here –

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