Quartet Communications Co., Ltd. TubeRecipe, a home cooking support media that is attracting attention due to Corona, has released the popular cooking YouTuber ranking for November 2022.

Quartet Communications Co., Ltd.
Home-cooking support media TubeRecipe, which is attracting attention due to Corona, has released the popular cooking YouTuber ranking for November 2022

Quartet Communications Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture; CEO: Daisuke Tsutsumi) operates Japan’s largest media “TubeRecipe”, which specializes in cooking YouTubers. TubeRecipe is a media that converts cooking YouTube videos into original text and introduces recipes in a wide variety of categories and unique rankings.
As COVID-19 has changed the way people eat and the proportion of home-cooked meals has increased, we have released the popular YouTuber ranking for November, calculated from the number of accesses to TubeRecipe, so that you can meet new recipes and solve the lack of recipe repertoire. rice field.
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URL: https://tuberecipe.com/
On the problem of lack of home cooking repertoire
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In recent years, the style of eating has changed due to the influence of the new coronavirus. Although people have refrained from eating out due to the coronavirus pandemic, there has been little decline in overall food spending, and demand for home-cooked meals
(self-catering) and ready-made meals (lunch boxes and side dishes) is on the rise. According to a survey by Cross Marketing Co., Ltd., compared to before the spread of COVID-19, 30.2% of respondents answered that they “increase” in “cooking at home”, and 26.1% answered “use takeout”. %, and 25.6% answered that they “use delivery”. Regarding the frequency of cooking at home, 41.9% of respondents answered “every day”, followed by 14.6% who answered “5-6 times a week” and 8.9% who answered “3-4 times a week”. We are here. Against this background, the number of cooking opportunities at home has increased, and new problems such as “lack of recipe repertoire” have arisen.
* Cross Marketing Co., Ltd. “January 2022 New Coronavirus Life Impact Survey (Diet)”
https://prtimes.jp/a/?f=d59024-20220405-790c2f93b860c9e9a5c67f04bb8e78f3.pdf About Tube Recipes
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In order to solve the problem of “lack of recipe repertoire”, the majority of people refer to cooking YouTuber videos. TubeRecipe converts ingredients and procedures into text and divides them into unique categories so that many people can meet recipe videos on YouTube from various angles. You can search for recipes from over 50 categories such as cooking, cooking ideas, and more. Furthermore, by converting the ingredients and procedures into text, you can check the ingredients and procedures without watching the video, eliminating the need to move the video playback bar while cooking.
We regularly publish projects related to cooking and recipes such as cooking YouTuber rankings, and we are considering original projects every day so that users can meet new recipes.
November 2022 Popular Cooking YouTuber Ranking
[Survey overview]
■ Survey method
Analysis of browsing data using survey tools
■ Survey target data
Data in Tube Recipe viewed during the survey period
■ Investigation agency (investigator)
Quartet Communications Co., Ltd.
■ Investigation period
November 1st to November 30th, 2022
1st place Koh Kentetsu Kitchen [Cooking researcher Koh Kentetsu official channel]
Number of subscribers: 1.62 million
Popular recipe for November: Hot pot with chicken and Chinese cabbage Recipe article: https://tuberecipe.com/recipe/10791/detail
2nd place Cooking researcher Ryuji’s buzz recipe
Number of subscribers: 3.45 million
Popular November Recipe: Salt Soup
Recipe article: https://tuberecipe.com/recipe/10915/detail
3rd Place Registered Dietitian: Ayako Sekiguchi’s Wellness Kitchen Number of subscribers: 349,000
Popular recipe for November: Tsukemono (radish pickled in yogurt) Recipe article: https://tuberecipe.com/recipe/10826/detail
◆ 4th place Kuma no limit cafeteria
Number of subscribers: 884,000
Popular recipe for November: Wrapped chicken breast
Recipe article: https://tuberecipe.com/recipe/10768/detail
◆ 5th place Restaurant Sakura
Number of subscribers: 407,000
Popular recipe for November: Pickles (pickled radish)
Recipe article: https://tuberecipe.com/recipe/11077/detail
◆6th Place Baba Gohan-Robert-Baba’s Kitchen
Number of subscribers: 986,000
Popular recipe for November: Steak (onion steak)
Recipe article: https://tuberecipe.com/recipe/10965/detail
7th Place Shusaku Toba’s Sizzling Channel
Number of subscribers: 413,000
Popular recipe for November: Mentaiko pasta
Recipe article: https://tuberecipe.com/recipe/10774/detail
◆ 8th place kattyanneru
Number of subscribers: 1,010,000
Popular recipe for November: Onigiri (Chinese cabbage onigiri) Recipe article: https://tuberecipe.com/recipe/10882/detail
◆ 9th place Bakuba Cook
Number of subscribers: 694,000
Popular recipe for November: Oatmeal apple cake
Recipe article: https://tuberecipe.com/recipe/10815/detail
10th place Hisako Okuzono’s daily recipe [home cooking researcher official channel]
Number of subscribers: 675,000
Popular recipe for November: Nikudofu (pork)
Recipe article: https://tuberecipe.com/recipe/11081/detail
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