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Ranaluta Co., Ltd. #Best of Miss 2023 Shizuoka Tournament Recruitment Announcement & Best of Miss 2022 Shizuoka Grand Prix Chiaki Morita Interview

Ranaluta Co., Ltd.
-Miss Con-#Best of Miss 2023 Shizuoka Tournament Recruitment Notice & Best of Miss 2022 Shizuoka Grand Prix Chiaki Morita Interview
Best of Miss is a joint regional representative selection meeting for the global beauty contests of “Miss Universe Japan”, “Lady Universe Japan” and “Miss University”.
Best of Miss Shizuoka HP–
Best of Miss Official HP–
Best of Miss Shizuoka 2023 has started entries from December 20, 2022. For details, please see the Best of Miss official website or SNS Eligibility for Best of Miss Shizuoka
●Females aged 18 to 27 (as of January 1, 2023).
●Must have Japanese nationality (passport).
●Consent from a guardian is required for minors. Application forms that do not have a guardian’s signature or seal on the entry form will be invalid.
[Image 1d69555-1139-1a95a4905c6154eeaa21-0.jpg&s3=69555-1139-14edcb1948a90b4910ea3e57abd4781f-1169x1416.jpg
Interview with Chiaki Morita, Best of Miss 2022 Shizuoka Grand Prix ・What was good about participating in Best of Miss?
“By participating in Best of Miss, I was able to gain experiences and connections that will serve me well in the future. I was able to interact with many people through this program.I will never forget my gratitude to everyone who gave me such a wonderful opportunity, and will continue to devote myself to it.”
[Image 2d69555-1139-aa38b76e0381c0f98cf0-1.jpg&s3=69555-1139-e2e05ecc7d0de8affe2cb33d2a398ada-1169x1146.jpg
[Image 3d69555-1139-0b6037aa0c648f895246-4.jpg&s3=69555-1139-5fc3b60ce436b8938d14e3fa1ef3320f-1169x1128.jpg
[Image 4d69555-1139-24ff44c430601a1b337f-3.jpg&s3=69555-1139-c389625b2cedf58bdc2046c5359c0e49-1170x1132.jpg
[Image 5d69555-1139-ab2bf60e9eac625c5f74-2.jpg&s3=69555-1139-88af916e845202b60fba3312c174ebde-1169x1064.jpg

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