Ranaluta Co., Ltd. “Stamaga☆Fille” exclusive model Manami Chopa (Aimi Takahashi) has been selected as the 20 23 commercial model for “#furisodegram”

Ranaluta Co., Ltd.
“Stamaga☆Fille” exclusive model Manami Chopa (Aimi Takahashi) has been selected as the 2023 commercial model for “#furisodegram”

#Furisode gram Higashisapporo store
〒003-0002 Hokkaido Sapporo City Shiroishi Ward Higashi Sapporo 2-jo 2-4-21 Lamer Sapporo 2F
#Furisode gram Niigata location
2-1-6 Dekishima, Chuo-ku, Niigata City, Niigata Prefecture 950-0962 025-288-5593
#Furisode gram (Saitama Kitaageo location)
〒362-0015 3-3-11-2 Midorigaoka, Ageo City, Saitama Prefecture PAPA Ageo Shopping Avenue B Building 2F
Official website https://www.furisode-gram.net
[Image 1d69555-1146-532354513b374b4236a7-1.png&s3=69555-1146-882fbdca9354252169d6e98bf405c62d-2124x1412.png
Manami Chopa (Aimi Takahashi), an exclusive model of the stylish fashion magazine “Stamaga☆Fille” that jumped out from SNS, has been selected as the 2023 CM model.
[Image 2d69555-1146-6fa0fab1f90af232cd1e-0.png&s3=69555-1146-b5e88521948f6cbf52550d431556abb3-942x1420.png
CM video–https://youtube.com/shorts/-iRswwPyDXI?feature=share This time, as an off-shot, we will publish the photos taken during the commercial video shoot.
You can check this off-shot on the official website and SNS of “#furisodegram”. The photos and videos were taken at the Saitama Kitaageo store. [Image 3d69555-1146-c7c4edcaed898c7a92fc-5.png&s3=69555-1146-4ee52532f953405a0b11b8ebe31d436b-2130x1414.png
[Image 4d69555-1146-89e8b4037e1a7fc0e44b-3.png&s3=69555-1146-0932523059f89fc7c3d52bc1d2f7ed7c-944x1420.png

Comment from Manamichopa
Thoughts on Furisode:
I had never chosen a white kimono before, so I was wondering if it would look good on me, but when I actually tried it on and added cute accessories, I was able to transform into a very elegant and beautiful furisode (heart)️
Thoughts on Hakama:
The furisode had a nice and cool image, but the hakama was very cute and I enjoyed the different pattern♪
I was deeply moved by the good sense of the staff (heart)
Thank you very much!
Profile of Manamichopa
Date of birth: September 23, 2008
Hobbies: Dancing, watching movies (horror)
I started learning English when I was 2 years old,
At the age of 5, she went to dance school.
Kids model activity from 8 years old,
After working as an idol for half a year in Fukuoka at the age of 12, Currently working as a freelance soloist.
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