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Readers are fascinated by the talking cat “Omochi-san”!

Micromagazine Co., Ltd.
Readers are fascinated by the talking cat “Omochi-san”!

・The stage model is Shizuoka! A mysterious and gentle story written by a Shizuoka-born and resident artist
・ A heartwarming “Ayakashi Fantasy” woven by a talking cat mochi and a new police officer
Micromagazine Co., Ltd. (Chuo-ku, Tokyo) will release the Kotonoha Bunko “Policeman and Maneki Neko Omochi, Okoge and Round Moon” on December 20th.
[Image 1

A police officer and a beckoning cat


Novel: Midori Uehara/Illustration: Shoichi
ISBN: 9784867163733
List price: 792 yen (body 720 yen + tax 10%)
Release date: December 20, 2022
One day, in a small town by the sea, a cat that looks just like Mochi-san appears-!?
With a talking cat, Omochi-san, who lives in a small police box in Katsushi Town.
Komaki-kun, a rookie policeman, is watching over this important seaside town today as well.
With a pattern like a little baked rice cake,
Mochi-san’s charm point is her “mochi-mochi body” who loves snacks. One day, Komaki-kun met “another talking cat that looks just like Omochi-san”…!?
…… Words that didn’t make it in time, important things that were lost. Such “small wounds that everyone has in their chest”,
The people who live in this town will surely heal you kindly. The long-awaited second volume of the popular “Ayakashi” story! [Image 2

[Recommended points from the editorial department of “Policeman and Maneki Neko Mochi, Burning and Round Moon”! ]
・ Heartwarming “Ayakashi Fantasy”
With the mysterious “Ayakashi” and “ghosts” who gently blend into the town and appear from time to time,
Incidents that occur because the people who live there touch each other, A heartwarming “Ayakashi Fantasy” solved by a talking cat mochi and a new policeman.
・Readers who are fascinated by the talking cat “Omochi-san” are appearing one after another!?
The mascot character “Omochi-san” is a chewy body that loves snacks. A cute (but mysterious) ayakashi with a bit of a tsundere feel. There is no doubt that you will be irresistibly healed by its existence! ・The stage model is “Shizuoka”
Drawn from the perspective of a Shizuoka-born and resident artist, A slightly mysterious and gentle world that fuses reality and fantasy is attractive.
[Introducing pre-reading reviews! ]
While reading and after reading, I wanted to pet the cat’s mochi, Even while I’m working, I’m healed by remembering the round back of the mochi in my head.
The policeman’s relaxed and genuine feeling and the presence of the mochi You are kindly wrapping this police box,
I want to live in a town like this! People who think will come out one after another.
(library staff)
A gentle and soothing mystery that I want to send to everyone who spends their busy days.
I felt calm as if time had stopped.
An exquisite balance between a police officer who solves everyday mysteries and a talking cat.
And the words of the cat have depth,
It may be a hint of life for us readers who have a lot of worries. (reviewer)
Topic for being reprinted! The first in the series, “Policeman and Manekineko Ayakashi no Machi no Mysterious Daily Life” is now on sale! [Image 3

“The policeman and the beckoning cat The mysterious daily life of the ayakashi town”
A mysterious and gentle story of a seaside town woven by a talking cat, Omochi-san, and a novice policeman.
“The plump and adorable appearance of the mochi is very heartwarming and her cheeks are loose.”
“I love the character of the mysterious cat ‘Omochi-san’,”
Readers are fascinated by the talking cat “Omochi-san”, who is also the mascot character of the story!
[Book information]
[Image 4

A policeman and a beckoning cat Mysterious daily life in a ghostly town
ISBN: 9784867161968 / List price: 759 yen (body 690 yen + tax 10%) Author information
Author: Midori Uehara
Born in Shizuoka prefecture.
In 2016, he won the Amazon POD Grand Prize for “LIMIT”.
His publications include the “Cafe “Neko no Ki”” series, the “Handmade Miscellaneous Goods Yutsuzudo” series (both published by Mynavi Publishing Fan Bunko),
There is “God’s Ransom” (Poplar Bunko Pure Full).
Illustration: Shoichi
background graphic. After working as a cartoonist’s assistant, won the Excellent Newcomer Award at the Kodansha Young Magazine Chiba Tetsuya Award.
Responsible for many book designs such as “Kyoto Prefectural Police Ayakashi Division Case Files” (PHP Bungei Bunko).
Kotonoha Bunko “You will surely meet a story that resonates with your heart” [Image 5

A literary label for adult girls launched by Micromagazine in June 2019. The “My House is a Ghost World Rental Bookstore” series, which has sold over 70,000 copies, the “Onmyoji and Tengugan” series,
We have published various works such as the series “There is a mysterious edge”. The TV commercial narrated by Ai Nakajima is now available on YouTube! Kotonoha Bunko Official Website:
Micro Magazine Official YouTube
On the official YouTube channel, videos introducing Kotonoha Bunko and “Sayonara no Mukou Side” are now available!
Details about this release:

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