Rebyte Co., Ltd. Oceanfront rental villa resort SolaVilla (Sora Villa) Umi Terrace Minami Awaji Set up a horigotatsu on the terrace with a superb view! Winter limited menu & Christmas tree also appeared!

Rebyte Co., Ltd.
Ocean front rental villa resort [SolaVilla (Sora Villa) Umi Terrace Minami Awaji] Set up a sunken kotatsu on the superb view terrace! Winter limited menu & Christmas tree also appeared!

Rebyte Co., Ltd. will set up horigotatsu on the terrace of Awaji Island’s largest ocean front rental villa resort “SolaVilla (Sora Villa) Umi Terrace Minami Awaji”! In advance, we started the winter-only hot pot menu and set up a Christmas tree!
[Winter only] ≪Horigotatsu set up & new dinner menu added≫ doubles the way you can enjoy it!
At SolaVilla Umi Terrace Minamiawaji (1131-1 Minato, Minamiawaji City, Hyogo Prefecture), we have set up a sunken kotatsu so that you can enjoy your stay even more. In addition to events unique to winter, such as the launch of a winter-only hot pot menu and the installation of a Christmas tree, we have also started selling souvenirs to commemorate your stay. Please enjoy the charm of “Sora Villa” that can only be experienced during this period.
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[Winter staple!? Set up a horigotatsu]
We will set up a sunken kotatsu on the terrace overlooking the Seto Inland Sea. The best thing about SolaVilla is that you can see the panoramic ocean from every room. If you go out to the terrace, you can feel the sea of ​​superb view closer. The cold season has arrived, but we would like you to enjoy your time on the terrace as usual. With that in mind, I decided to install a horigotatsu. Along with the winter-only meal menu, enjoy the SolaVilla terrace just like in summer.
[Start of winter limited menu]
We have added “3-year tiger blowfish hot pot” and “tomato hot pot” unique to Awaji Island. We offer ingredients that will make you hesitate between Japanese and Western. Both sets come with hors d’oeuvres prepared by the chef, and are sure to be a rich and enjoyable dining time. We are currently receiving inquiries from many people. Please enjoy this opportunity. The two types of BBQ sets that have already been well received are still available for reservation, so please consider them as well.
Please see the details below for information on meals such as hot pot, alcohol and souvenir sales.
▼Liquor and Souvenir Sales
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[Instagrammable! Christmas tree installation】
From December 1st (Thursday), a limited-time Christmas tree has appeared in the central passage of SolaVilla. A Christmas tree that shines beautifully with many illuminations and ornaments with the sea in the background. The fusion of the sea and the trees… Enjoy the extraordinary mood that can only be experienced here. Take a picture of your memories of winter 2022 in front of the vast ocean and glittering tree.
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[Wine/champagne sales start]
For some time, we have received many requests to sell alcohol, and now we are able to sell alcohol. Alcoholic beverages such as wine and beer are available at the front desk. You can also use Hyogo trip coupons distributed by Nationwide Travel Support. For details on handling such as sales hours, please see this page.
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[Installation of beer/chuhai vending machines]
Alcohol vending machines have also been installed on the premises. We have canned beer and canned chuhai here (sale time: 11:00 to 23:00). Please use it so that you can spend your meal time more luxuriously. Please note that Hyogo trip coupons cannot be used for purchases from vending machines.
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[Sales of exquisite souvenirs start]
A set of souvenirs from Awajishima and Tokushima is now on sale at the front desk. You can also use the Hyogo Travel Coupon distributed by Nationwide Travel Support. Please take home the taste of Awaji Island as a memory of your stay at SolaVilla. Please see this page for details on handling.
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[Distribution of discount coupons for hometown tax gifts]
As a reward for Minami-Awaji City’s hometown tax donation, you can now choose a discount coupon that can be used when booking a stay at SolaVilla. Please support us by donating to Minamiawaji City and enjoy the land rich in nature.
Discount coupons that can be used at the time of accommodation reservation are as follows.
1. [Donation amount: 34,000 yen] → 10,000 yen discount coupon 2. [Donation amount: 50,000 yen] → 15,000 yen discount coupon 3. [Donation amount: 100,000 yen] → 30,000 yen discount coupon 4. [Donation amount: 150,000 yen] → 45,000 yen discount coupon Currently, it is posted on the following website.
・ Minami-Awaji City hometown tax special site
・Furusato Choice
・Rakuten hometown tax
・ auPAY hometown tax
・ANA hometown tax
Please see this page for details on handling.
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[Stove installed on the superb view terrace]
The real pleasure of SolaVilla, we want you to spend your time comfortably on the large terrace. With that in mind, we installed a stove so that you can spend a relaxing time while keeping warm. We would like you to enjoy the hot pot and BBQ set of the winter limited menu while feeling the comfortable sea breeze closer to the sea. About four months have passed since the opening, and we have received a lot of feedback from customers.
We will continue to reflect the voices we receive every day and strive to make SolaVilla even more enjoyable.
All the staff are looking forward to your stay!
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