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Received Borderless Japan’s “CSA Award-Recommended ‘next-generation talent’ creation company for people in their 20s”

Borderless Japan Co., Ltd.
Received Borderless Japan’s “CSA Award-Recommended ‘next-generation talent’ creation company for people in their 20s”
~ Commendation as a “company that nurtures people” that combines sociality and profitability of business ~

Borderless Japan Co., Ltd. (Representative Director Kazunari Taguchi/Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo), which operates 47 social businesses in 16 countries, won the “CSA Award-Recommended for people in their 20s” sponsored by the en Human Resources Education Foundation. We are pleased to inform you that we have been awarded the “Generational Human Resources” Creation Company.
What is the CSA Award?
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The CSA Award is an award that shines light on companies that create “next-generation human resources” that have the ability to develop business people who will be needed in society in the future, backed by social contributions and high profits in their core business. Two companies, Toyota Tsusho Corporation Africa Division and Borderless Japan Co., Ltd., were awarded the 3rd CSA Awards. ▼Borderless Japan official website


Our award-winning points (partial excerpt)
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The following points were evaluated mainly from the viewpoint of the examination criteria of “ability to produce human resources in their 20s,” “main business subjective justice,” and “profitability.” 1. [Culture of having a high perspective and taking on many challenges] They come up with their own plans and implement them from a managerial point of view, and there are many opportunities to take on challenges with a sense of ownership.
He started the business out of his own desire to “solve social issues through social business,” and has been planning and implementing it from a manager’s point of view. From your 20s, you have a strong sense of ownership in the business itself, products and services, and an environment where you can take on many challenges.
2. [Strength of commitment to profitability in social business] In social business, where it is said to be difficult to make a profit, his strong commitment to profit is unparalleled.
It is rooted in the culture of Borderless Japan as a whole, balancing the desire to solve social issues (subjective justice) and
●Takashi Nawa (Visiting Professor, Department of International Corporate Strategy, Business School, Hitotsubashi University) ● Ken Shibusawa (Chairman of Commons Asset Management Co., Ltd.) ● Kumi Fujisawa (Chairman, Institute for International Socio-Economic Studies (IISE))
Mr. Michikatsu Ochi (Chairman of en Human Resource Education Foundation) Award Points 1. [Culture of having a high perspective and taking on many challenges]

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More than 20 of the 47 businesses we are currently developing are managed by members who have joined the company as new graduates. Some of the characteristics of new graduates who are running a business are that they are running a business that tackles social issues that they want to solve, and that they have no business experience when they were students and have acquired the skills and skills necessary for management through practice after joining the company. Having a good posture.”
In recent years, many of them have launched their businesses in the first or second year due to their own training programs.
-Recruiting throughout the year-
We are recruiting all year round because we want to provide
opportunities to challenge those who aspire to solve social issues, and are currently accepting applications from 23rd and 24th graduates. Details▶ Award point 2. [Strength of commitment to profitability in social business] [Image 4d21621-398-91b9ec78d38ff587240e-2.png&s3=21621-398-9231fc3600ea73326f3d917f18ae0707-987x578.png
There are two mechanisms for achieving both sociality and
profitability in social business.
1. A unique method to create a social business (sociality)
Using our unique method of creating a business model that directly solves social problems, the “Social Concept,” we thoroughly organize the current state of the social problem we are addressing, the ideal image of society, and the essential cause, and come up with a business model. .
We have also set a unique index called “social impact” to measure how close we are to solving social issues.
2. Thoroughly create a business plan before starting the business (profitability)
Before starting a business, we always announce our business plan at the “President’s Meeting” where the managers of all 47 businesses gather.
Therefore, by getting feedback from management about the sociality and profitability of the business and brushing it up, we are finishing up a more accurate business model.
Mechanism that creates social businesses one after another “Onokuri Ecosystem”

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With the aim of solving as many social issues as possible, we have adopted a unique mechanism called “Onokuri” to create 100 social businesses per year. An ecosystem where you can share funds and know-how and take on challenges without risk.
In 2019, we were awarded the Good Design Award (Business Model Category) and the Company Grand Prize/Special Judges’ Award, as we received high praise for this system that creates entrepreneurs one after another.
Borderless Japan Co., Ltd.
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Established in March 2007 as a platform company where social entrepreneurs gather with the aim of “changing the world with social business”. Developing 47 projects that overcome the barriers of social problems such as poverty and environmental problems. We have expanded our bases of activity to 16 countries around the world, including Tokyo, Osaka, Fukuoka, South Korea, China, Bangladesh, Taiwan, Myanmar, Kenya, Guatemala, and India.
-Borderless Japan Co., Ltd. Company Profile-
Established: March 2007
Headquarters: Yaesu Ichigaya Building 10F, 2-17 Ichigaya Tamachi, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Capital: 10 million yen
Representative: Kazunari Taguchi, President and Representative Director
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