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Recomot Cloud services are available on LGWAN terminals! Recomot launches moconavi LGWAN cloud gateway service

Cloud services are available on LGWAN terminals! Recomot launches moconavi LGWAN cloud gateway service

Recomot Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Tsuyoshi Togo, hereinafter “Recomot”) will launch a cloud gateway service for the Local Government Wide Area Network (hereinafter “LGWAN”) in December 2022. We are pleased to announce that it has started from the 14th of the month. (Local public entity information system
organization LGWAN-ASP service certification registration number: A831571).
 LGWAN is a dedicated network separated and divided from the Internet for local governments. It is important to improve efficiency and productivity in order to respond to the decrease in staff and the diversification and complexity of work. While LGWAN has strong security, general-purpose cloud services that are effective in improving productivity cannot be used.
The “moconavi LGWAN Cloud Gateway Service”, which will be provided as an official LGWAN-ASP certified service, will allow users to safely use cloud services from LGWAN connection systems, Internet connection systems, and even outside the government office, offering efficiency and convenience. lead to an improvement in
■ Effects and issues in LGWAN
The conventional (α) model is a model in which communication with the Internet is restricted for LGWAN-connected PCs and servers, so basically cloud services cannot be used, and it is necessary to use a dedicated LGWAN ASP. It was a barrier to productivity improvement. In addition, PCs with LGWAN connections cannot be taken out, or a dedicated line is required, and access to the Internet is NG, so convenient cloud services cannot be used.
Against the backdrop of the spread of cloud services, a model (β model) that improves efficiency and convenience by relocating some of the LGWAN terminals and software to the Internet connection system has appeared, relaxing the restrictions of the conventional model. did. However, in order to use cloud services from Internet-connected terminals, construction of local government information security clouds and additional security requirements are required. Since it takes a huge amount of money and time to meet these requirements, it is a barrier to the introduction of the β model, and many local governments currently operate with the conventional model.
■moconavi LGWAN cloud gateway service
moconavi is a remote access tool that can be used not only from the Internet but also from LGWAN. LGWAN cloud gateway securely separates LGWAN and Internet communication and sanitizes files. You can link with many cloud services such as Microsoft365, Cybozu Garoon, kintone, and POWER EGG. LGWAN system, Internet system, telework, cloud service can be used from anywhere, and it supports both α model and β model. [Image 1

[Why choose moconavi LGWAN cloud gateway service]
Point1 Automatically sanitize files from any cloud service
Point2 Coordination with major cloud services
Point3 Sandboxed secure environment
Point4 Secure single sign-on, etc.
*For details, please refer to the service site below.
■ Telework platform “moconavi” series
“moconavi” is a remote access service for securely accessing internal systems and various cloud services without leaving data on devices such as smartphones, tablets, and Windows PCs. 320,000 IDs*2 are used by 1,400 companies, regardless of business use (BYOD*1) of
company-issued terminals or personal-owned terminals. In the mobile management market (MAM *3), we have recorded the No. 1 *4 market share for four consecutive years, and support the active use of corporate mobile work and BYOD with the concept of “where you are now becomes your office”. .
■ About Lecomot Co., Ltd.
Rekomot is an IT vendor that provides communication services and software with the vision of “Envision Your Style-A society where everyone can realize ‘Your Style’ without restrictions-“. Through technology, we will provide the world with innovative services that serve as hubs for all types of communication, and contribute to improving productivity in a dynamic and diverse society.
Company name: Lecomot Co., Ltd.
Location: Kojimachi Center Place 8F, 3-3-8 Kojimachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-0083 Representative: Tsuyoshi Togo, Representative Director and CEO Established: November 2005
[Image 2d18768-67-e8dfafbab23f557db60b-2.jpg&s3=18768-67-d2f48f3c54de7dbd090a7652831ed063-763x2.jpg
*1: BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) A mechanism for utilizing personally owned smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc. for work.
*2: Approximate figures as of August 2022
*3: MAM (Mobile Application Management): A system that manages applications on mobile terminals.
*4: Source Techno System Research Co., Ltd., March 2022, “2021-2022 Marketing Analysis of Endpoint Management Market-Mobile Management Package-“.
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