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Recomot Recomot, which provides the remote access service “moconavi”, has been certified as an official product partner of Cybozu. As the first step, we released a service linking “kintone” and “moconavi”.

Recomot, which provides the remote access service “moconavi”, has been certified as an official product partner of Cybozu. As the first step, we released a service linking “kintone” and “moconavi”.

Recomot Inc. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Tsuyoshi Togo, hereinafter “Recomot”) is an official of Cybozu, Inc. (Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo, President: Yoshihisa Aono, hereinafter “Cybozu”). Certified as a product partner.
Along with this partner certification, we have developed a function to receive updated information on “kintone” provided by Cybozu, Inc. as a push notification for “moconavi” provided by Rekomot, and to promote the use of kintone on moconavi. announce what you have done. [Image 1d18768-68-fae8d9ed6ba6c0a78007-2.jpg&s3=18768-68-bfd1671c02090c81ae63f430b16a426a-1115x113.jpg

■Overview of service linkage
1. Background and Features
“moconavi” realizes secure remote access to various cloud services and on-premises data and systems by taking advantage of the feature of not leaving any data on the terminal or communication path in response to corporate security issues. Supports kintone operation on secure browsers.
On the other hand, “kintone” is a no-code/low-code cloud service that allows you to easily create a system that fits your company’s business without any knowledge of development. Business applications can be created intuitively and shared within the team. It also has a function to activate connections between employees, so information can be shared quickly.
By strengthening the service linkage regarding notifications between “moconavi” and “kintone” this time, it is possible to access kintone more safely not only from the office but in a telework environment, and to use not only company-supplied terminals but also personal terminals for work. , so-called BYOD *1 access to kintone from smartphones and PCs, anyone can securely access business applications created with “kintone” anytime, anywhere.
[Image 2d18768-68-c3ba906977886d696b81-3.jpg&s3=18768-68-6088cd15d116c481c3007ec6ca3f8147-1000x468.jpg

2. Effects expected from strengths and collaboration
“moconavi” also supports business use (BYOD) of employees’ personal smartphones, making it easier for all employees to use “kintone” regardless of the status of provision of company-paid devices. By linking the notification function of “kintone” and the notification function of “moconavi”, both BYOD devices and company-provided devices can receive information updates in kintone’s business applications in real time, and browse business applications more safely. You will be able to.
3. Future prospects
Rekomot has realized secure connections to Cybozu’s “Cybozu Office”, “Garoon” and “kintone” through API linkage as well as the “moconavi” secure browser.
In the future, we will realize service collaboration for local governments, communication with moconavi’s cloud phone book and business chat function, and functional collaboration in the message area, improving convenience for Cybozu cloud service users. , contributes to the improvement of labor productivity.

Endorsement from Cybozu, Inc.
Cybozu, Inc. has started collaborating with Recomot Inc. as an official partner, and we sincerely welcome the collaboration between Recomot’s remote access service “moconavi” and Cybozu’s business improvement platform “kintone”. We hope that the collaboration between “moconavi” and “kintone” will improve the satisfaction of customers who use kintone in industries with stricter security requirements, such as local governments. We will continue to work hard to build further partnerships and provide the best solutions for our customers. Cybozu, Inc. Executive Officer General Manager of Sales Division and General Manager of Business Strategy Office Keita Kuriyama
■ About “moconavi”
“moconavi” is a remote access service for securely accessing internal systems and various cloud services without leaving data on devices such as smartphones, tablets, and Windows PCs. 320,000 IDs *2 are used by 1,400 companies, regardless of business use (BYOD) of
company-issued terminals or personally owned terminals. In the mobile management market (MAM *3), we have recorded the No. 1 *4 market share for four consecutive years, and support the active use of corporate mobile work and BYOD with the concept of “where you are now becomes your office”. .
Service site:
■ About “kintone”
Cybozu’s business improvement platform used by more than 25,000 companies (as of the end of August 2022). Since business applications can be created easily and quickly with no-code/low-code, it is a cloud service that can continuously improve operations led by the site according to the business that changes on a daily basis. It has the characteristics of “database + workflow + communication” as its main function, and is used in a wide range of applications such as customer management, business trip applications, and daily business reports. Service site:
■Recomot Co., Ltd. Company Profile
Rekomot is an IT vendor that provides communication services and software with the vision of “Envision Your Style-A society where everyone can realize ‘Your Style’ without restrictions-“.
Using technology, we will provide the world with innovative services that serve as hubs for all kinds of communication, and contribute to improving productivity in a society that seeks dynamic and diverse diversity.
Company name: Lecomot Co., Ltd.
Location: Kojimachi Center Place 8F, 3-3-8 Kojimachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-0083 Representative: Tsuyoshi Togo, Representative Director and CEO Established: November 2005