Reduced tax rate can be automatically read from receipt/receipt information Updated AI-OCR function of expense reimbursement service “Ginger Expenses”

Jinjer Co., Ltd.
[Reduced tax rate can be automatically read from receipt/receipt information] Updated AI-OCR function of expense reimbursement service “Ginger Expenses”

Jinjer Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Ken Kato), which provides the cloud service “Ginger Expenses” for back offices, is LINE Corporation (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, President: Tsuyoshi Idezawa). We are pleased to announce that the AI-OCR function of the AI-OCR (character recognition) product “CLOVA OCR (specialized for receipts and receipts)” provided by will be updated on December 22, 2022 (Thursday).
[Image 1

■ Various function updates by “CLOVA OCR”
“Ginger Expenses” has been equipped with an AI-OCR function in response to many complaints that it takes time and effort to enter receipts and receipt information into the system. Even after the implementation of the function, we implemented “CLOVA OCR” while searching for a function update that can be read at a higher speed and with higher accuracy, such as a reduced tax rate response. Along with this, items such as the name of the business partner in the receipt, the breakdown, the amount for each breakdown, and the tax rate will be added as reading targets. Since the tax rate can be automatically read from the receipt/receipt information, many mistakes and confirmation man-hours that occurred due to the introduction of the reduced tax rate can be greatly reduced.
▶ Receipt/receipt information, confirmation screen after reading AI-OCR [Image 2

[Reading items before function update]
·total fee
·the date of use
[Items added after the new function update]
・Breakdown amount
·tax rate

■ Features of CLOVA OCR (receipt/receipt specialized type)
AI-OCR that has learned various patterns of receipts and invoices. By simply uploading the image of the target form, you can convert the described items into text data in a categorized state.
The recognition accuracy of “CLOVA OCR” has been ranked No. 1 in four fields at the International Conference on Document Analysis and Recognition (ICDAR) (as of March 29, 2019). In addition to handwritten characters and horizontal/vertical writing, it demonstrates high accuracy when reading curved or slanted characters under adverse conditions, recognizing multiple languages, and recognizing technical terms. .
*For details, please see the blog below.
■ What is “ginger expenses”?
Ginger Expenses can be used on PCs and smartphones from application to approval of transportation expenses and expenses. It reduces manual input man-hours and paper management costs that occur in accounting work, and realizes more efficient expense management operations. ▶ “Ginger expenses” service site: What is “Ginger”, a cloud service for back offices?
“Ginger” is a cloud service that supports the efficiency of
back-office operations such as personnel labor, attendance management, payroll calculation, workflow, expense settlement, electronic contracts, and invoicing. By consolidating data related to the back office into “Ginger” and managing it in a “single database”, it reduces the effort required to register and change information for each service.
▶ “Ginger” service site:
■Company Profile
Company name: LINE Corporation
Location: 23rd floor of Yotsuya Tower, 1-6-1 Yotsuya, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo Representative: Tsuyoshi Idezawa, President and Representative Director URL:
Company name: jinjer Co., Ltd.
Location: WeWork D Tower Nishi-Shinjuku, 6-11-3 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Representative: Ken Kato, CEO

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