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Reel equation that creates “buzz” Thinking of planning and measures│PLAN-B × Richika co-sponsored seminar

PLAN-B Co., Ltd.
Reel equation that creates “buzz” Thinking of planning and
measures│PLAN-B × Richika co-sponsored seminar
Free on Zoom from 13:00 on Thursday, December 15, 2022

PLAN-B Co., Ltd. (Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Masanori Toriimoto), which provides the influencer matching platform “Cast Me!”, will hold a joint seminar with Richica Co., Ltd.

Seminar application page:
by PLAN-B Co., Ltd. and Ritika Co., Ltd.
We will hold a seminar on the theme of reels, “Reel equations that create ‘buzz'”.
The most popular reel on Instagram right now.
While the number of feed post impressions tends to decline, reels are attracting attention as content that can easily reach latent layers because it spreads outside followers. Meta has professed to be increasing its focus, and understanding reels is essential to succeeding on Instagram in the future.
Therefore, in this seminar, we will discuss algorithms, contents, and specific measures together with Mr. Richika, entitled “The equation of the reel that creates ‘buzz’.”
If you are in charge of your Instagram results, please join us!

Seminar details
Date: Thursday, December 15, 2022
Time: 13:00-14:00
Venue: Online (Zoom webinar)
Participation: Free (pre-registration required) * The participation URL is included in the email after registration.
Seminar application page:

I recommend this hotel
・Those who are struggling to increase the number of followers on their official account
・Those who have problems with the results of the measures they are currently taking
・ Those who want to use Instagram to increase brand awareness ・ Those who want to know Instagram marketing trends

Lecture contents of each company
■ Part 1: Richika Co., Ltd.
“What is the point of the reel that explodes followers on Instagram?” Short videos that are attracting attention in SNS operations. Instagram, which is used for marketing measures by a wide range of companies, has an urgent need for account management that incorporates the correct use of reels. This time, we will explain everything from why it is essential to use Instagram reels to reference examples of stretching reels that can be practiced immediately.
■ Part 2: PLAN-B Co., Ltd.
“Reasons for using reels in Instagram marketing and co-creation with creators” A reel attracting attention as the next Instagram market. Explain why you should focus on reels now, along with the latest trends that can be read from Meta’s announcement. We will also talk about the next action to take, such as how to actually implement the measures.

Company details
■ PLAN-B Co., Ltd.
Location: Shimadzuyama PREX 3F, 2-5-9 Higashi-Gotanda, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo Representative: Masanori Toriimoto, Representative Director
Business: Digital marketing business, media business
Company HP:
Management media “PINTO!”:
[Influencer matching platform “Cast me!”]
A cloud-based SaaS product that supports the construction of a company’s in-house system for influencer marketing. Registered companies can publicly recruit Instagrammers or search for them and nominate them for casting. Over 2,000 registered companies.
Service site:
■ Richika Co., Ltd.
Location: MF Building 3F, 1-6-12 Yoyogi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 151-0053 Representative: Koji Matsuo, Representative Director and CEO Business description: Development of operational creative cloud “Richika Cloud Studio”, DX support for information centered on videos Company HP:

Contact information
PLAN-B Co., Ltd.
New Business Headquarters Marketing Department Public Relations: Makino Phone number: 03-3446-7577 (representative)
*Please refrain from making inquiries for the purpose of sales.

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