Release Creating an environment where women can play an active role Eyebrow specialty salon Une fleur, the youngest 23-year-old area manager born

[Creating an environment where women can play an active role] Eyebrow specialty salon Une fleur, the youngest 23-year-old area manager born
We are pleased to inform you that the youngest area manager has been appointed to the eyebrow specialty salon Une fleur operated by KAMILLE Co., Ltd. (Location: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Toshiki Yaguchi).
Aiming for a society where women shine, Une fleur will continue to create services and environments based on the idea that we want not only customers who visit our stores but also our staff to shine. [Image 1d78073-7-51e44e2468376b53ab1a-0.jpg&s3=78073-7-6a3d9468a54497918e284adb43b2e4f3-3900x2925.jpg
Instagram: @une_fleur_eyelash ( Une fleur has an environment where you can advance your career regardless of your age.
◆ Area manager aimi
Instagram: @une_fleur_aimi
Aimi (Aimi Sudo), who became the area manager, is 23 years old. Becomes the youngest area manager in Une fleur.
◇What has changed since becoming an area manager?
While valuing the treatment for customers, I can now take time for guidance. Until now, I only had to look at my own store, but now I have to visit other stores, and I have more opportunities to talk directly with the staff. I consciously take time for management, such as sharing the content of the interviews with my boss.
I would like to focus on educating the staff who will play an active role in the future, while continuing to cherish the customers who nominate me.
◇What we have tried so far
In providing services, it goes without saying that we want our customers to be satisfied with the treatments, but we also pay attention to customer service, such as counseling, speaking to customers, and the atmosphere that is conveyed to customers. We would like you to be satisfied with the time we spent together, as well as the high level of treatment technology, so that you will want to use us again next time, so that you can make a reservation. Even before I debuted, I practiced counseling and customer service with my friends and family. It’s something I’ve been keeping in mind ever since. ◇Advantages of Une fleur
This salon has something that you can’t experience at other salons. It’s hard to find an environment where you can be an area manager at this age. It’s a salon where celebrities and influencers also go, so it’s easy for those people to find us, and I think it’s a valuable experience.
◆ Omotesando store manager manami
Instagram: @une_fleur_manami
Manami (Aimi Mori), the new store manager, has been with the company for a year and a half. Hopeful leader.
◇ What I changed after becoming the manager of the Omotesando store I have more opportunities to teach, such as educating staff before debut. I want to pass on what I have learned from my seniors. That’s how I’ve become aware of myself, and I’m also taking advantage of my own treatment.
Also, given the nature of the locality, the Omotesando store has high customer expectations, so I put in a lot of effort in a good way so as not to disappoint those expectations.
◇What we have tried so far
At Une fleur, everything from counseling to treatment is completed by one person. Since it is one-on-one with the customer, I have been working on customer service and treatment with the awareness that for the customer, I will be Une fleur = me. It’s a really high-tech salon, so I’m researching to update it every day.
◇Advantages of Une fleur
All the staff members have really high technical skills, and I think that you can experience the technology that you can be satisfied with regardless of which staff member is in charge. Eyebrow styling that matches the skeleton is thorough, and the educational environment is proper, so anyone can entrust it with peace of mind.
Une fleur education
Une fleur makes her debut as a stylist after about half a year of training. In addition to the thorough technical education of creating eyebrows that match the bone structure, training also focuses on customer counseling. In addition, the most important thing is consideration for customers. Regardless of the customer I am in charge of, I am conscious that all the staff can serve customers.
I want to create a society where women shine
Une fleur is a business that was born from such a desire to create a society where women can shine.
We want our customers to shine, as well as our staff. We will create a store that will please both customers and staff, such as polite customer service, high-quality education, and a comfortable
environment, taking into consideration not only the appearance of women but also their care and feelings. (Of course, male customers are also welcome.)
[Image 2d78073-7-8dc891faf9944a233d57-1.jpg&s3=78073-7-ec46c0e28704ee578a2be75629a9fa07-2000x1321.jpg
【store information】
◇Une fleur aclat omotesando
4-9-5 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Okaniwa Omotesando Building 2F Phone: 03-6434-5386
【Company Profile】
Representative: Toshiki Yaguchi
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