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Release of topical new digital art Achieved 1300 visitors! Recruiting partner companies for a limited time

Sea End Co., Ltd.
[Release of topical new digital art] Achieved 1300 visitors! Recruiting partner companies for a limited time
Numerous digital contents that are very popular at the art exhibition at Shibuya Hikarie

An art exhibition held with a number of sponsoring companies such as Mouse Computer Co., Ltd. C& (Sea End), a digital content production company, will release a long-awaited new work.
[Video 8: ]

During the exhibition, a collaboration with percussionist Panao Matsushita will also be realized. Since it responds to various sounds, it can be applied to stage production and MV.

Wooden box that resonates and fuses

[Video 9:]

The inorganic liquid crystal monitor is surrounded by a wooden frame, and it has organic lines and mass, and both are fused as a single wooden box. Tokyo Chainsaws / When you touch the wooden frames cut from the forest of Hinohara Village and transported, you will be able to think of the forest and nature. After 50 to 70 years, the trees are formed into wooden boxes when they are ready for harvest. We hope that the “wooden box that resonates and fuses” will become a bridge that connects the city and everyday life with the forest. What is projected is a digital art work that changes images in response to sound. Work page:
Illuminating contours – Self-illuminating contours

[Video 10:] A video work with projection mapping on trees and flowers. Small projection mapping can be applied to various products, and we are planning to make it into a series in the future. We can make a variety of proposals that match each of them, such as image videos and MVs. Work page:
[Video 11:]

Sound Picture – SoundPicture

[Video 12:]

Sound Picture is a digital content that responds to sound using a projector-integrated stage. Can be installed with a single power supply! By customizing the video to the original specifications, it is also useful for branding. When sound (voice, applause, etc.) is emitted, the image changes! It also responds to the sounds of musical instruments.
Work page:

If you are a company that is considering introducing it, or if you would like to partner with us, such as proposal work for events and various productions, please contact us by email or the website inquiry form.
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* Recruitment for partner companies may close earlier than the deadline (December 2022 to the end of January 2023).

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