Released “N-SYSTEM-ai”, an accident detection and prevention service for nursing care facilities in collaboration with Voxera Vcare

Voxela, Inc.
Released “N-SYSTEM-ai”, an accident detection and prevention service for nursing care facilities in collaboration with Voxera Vcare Improving the quality of nursing care while significantly reducing the burden on the front line

North Hand Co., Ltd. (North Hand, Headquarters: Fuchu-cho, Hiroshima Prefecture, Representative Director Satoshi Kitamura, hereinafter North Hand) in collaboration with “Voxela V Care” developed by Voxela, which provides next-generation nursing care solution services. It was announced that the new service “N-SYSTEM-ai” for nursing care facilities will be released on December 10th.
“Voxera V Care” detects the most common accidents such as falls and falls in nursing care facilities by AI image analysis of monitoring camera images, and collects and provides only necessary information in a form that takes privacy and security into consideration. It is a system that can
In the past few years, we have increased the number of domestic nursing care welfare and medical facilities. The new service “N-SYSTEM-ai” has appeared, and it has been decided that it will be officially released on December 10th after a trial at a facility operated by the same group company.
In facilities using N-SYSTEM-ai, when Voxera Vcare detects an accident such as a fall, care staff and related parties are automatically notified, and the video of the fall can be immediately viewed from a computer or smartphone via the cloud. , so that appropriate action can be taken immediately. In addition, by incorporating the circumstances of the accident into the nursing care record system, it will be possible to evaluate and verify the physical and environmental factors that lead to the prevention of falls from multiple angles.
■ Service features
When Voxera Vcare detects a fall, etc., the video is saved in the cloud and can be played anytime, anywhere on N-SYSTEM-ai.
By sharing images of situations such as falls, accurate information can be conveyed to various specialists such as physical therapists, and multifaceted fall prevention measures can be considered. When handing over between shifts, you can check each video recording to see what happened, so you can hand over more accurately and instantly.
Even when working with overseas caregivers who are not good at language, it is possible to communicate without any discrepancies by using video recording as a base.
When reviewing the care plan, discussions based on each video are possible, and concrete measures can be taken.
■ Service operation status
“N-SYSTEM-ai” is being tested at “Care Village Lyle Nukuhin”, a serviced rental housing for the elderly operated by LILE THE STYLE Co., Ltd. (Higashi Ward, Hiroshima City, Hiroshima Prefecture), a North Hand group company. It has been verified that accurate information can be shared among the parties concerned, and it is planned to be installed in all rooms in the future. In addition, sales to other facilities are scheduled to start from 2024, and Voxela will provide sales support.
About Vauxera
Voxela, a Silicon Valley-based technology company, was founded in 2021 by serial entrepreneurs Yuta Endo, Gotham Kamas, and Yusuke Yoshida. Our mission is to rediscover what nursing care services should be by developing next-generation nursing care solutions using AI image analysis technology, and to make it possible for everyone to receive excellent care. I have it in my slogan. Voxera V Care, a service that can be called AI care management, has been introduced in nursing care facilities in Japan, and we aim to expand the market, mainly in Asia and North America.
About North Hand
Trade name: North Hand Co., Ltd. (Former company name: NORTH HAND GROUP Co., Ltd. Company name changed in November 2022)
Representative: Satoshi Kitamura, Representative Director
Location: 16-7 Yanagigaoka, Fuchu-cho, Aki-gun, Hiroshima 732-0033 Established: June 1, 2006
Business description: Nursing care system development, sales, and consulting Capital: 3,000 million yen
For inquiries about Voxela, Inc. and the product “Voxela VCare”, please contact: Voxela, Inc. Endo

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