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Released shift/attendance management DX services “oplus” and “oplus API” to strengthen cooperation with attendance management systems

Oplus Co., Ltd.
Released shift/attendance management DX services “oplus” and “oplus API” to strengthen cooperation with attendance management systems Centralized management of shifts and attendance record supports appropriate personnel planning

Oplus Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Kazuki Sugihara) operates a shift and attendance management DX service “oplus” that supports all browsers, smartphones, and apps. Published. This time, it is now possible to automatically link shift information managed by “oplus” on the attendance management system that manages the actual attendance information of staff. As a result, by
visualizing the overtime hours of staff and the number of times they arrive late and leave early, it will be possible to visualize whether or not the appropriate personnel allocation has been achieved, and to pursue issues and realize optimal personnel planning.
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Background of “oplus API” release
For stable business operations, it is important to allocate and operate staff based on personnel cost budgets and sales forecasts. However, in the attendance management system that manages attendance and attendance of staff, shift information is registered at the beginning, but when shift adjustment such as sudden absence occurs, the information is not updated to the attendance management system side, and it is substantially correct. Forecasts and actual results are often not known or confirmed.
In addition, there are cases where on-site personnel import shift information into the attendance management system using CSV, etc., but in many cases, staff evaluations and subsequent shift adjustments are handled only with attendance information. is the reality.
Against this background, we believe that “oplus” needs to manage staff schedules such as shifts and attendance for business growth, and has released the “oplus API” to strengthen cooperation with the attendance management system.

“oplus API” to strengthen cooperation with the attendance management system “oplus” ( is a shift management DX service that handles shift request collection and shift creation. The newly released “oplus API” enables the attendance management system to refer to staff shift information managed by “oplus”. As a result, it is possible to easily centrally manage the actual attendance record information and attendance records on the attendance management system, as well as the originally planned shift information. – Effects of “oplus API” –
・You can link shift information to the attendance management system without the burden of on-site staff such as CSV import.
・Since shift information and attendance information are centrally managed in the attendance management system, it is also useful for operation managers to realize optimal personnel planning based on the risk of staff arriving late, leaving early, and absenteeism. ・Because you can check the difference in the attendance schedule in real time, you can adjust the shift after grasping the overtime hours of the staff.
-Results of “oplus” API linkage-
In addition, we already have a track record of API linkage with “Money Forward Cloud Attendance” provided by Money Forward Co., Ltd. and “Kinretsuji” provided by NEC Corporation. If you are interested in attendance management service vendors, please feel free to contact us. Contact us here:

What is “oplus”, a shift/attendance management DX service that can be used for free?
“oplus” ( is a cloud-based shift and attendance management service that realizes DX with simple and intuitive operability and supports all browsers, smartphones, and apps. Among the various shift management apps, the range of free usage is by far the largest, and up to 100 people can use it free of charge, making it an easy-to-use service for getting out of paper and Excel.
In the paid plan, in addition to the advanced automatic shift creation function that supports attendance intervals and continuous work alerts, it also has a full range of functions such as attendance request, labor management, and approximate personnel cost calculation. * List of introduced companies (as of November 2022)
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Company Profile
Company name: Oplus Co., Ltd.
Location: SLACK SHIBUYA 901, Okasan Sakuragaoka Building, 31-14 Sakuragaoka-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Established: October 2019
Business: Development and operation of shift/attendance management system Capital: 3.1 million yen
Representative Director: Kazuki Sugihara

Details about this release:

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