Relic Relic, a business co-creation company, launches “IDEATION Cloud”, a time machine management type business idea creation service

Business co-creation company Relic launches “IDEATION Cloud”, a time machine management business idea creation service
Providing the world’s most advanced business ideas to all companies by creating business ideas based on a database of promising overseas startups and products

Relic Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; CEO: Takaro Kitajima; hereinafter referred to as Relic) is a business co-creation company that supports Japanese companies in developing new businesses and creating innovation. IDEATION Cloud, a time machine management type idea creation service that extracts areas and themes that Japanese companies should consider, customers and value to be provided, technologies and business models, etc. from the database and mass-produces high-quality business ideas. This service)” will be fully available from December 20, 2022 (Tuesday).
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Overview of this service
In this service, in addition to the comprehensive database of over 1 million overseas startups and products independently developed by Relic, efficient research and search methods and systems that utilize the database, as well as strategies and policies of the introducing company Utilizing the business / product idea extraction / application logic, we select and provide those that match the strategies, policies, characteristics and characteristics of the introducing company from a large number of promising new business idea lists. In addition, based on this list and report, we will sublimate it into a high-quality business plan for the introducing company and promote it as a feasible and highly successful business development. In addition, in the process of providing this service, Relic’s business producers, who have extensive experience in startups and new business
development, will accompany you to realize the optimal business idea creation activity = ideation.
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IDEATION Cloud 資料請求

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Development history/background and features
In recent years, the environment surrounding corporate management has changed rapidly, such as the diversification of customer needs and changes in the industrial structure due to the advancement of digital technology, and the lifespan of existing businesses is becoming shorter. Under these circumstances, Japanese companies are actively working to create new businesses in order to draw up growth strategies and maintain their competitive advantage. In addition, due to the spread of the new coronavirus COVID-19, digitization and onlineization have become indispensable in business development, business model building and transformation, and the importance of “Digital
Transformation (DX)” has increased. continues to rise at an
accelerating rate.
Relic, a core operating company in the Relic Holdings group and a “business co-creation company” that supports Japanese companies in new business development and innovation creation, is a SaaS platform that specializes in new business development that is unique in the world. “Incubation Tech Business” that provides comprehensive and consistent support for new business and innovation creation, “Business Produce”, investment in start-up companies and co-creation of innovation through joint ventures/JVs with large companies. We have developed the three pillars of the “open innovation business” in an integrated manner. Through our six-year activities since our founding, we have supported and co-created more than 15,000 new business development projects with 3,000 companies using various approaches.
Based on our experience, cases, and achievements, Relic is said to be in the VUCA era. We believe that it is essential to realize
“high-quality, high-productivity, high-death” that continues to take on challenges over the medium to long term while ensuring the quality and quantity of our business. In recent years, due to these issues and backgrounds, in addition to the conventional business development approach, we have adopted various approaches such as new business creation programs, incubation programs such as internal venture systems, and methodologies such as design thinking. An increasing number of companies are looking to accelerate their new business development and innovation creation activities.
On the other hand, many Japanese companies lack human resources with a wealth of experience in business development. “I can’t judge whether the business idea is good or bad.” “I want a more reliable idea with a higher probability of success.” There are frequent voices and issues such as “It takes too much time and cost to create a good business idea,” and the reality is that it is not easy to produce sufficient results.
In order to solve such problems, mass-produce high-quality business ideas optimized for each company in every company, and realize business concepts and business plans with a high probability of success more quickly, time machine management type idea creation service “IDEATION Cloud” is now available.
For a long time in Japan, various successful ventures, start-up companies, and new businesses have been launched through “time machine management,” which is said to be a management method that brings business models and services that have been successful overseas to Japan and develops them quickly. However, some entrepreneurs do not have the processes and know-how for quickly catching new overseas trends, discovering models that suit their company, and applying and optimizing them to increase the probability of success and
reproducibility in Japan. In many cases, it was limited to limited activities by households/entrepreneurs and companies, and although its usefulness was highly reliable, the number of companies that could actually engage in full-scale efforts was limited.
By developing this service, Relic enables all Japanese companies to easily access information on the world’s most advanced startups and products, and by making it easy to use and apply, we are adopting a time machine management type business idea creation approach. We aim to implement it properly. Through this, we will increase the number of Japanese companies that can mass-produce high-quality business ideas speedily and at low cost, and accelerate activities aimed at new business development and innovation creation.
▼ Features of this service
It is possible to create business ideas that have a certain
probability of success from the beginning
Utilizing our unique know-how, we can select and propose the best ideas for your company from over 1 million products.
Create multiple high-quality ideas in a short period of time by referring to existing products
3,000 companies / 15,000 or more new business developments, utilizing knowledge gained to efficiently extract, evaluate, and optimize business proposals
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■ Introduction examples and results of this service
From 2021, we will provide this service on a limited basis to some companies, and it has been introduced and used in a wide range of industries and industries, such as automobiles, human resources, IT, communications, and nursing care, and has produced many results. increase. As an example, in just one year, a startup that formed a team based on the theme of the idea provided by this service and started a business has raised 150 million yen from first-class VCs, etc. in a seed round. .
Delight Ventures Co., Ltd. Case Study
Amifa Co., Ltd. Case Study
■ Scenarios for using this service
This service can solve a wide range of issues related to both quality and speed in idea creation = ideation in startups and new business development. As shown below, there are a wide variety of scenes and applications that are suitable for introduction and use. In addition, we will strengthen consideration/consultation of new uses and business collaboration and service collaboration as future developments. [Image 4

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About Relic Inc.
Company name: Relic Co., Ltd.
Representative: Takaro Kitajima, Representative Director and CEO Head office location: Ebisu Garden Place Tower 8F, 4-20-3 Ebisu, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Established: August 2015
Corporate site:
Business: Incubation tech business, business production/new business development support, open innovation business
Business details:
Relic is a “business co-creation company” that supports Japanese companies’ new business development and innovation creation. “Incubation Tech Business” that provides a SaaS-type platform that specializes in new business development that is unique in the world, and “Business Production/New Business Development Support Business” that supports the creation of new businesses and innovation in a comprehensive and consistent manner. , we have developed the three pillars of the “open innovation business” that co-creates innovation through investments in start-up companies and joint ventures/JVs with large companies. Over the 6 years since our founding, we have been involved in over 15,000 new business development projects for 3,000 companies.Including our unique value and significance in the field of co-creation and support for new businesses and innovations, we are also the top class in the industry. A leading company that has achieved scale and growth.
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■ Inquiries about this release
[Relic Co., Ltd.] Nagabuchi
[TEL] 03-6455-0735
[FAX] 03-6869-9452
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