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Renovation Council Renovation of the Year 2022 Comprehensive Grand Prix Decided |

Renovation Council
Renovation of the Year 2022 Comprehensive Grand Prix decided | Morita Sougei Co., Ltd. “Total two-story house (one-story)”
Renovation cases representing 2022 have been decided!

General Incorporated Association Renovation Council (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Chairman: Takuya Yamamoto) is a contest “Renovation of the Year 2022” to select attractive renovation cases that represent 2022 (Chairman: Renovation Discussion Association founder Banjo Shimabara) and a review by the selection committee were held on December 6 (Tuesday) at the University of Tokyo Hongo Campus. Won the Grand Prix. In this contest, there are 4 divisions, “Less than 5 million yen”, “Less than 10 million yen”, “10 million yen or more”, and “Open class”, according to construction costs that are of high interest to consumers. A total of 260 works entered from all over the country were focused on the fun, charm, and possibilities of renovation, and the voices of general users who used SNS were incorporated into the primary screening, and 64 works were nominated. After that, a final selection was made by a selection committee consisting of 9 media editors, mainly housing-related, and the overall grand prize, 4 best prizes by category, and 14 special prizes were decided.
Award-winning work: List of award-winning works
■ Comprehensive Grand Prix
[Image 1d8586-75-3f369cc72ed1e8025aff-0.jpg&s3=8586-75-a86c3d0c370a1bedc724f3ea1915eb48-1280x851.jpg
“Two-story house (one-story)”|Morita Sougei Co., Ltd.
Commentary by the selection committee chairman (Manjo Shimahara / Director of LIFULL HOME’S Research Institute)
This work is an orthodox, strong-style renovation that takes full advantage of the power of renovation to address today’s social issues. The material that was the subject of the renovation was the
47-year-old vacant house of my parents. Needless to say, this is the core of the problem of vacant houses, which is becoming a serious problem nationwide. Renovating a two-story building into a one-story building in the manner of Daruma-otoshi, and reducing the floor space by half, responds to demographic changes such as a reduction in the number of people living together per household and an aging
population. I have a feeling that it will be one of the streams of renovation. This is because one-story houses are currently a hidden boom. In the newly built detached housing market, the number of single-story construction starts has doubled over the past 10 years, and according to the construction start statistics for fiscal 2021, the proportion of newly built detached housing is about 13%, and if limited to major house builders, it is about 20%. has reached One-storied house is also selected as the front head in “LIFULL HOME’S Sumai no Hit Word Ranking 2022”.
The reason why I called this work orthodox strong style is because I feel the sincere work that is backed by solid technical skills. For example, we first clarified the areas that should be repaired through inspections and seismic diagnosis, and then started planning after considering both reconstruction and renovation plans. Furthermore, in the renovation, performance improvement was achieved at a high level. Specifically, we ensured earthquake resistance by downsizing and weight reduction (if desired, we would like to aim for an earthquake resistance grade of 3), and achieved a Ua value of 0.44 for insulation performance, which exceeds the local ZEH standard. As a result, it has been certified as a long-term excellent housing, and the subsidy contributes to reducing the burden on the owner. And although the exterior and interior space have changed dramatically, the design is skillful in preserving the memories of my beloved family home by incorporating the old pillars as a design into the modern space. The deep eaves at the large opening facing the garden on the south side block the sun in the summer while creating the calm atmosphere of an elegant villa. It was a work suitable for the commemorative 10th anniversary General Grand Prix as one of the goals of detached house renovation that can be considered as of 2022. This is the first Grand Prix award for Morita Sogei.
■ – Less than 5 million yen category – Grand Prize
“inherit from TAISHO ~Old private house x antique~”|Fukuda Housing Co., Ltd. [Image 2d8586-75-f1d433f1a6cea3c14ad3-1.jpg&s3=8586-75-d762f998124b8d41202f2ce0940eda51-1280x899.jpg
Commentary by the judges (Yoichi Ikemoto, editor-in-chief of SUUMO) In the 5 million yen or less category, the presence of clients who have a strong commitment to interior design is significant. The mid-century elements of the client, who loves antiques, are combined with the old private house. It reminded me of Kartell’s Toyama shop in Higashiiwase-cho, Toyama. It was a shock to see the interior of the town where old folk houses were lined up, suddenly with Italian furniture with cutting-edge design. This project uses wooden sashes, and the frames are painted orange, creating an expectation that “there’s something going on.”
In this property, hardware measures such as reinforcement of the foundation, addition of heat insulation materials, introduction of gas, etc. are taken, the corridor part is incorporated into the living room, and the kitchen is also attached to the wall to secure a spacious area that is easy to use. Architecture is said to be “strength, utility, and beauty.” Renovation’s professional approach is to combine “strength” and “use” within a fixed cost while incorporating the owner’s sense of “beauty.” This work is a partially renovated Taisho architecture that perfectly balances strength, utility, and beauty.
■-Less than 10 million yen category-Grand Prize
“Live in the city center with 5 birds + 1 person” | NENGO Co., Ltd. [Image 3d8586-75-723a28eaf05de4fe9c48-2.jpg&s3=8586-75-06993ea677e52d55de60245e75ced821-1280x795.jpg
Commentary by the judges (Kazumasa Sashide/Editor-in-Chief Sotokoto) In today’s world, when the forms and ways of family are changing in various ways, it is becoming more natural to consider not only humans but also pets (companion animals) who live with us as members of the family. This place, including the location, has been well thought out for its loving structure and structure. Even dogs and cats have different lifestyles. Birds are even more so, including their movements in the air. What this space has achieved through renovation is probably an environment in which people and birds are in a good mood for each other. This is truly a residence born from the perspective of diversity and well-being. Birds can play happily, in other words, it is fun with lots of tricks that make them feel the joy of living. The uniform wall color and the contrast of the birds also help to determine the flight status, health status and position of each bird. If birds are happy, people will be happy too. A
relationship like a mirror. You can feel the expansion of the possibilities of a tolerant society brought about by renovation. ■-10 million yen or more category-Grand Prize
“Ring on the Green A house surrounded by greenery with wind and light” | Louvis Co., Ltd.
[Image 4d8586-75-e16abaca6624e07512d6-3.jpg&s3=8586-75-8446842b7f975f53c18dbbc1ad0bf3b3-1280x853.jpg
Judge’s Commentary (Hisaki Tokushima / Specially Appointed Fellow, RoomClip House Culture Research Institute)
Proposals for layout and space usage that maximize the benefits of the eight openings that were not fully utilized. In addition, there are various ideas to eliminate the disadvantages of being on the second floor of a residential area in Tokyo (noise and proximity to the next building). The completed work, which not only eliminates the negative, but also incorporates the bold floor plan and the beauty of the design, is packed with the real pleasure of renovating a private residence. In particular, many judges admired the beauty of the lights that circled above the open kitchen. It will be one of the ideals for those who want to do a full renovation from now on.
■-Open Weight Category-Grand Prize
“Return the station square rotary to the hands of pedestrians – ‘Zama-niwa'” | Blue Studio Co., Ltd.
[Image 5d8586-75-d8fe50deb6c63109e9c9-4.jpg&s3=8586-75-ffeac373f564b1b2dc48e891a6e906e4-1280x854.jpg
Commentary by the judges (Seiko Yakubo / Editor-in-chief of LIFULL HOME’S PRESS) Renovation of the Year 2015 Comprehensive Grand Prix “Hoshinotani housing complex”. The progressive attempt to open a dilapidated housing complex and site to the city and edit it as a place that connects people and people with the city was highly praised. In the following year, 2016, it won the first gold prize for the renovation of an apartment complex at the Good Design Award. Five years later, based on the concept of “taking the rotary in front of the station back into people’s hands,” the rotary at the east exit of Zama Station was re-edited as a “garden where people gather” rather than a mechanical place to pick up people. The place named “Zama-niwa” has been reborn as a place that creates connections between people and the city. It is a story that continues from the Hoshinotani housing complex, and it is a typical example of renovation that shows further expectations that “the editing of the city will continue.”
-Special Prize-
□ Textile Renovation Award
“Possibilities of textiles.”|sumarch Co., Ltd.
□ New Renovation Award
“7° non-destructive renovation” | Blue Studio Co., Ltd.
□Smart Spice Renovation Award
“Kurashikata Chef”|Nakagawa Masato Shoten Co., Ltd.
□ Town Creative Renovation Award
“The barn and apartment complex, a form of integration of work and living in a small town”|Frog House Co., Ltd.
□Machi no Margin Renovation Award
“Between life and play from the gap / LifeShareSpace~noma~” | Next Nawa Co., Ltd.
□ 3D Space Utilization Renovation Award
“Summer Camp House A house where children can grow on their
own”|Rinoberu Co., Ltd.
□ “Koto” Design Renovation Award
“Koto-naru Katachi” | Blue Studio Co., Ltd.
□Marketing Renovation Award
“Machinaka Lodge”|Himawari Co., Ltd.
□ Feminine Renovation Award
“A manicurist traveling around the world – a space with a sense of openness overseas and natural light -” | bELI Co., Ltd.
□ Local Legacy Renovation Award
“Mid-Century House”|Revival of a disappearing Okinawan foreigner’s house|Art and Craft Co., Ltd.
□ Heritage Renovation Award
“Tsudayama House – Inheriting Miho Hamaguchi’s Design -” | NENGO Co., Ltd. □ Heritage Renovation Award
“Western-style building that travels through time and space” | Kawara Kobo Co., Ltd.
□ Upcycling Renovation Award
“Landscape fragments, re-edited ‘PAAK STOCK'”|paak design inc. □ Local Good Renovation Award
“Kurumi Shokudo” wants to create a new future for Yubari. ” | Throwl Co., Ltd. [Image 6d8586-75-e8c0033c2db63035529b-7.png&s3=8586-75-3998540508f46d7153aa6d2f244409e7-1085x1190.png

Selection Committee Chair General Comment
[Image 7d8586-75-350490a5c9efda82ccf6-5.jpg&s3=8586-75-e7f95d5a233763b64e74b9d27d1240f9-300x300.jpg
Banjo Shimabara / Director of LIFULL HOME’S Research Institute (LIFULL Co., Ltd.)
Renovation of the Year celebrated its 10th anniversary this year. This year, a memorable milestone, I would like to rejoice that the number of entries, which had decreased to 228 due to the delay in filming after moving in due to the corona crisis, has recovered to 90 companies and 260 works. It can be said that Japanese society is finally getting out of the corona disaster (the largest ever was 97 companies and 279 works in 2019, so it is not completely recovered yet).
However, the lack of an easy-to-understand topic like teleworking, which symbolizes the times, probably because the impact of the corona disaster has faded this year, posed difficulties for the final judging. While efforts to improve performance such as heat insulation and earthquake resistance have become commonplace in the past few years, it was difficult to find out what kind of work should be selected as the year of the year at the timing of the 10th
anniversary. After a lively discussion, it became a form of
competition on the essential power of renovation and the
attractiveness of the space created by it, which could be said to be a return to basics. In that sense, I think we were able to choose a work suitable for the 10th anniversary.
Full text of comments from the selection committee
selection committee
Selection Committee Chair:
Banjo Shimabara / Director of LIFULL HOME’S Research Institute (LIFULL Co., Ltd.)
Selection committee members (in alphabetical order, titles omitted): Yoichi Ikemoto / SUUMO Editor-in-Chief (Recruit Co., Ltd.)
Daisuke Sasaki / Chief Editor, Nikkei Architecture (Nikkei Business Publications, Inc.)
Fumihiro Tateishi / Editor-in-chief of Housing Design, Editor-in-chief of Relife Plus,
Furusato News Magazine Karafuru Editor-in-Chief (Fusosha Co., Ltd.) Hisateru Tokushima / Specially Appointed Fellow, RoomClip Housing Culture Research Institute (RoomClip Co., Ltd.)
Seiko Yakubo / Chief Editor, LIFULL HOME’S PRESS Editorial Department (LIFULL Co., Ltd.)
Guest selection committee:
Kazumasa Sashide / Sotokoto Editor-in-Chief (Sotokoto Planet Co., Ltd.) Kanta Takagi / Chief Editor of TOKOSIE (Magazine House Co., Ltd.) Chikako Nishiyama / Linnel Editor-in-Chief (Takarajimasha Co., Ltd.) About Renovation Council
A renovation industry organization established in July 2009 with the aim of creating a market where consumers can choose existing homes with peace of mind and revitalizing the distribution of existing homes. Currently, 838 companies (620 regular members, 202 supporting members, 4 special members, 9 corporations, and 3 local governments) that transcend the boundaries of industries and industries are participating, and have established a unified standard for excellent renovations, “Compliant Renovation Housing.” , we set quality standards for each building type and promote their spread. “R1 housing” that satisfies the quality standards for exclusive areas of compartmentalized ownership condominiums, “R3 housing” quality standards that include common areas of compartmentalized ownership condominiums, and “R5 housing” quality standards for detached houses Juutaku)” is in operation, and the cumulative number of compatible renovation homes issued is 62,909 (as of March 31, 2022). From this June, we will start operating the R1 housing eco standard, aiming to spread renovation that is friendly to the global environment. In addition, from this year, we have established a new qualification system “Renovation Coordinator Qualification System” that allows you to comprehensively learn the knowledge necessary for the distribution of used homes and the provision of renovation. We will contribute to the distribution of secondhand homes and the revitalization of renovations by increasing the knowledge and skills of human resources involved in the renovation industry, expanding employment
opportunities such as changing jobs from other industries and hiring new graduates, and increasing the retention of human resources.
Name: General Incorporated Association Renovation Council
President: Takuya Yamamoto
Established: May 20, 2009
Address: Aoyama Luka Building 4F, 2-2-2 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

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