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Report Ocean Report Ocean Press Release We conducted a survey to understand the actual situation of the flowerpot and planter market in 2022.

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[Report Ocean Press Release] We conducted a survey to understand the actual situation of the flowerpot and planter market in 2022.
Sales of plastic pots and planters are growing all over the world, mainly due to the freedom of design.
Survey overview:
Survey period: August 8th to November 9th, 2022
Research agency :
Survey contractor: Report Ocean Co., Ltd.
In-house survey
Survey target: The survey was conducted with 890 leaders from organizations of all sizes around the world.
Number of valid responses: (890 people)
Research method:
300 telephone surveys, 590 internet surveys
Survey Respondents: The survey was conducted across companies based on revenue. [Image 1d67400-5952-dad1d1a8b703c79c5d07-0.jpg&s3=67400-5952-2645908c520574a163ef7a4d396ecaef-2700x1800.jpg
Survey results :
Question: Which product types are more popular in the flowerpot and planter market?
By product type, the market is segmented into plastics, metals, ceramics, stone, wood, and others.
Based on product type, the plastic segment was the largest contributor to the flowerpots and planters market. Plastics such as polypropylene, low-density polyethylene, high-impact polystyrene, and high-density polyethylene are abundant and readily available raw materials for manufacturing flower pots and planters.
[Image 2d67400-5952-cd2ca080283e06b22e6c-1.jpg&s3=67400-5952-84de941b7d0434798c307f6fd22bb136-2700x1800.jpg
Q: Which end-user has the highest share in the flowerpot and planter market? Based on the end user, it is divided into residential and commercial. Based on end-users, the commercial segment will gain a large share of the market in 2021. Having flowerpots and planters in your office space is beneficial for your employees. This is due to the fact that plants naturally filter toxins out of the room. In addition, an office environment with flowerpots and planters can help increase creativity and productivity, as bright colors and lively scents positively influence employee thought processes.
[Image 3d67400-5952-93206c9819ec7419e220-2.jpg&s3=67400-5952-bb907e5fe9e3409ce11238c87170cf4b-2700x1800.jpg
Q: How is the flower pots and planters market segmented by distribution channel? By distribution channel, it is classified into retail distribution and e-commerce.
By distribution channel, the retail distribution segment was the largest contributor to the market. Retail distribution includes hypermarkets/supermarkets, wholesale stores and specialty stores. Hypermarkets and supermarkets have separate corners for gardening and interior goods, making it easier for consumers to identify and purchase products.
[Image 4d67400-5952-a642e5af35f8c7d7325f-3.jpg&s3=67400-5952-d159df31cef7a5c94d98ea5e181cbe80-2700x1800.jpg
Question: What are the key factors driving the Flowerpots and Planters market? Surge in adoption of vertical gardens, demand for houseplants in homes, and increased spending on home decor products are likely to fuel the growth of the flowerpots and planters market. Rapid urbanization is shrinking living space. The adoption of vertical gardening with vertically accessible walls solves the space limitation problem faced by traditional gardening.
In addition, demand for flower pots and planters is expected to increase due to consumer preference for home interiors. Houseplants are garnering a great deal of attention among millennials, giving momentum to plant parenthood. thought to improve.
Survey conclusions:
Consumer lifestyles are undergoing major changes as disposable income increases, especially in urban areas. In addition, the increase in construction and the extravagant lifestyles of consumers have increased the demand for flower pots and planters that are essential to modern lifestyles.
In addition, increasing willingness to spend more money on interior decoration products such as flower pots and planters will create revenue opportunities for expanding global markets as these products enhance the aesthetic appearance of homes and home gardens. expected. Improvements in lifestyle are therefore expected to provide potential growth opportunities for the players operating in the global flowerpots and planters market.
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