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Report Ocean Report Ocean Press Release We conducted a survey to understand the situation of the Ocean Power market in 2022.

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[Report Ocean Press Release] We conducted a survey to understand the situation of the Ocean Power market in 2022.

Rising demand for power generation is a major driver of the growth of the global offshore power generation market.
Survey overview:
Survey period: June 14th to October 10th, 2022
Research agency :
Survey contractor: Report Ocean Co., Ltd.
In-house survey
Survey target: The survey was conducted with 890 leaders from organizations of all sizes around the world.
Number of valid responses: (890 people)
Survey method: Telephone survey of 300 people, Internet survey of 590 people Survey Respondents: The survey was conducted across companies based on revenue. [Image 1d67400-5943-773b02527def02f37a85-0.jpg&s3=67400-5943-c694e9dbfec29a9998f9fd9b717373db-2700x1800.jpg
Survey results :
Question: Which type is in high demand in the ocean power market? By type, the wave energy segment holds the highest marine power market share of about 46.8% in 2021 and is expected to maintain its dominance in the future.
This is due to the increased demand for components that generate wave energy due to the increase in wave energy infrastructure. In addition, rapid development of the renewable energy sector and increasing demand for electricity from the marine industry are key factors driving the growth of the market during the forecast period.
[Image 2d67400-5943-06c568e25345db3381af-1.jpg&s3=67400-5943-73e61d988e9e0e7c30799fb7dcb0f3f5-2700x1800.jpg
Q: Which application has the highest share in the ocean power market? Based on application, the power generation segment holds the largest share in terms of revenue.
This growth is attributed to increased investment in the renewable energy sector worldwide. Moreover, increasing demand for power from the marine industry is driving the growth of the wave energy market worldwide. Moreover, increasing demand for electricity from coastal areas is expected to boost the growth of the marine power market in the coming years.
[Image 3d67400-5943-da704043250bac0a7da8-2.jpg&s3=67400-5943-149135cefd2dc8cdab2227b7ccb551e8-2700x1800.jpg
Question: What are the key factors driving the Ocean Power market? Energy that uses the sea, such as tidal power generation and seawalls, is called ocean power generation. Ocean power is a promising renewable energy source in meeting global climate change goals and broader environmental, socioeconomic, and sustainability goals. The generated ocean power is used for applications such as power generation, water pumping and tidal currents. Marine power has a variety of important benefits, including reduced carbon emissions, energy reliability and security, and cost savings. However, as the field is still in its developing stage, the need for R&D investment is expected to increase in the coming years.
The growth of the global marine power market is driven by the increasing demand for energy generated using marine power sources. Moreover, the implementation of strict government regulations on environmental pollution from carbon-emitting fossil fuels in the power generation industry is expected to boost the growth of the marine power market.
Survey conclusions:
Rapid industrialization and urbanization are major factors in Europe and Asia Pacific’s leading position in the global marine power market. Europe to offer lucrative opportunities for major marine power component manufacturers with great potential for setting up marine energy infrastructure, surging demand for sustainable energy generation and renewable energy targets by European Union Member States is more expected.
The rapid shift from coal and other conventional power generation to renewable source-based energy generation is expected to offer lucrative growth opportunities for major players to maintain their position in the marine power market in the coming years. will be The rapid growth of the renewable energy industry and the increasing use of seawater desalination systems along with offshore power components to provide clean water to coastal areas is expected to keep pace with the offshore power market in the coming years. is projected to provide challenging opportunities for key players in the
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