Repro Entertainment Co., Ltd. The movie “Parasite Semi-Underground Family”, a shocking work that swept the world’s movie awards, will be staged in Japan!

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The shocking work that swept the world’s film awards, the movie “Parasite Semi-Underground Family” will be staged in Japan!

At the 72nd Cannes Film Festival, it was the first Korean film to win the Palme d’Or, and at the 92nd Academy Awards, it was the first non-English film to win Best Picture, as well as Best Director, Best Screenplay, and an international feature film. It has been decided that the movie “Parasite: Hanchika no Kazoku”, which won four awards in total, will be staged in Japan.
Starting with the performance at THEATER MILANO-Za, which will open next spring, it will be performed in Tokyo and Osaka from June 2023.

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The movie “Parasite Semi-Underground Family” was released in South Korea in 2019, and the number of spectators exceeded 10 million. It became an instant hit in Japan, and is still remembered as the highest-grossing foreign film released in 2020.
The megaphone of this “revolutionary movie”, which was the first Asian film to win the Academy Award for Best Picture, is known for “Guemul -Monster of the Han River-” and “Mother Proof”. Famous director Bong Joon Ho.
While the movie depicts the theme of “inequality society”, which has become a social problem, the detailed “foreshadowing” and “theme” scattered here and there have attracted attention, and the “genre” such as suspense, black comedy, and human drama. It has been acclaimed worldwide as a masterpiece that surpasses all.
The script and director for the stage adaptation in Japan will be written and directed by Yoshinobu Chung, a screenwriter and director known for the movies “The Man Who Begged for Love”, “Yakiniku Dragon”, and the stage play “Crying Romeo and Angry Juliet”.
“Parasite” will be realized on the Japanese stage under the plan of producer Lee Bong-woo, who has a close relationship with Bong Joon-ho and Jeong Yoshi-shin. In the Japanese version, the stage is moved to Kansai in the 1990s, and another unpredictable “semi-underground family” story is born.
Please look forward to the shocking finale that is unique to the stage. ■ Stage “Parasite” Story
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A village with tin roofs under the embankment. Bumpei Kaneda’s family makes a living by making shoes as a home craftsmanship on land that is below the water level of the river and is not exposed to the sun all day long, but is almost underground.
On the other hand, Shintaro Nagai, his wife Chiyoko, his daughter Mayuko, and his withdrawn son Kentaro live together with a veteran housekeeper, Tamako Yasuda, in a mansion on a symmetrical hill. Bunpei’s son, Junpei, uses a university enrollment certificate forged by his younger sister, Miki, to start a part-time job as Mayuko’s tutor. As her son Kentaro’s art therapy teacher, Miki causes Shintaro’s driver and egg to get fired, and after that, Bunpei and his wife Fukuko, and the family parasitizes the Nagai family…・.

■ Performance overview
Performance name COCOON PRODUCTION 2023 “Parasite”
Original movie “Parasite Semi-Underground Family”
Script/Director Yoshinobu Chung
Planning and production: Bunkamura SUMOMO Repro Entertainment Production/Tokyo Performance Sponsor: Bunkamura SUMOMO Asahi Shimbun Repro Entertainment TST Entertainment
Osaka Performance Organizer: Shin Kabukiza

[Tokyo Performance]
Performance period June 5th (Mon) to July 2nd (Sun), 2023
Venue: THEATER MILANO-Za (6th floor of Tokyu Kabukicho Tower) [Osaka Performance]
Performance period July 7th (Fri) to 17th (Mon/holiday), 2023 Venue: Shin Kabukiza, Osaka
* Ticket details and performer information will be lifted later. ■ Script/Direction: Jeong Yoshinobu
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In 1993, he won the 38th Kishida Kunio Drama Award for “The Terayama.” On the other hand, he entered the film industry, and in the same year, won the Mainichi Film Concours Screenplay Award and the Kinema Junpo Screenplay Award for the screenplay of “Where is the Moon?” In 1998, he won numerous awards including the Kinema Junpo Screenplay Award, the Japan Academy Award for Best Screenplay, the 1st Ryuzo Kikushima Award, and the Asia-Pacific Film Festival Best Screenplay Award for Ai wo Begging Hito. 2008 8th Asahi Performing Arts Award Grand Prix, 12th Tsuruya Namboku Drama Award, 16th Yomiuri Drama Awards Grand Prize/Best Work Award, 59th Art Encouragement Minister of Education Award, South Korea It has swept numerous theater awards, including the 2008 Best 3 Theater of 2008 selected by the Theater Critics
Association, and the 7 Best Theater of the Year selected by the Korean Theater Association. Received the Medal with Purple Ribbon in the spring of 2014. Major works in recent years include “Everything is for April” (17, written and directed), “Crying Romeo and Angry Juliet” (20, written and directed), “Tenamonya Sanpenny Opera” (22, written and directed) performance), etc. In 2010, he launched his own theater company “Hitohada” and performed “Boku wa Uta, Aozora to Coke to Kimi no Tame no Tame” (written and directed by 22).
[Comment from Chung Yi Shin]
I remember the tension, anxiety, and excitement about the stage adaptation of the movie “Parasite,” which was an explosive hit all over the world. I took the plunge and decided to change the setting from downtown Seoul to downtown Kansai, Japan. We hope that Japanese audiences will be able to see how realistic the story will be without spoiling the original work. is. All the staff are enthusiastic about welcoming a wonderful cast that will not be better than this. Please look forward to it.

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