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Ridilover Co., Ltd. SDGs x New Business NEC / NTT West Group will be on stage! Held practical seminars

Ridilover Inc.
[SDGs x New Business] NEC/NTT West Japan Group will be on stage! Held practical seminars
Free participation: Friday, January 20, 2023 13:30-15:00 Online delivery
Ridilover Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Ridilover) will hold a free online seminar for corporate personnel working on [new business × social problem solving] with the cooperation of Nikkei BP Research Institute.
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Currently, many companies are aiming for continuous business growth and are working on challenges in new business areas.
In particular, entering new businesses aimed at resolving social issues and achieving the SDGs plays an important role in realizing sustainable growth in the future.
On the other hand, the reality is that many companies are struggling with projects that do not go well due to problems such as “creating business ideas with monetization and scalability” and “methods for considering highly effective social problem-solving projects.” It is For more than 10 years, Ridilover Co., Ltd. has been working with the mission of “how to create a sustainable business for solving social issues”.
In this seminar, the Lidilover business development team, which has connected with more than 350 issues on the ground and has been working on identifying the factors of various social issues and implementing solutions, will collaborate with companies aiming to commercialize social issue-solving areas. Based on the creation, we will consider how to consider highly effective social problem-solving projects and how organizations should be to achieve high driving force.
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■ Program content
Keynote Speech 13:30-14:00 “Monetization methods in the SDGs/social issue market”
Based on our track record and experience in discovering and solving various social issues for more than 10 years, we would like to talk about how we think about how to solve social issues that create business impact.
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Representative Director of Ridilover Co., Ltd./Representative Director of General Incorporated Association Ridilover
Toshiki Abe
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Ridilover Co., Ltd. Business Development Team Sub-Leader Shinsuke Tsutsumi Case study 1.14:00~14:30 “How to create a ‘social problem-solving business’ challenged by NEC”
Mr. Ishii, who is promoting the realization of “NEC 2030 VISION” advocated by NEC (NEC) in the new business development group of the retail business division, based on the practice of business escort with Ridilover on the theme of “food loss reduction” Next, I would like to talk about points for considering new businesses that will lead to the resolution of social issues.
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Mr. Kenichi Ishii, Smart Retail Service Group Director, Smart Retail Division, NEC
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Ridilover Co., Ltd. Business Development Team Leader Shunsuke Takagiwa Case Study 2. 14:30~15:00 “What is the update of the organization and human resources that the NTT West Group is challenging?”
With “Smart10X,” which aims to solve problems in 10 fields and co-create a future society through SmartICT solutions, Mr. Ara from NTT Business Solutions, who promotes business development and overall strategy, will promote new businesses in undeveloped areas. Regarding human resource development, I would like to talk about the “Byname Core Human Resources Training Program” co-created with Ridilover as an example.
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NTT Business Solutions Corporation Value Design Department Value Integration Department
Social Innovation Manager Hideaki Ara
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