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Right before Christmas! Introducing Christmas sweets recommended by TASTEMADE that are perfect for “petit gifts”!

Tastemade Japan Co., Ltd.
Right before Christmas! Introducing Christmas sweets recommended by TASTEMADE that are perfect for “petit gifts”!
Cute to look at and delicious to eat! TASTEMADE buyers have carefully selected sweets that are sure to please!

[Image 1d47218-75-688c556b5fca9afa33b2-0.png&s3=47218-75-056a8c842e1c0e368136d7f6603d792b-1414x806.png
In the TASTEMADE sweets collection, we will introduce some of the sweet gifts that are perfect for Christmas parties, year-end parties, homecomings, etc.
We also introduce the features of the product and recommended scenes on the special feature page, so please take a look.
Christmas limited gift marl Cheeky cookies assorted 9 pieces [Image 2d47218-75-85b764a7957552a64820-4.png&s3=47218-75-4c2e12a6bc74b196a91e5be422b87b21-1092x540.png
9 sheets ¥ 2,778 (tax included)
Christmas limited package color! Gift box filled with 9 kinds of cookies The red, green, and white packages are perfect for Christmas gifts! By using Taihaku sesame oil produced in Aichi Prefecture, instead of using butter, you can enjoy a soft cookie that is easy to eat American cookies and has a sweetness that Japanese people like.
Packed in 9 types of boxes!
Antica Gianduia Christmas limited set Christmas limited color set! [Image 3d47218-75-b6de82abca8f0bc343bc-2.png&s3=47218-75-1ba81f0dc9b707c4ea62e16ff4290b09-1128x560.png
¥4,698 (tax included)
stylish Christmas gift
Chocolate that can be eaten with a spoon in a colorful can.
You will be addicted to the smooth melt-in-your-mouth chocolate flavor. You can enjoy it with your favorite bread and sweets, as well as chocolate fondue!
Skorzette (orangette)
[Image 4d47218-75-1542241a62ea12c1bb7b-3.png&s3=47218-75-6c69b71803d481526c284792945d5394-1150x578.png
¥2,160 (tax included)
Exquisite marriage of orange and dark chocolate
Assorted two popular orange peels and orange slices.
Two kinds of Italian orange slices and peels soaked in syrup are coated with dark chocolate!
The thick orange pulp and the chewy orange peel are characterized by the rich fresh oranges that have been exposed to the sun of southern Italy.
It goes well with wine and champagne, so it is also recommended as a gift for alcohol lovers.
[Image 5d47218-75-a7be989cdfce895091fb-5.png&s3=47218-75-b597850e36f5f1631a84f377648caeb4-1738x1042.png
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