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Rinshudou Cloud CO2 laser processing machine “Gweike Cloud Pro” released

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[Rinshudou] Cloud CO2 laser processing machine “Gweike Cloud Pro” is now available
Simple design. Easy desktop CO2 laser processing machine that data is stored in the cloud

Rinsyundo Co., Ltd. (Head office: Gifu City, Gifu Prefecture; Representative Director: Eiji Hayashi), which manufactures, develops systems, sells, and repairs laser processing machines, sells and maintains the Gweike Cloud series as the general agent in Japan. We are here.
[Image 1

Main features of Gweike Cloud
Gweike Cloud operations and data management (upload/download) are performed on the cloud.
There are more than 500 types of data (updating) on ​​the cloud, and you can download and process your favorite data design.
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Our purchase privilege
・Our company will perform warranty and sendback repairs.
・A Japanese instruction manual created by our company is attached. ・In addition to chat support (English) on GweikeCloud, we also provide email support in Japanese.
Standard accessories
・Rotary processing machine ・AI camera ・Automatic water cooler ・Delivery fan ・Wireless WiFi
Main specifications of Gweike Cloud
External dimensions: Width 970 x Depth 565 x Height 234.5mm
Laser type: CO2 laser
Laser power: 50W
Standard marking area: 510 x 300mm
Cooling method: water cooling
Control software: gweike cloud Web base
[Video 2:]

[Image 3d25668-27-f3b56e03f4c041f0d0f4-3.png&s3=25668-27-329639e4db581c1463f94dba7db1c0c9-988x637.png
[Image 4d25668-27-20659fb52fd16724769e-4.png&s3=25668-27-eb9fecff4ffb7aa2cc36c4a5200aef90-992x648.png
[Image 5d25668-27-2481194cf4778d979de3-5.png&s3=25668-27-405f3102ae0b7cfb5a9e8e194fa1c27a-997x638.png
[Image 6d25668-27-fc9b1eca01d13814d3b1-6.png&s3=25668-27-95fb9dac52ebda70b7970f307bf640b0-1058x643.png
[Image 7d25668-27-dbbb811dd47773327429-7.png&s3=25668-27-657eb2eef059210ee9dc1e9999561682-1125x641.png
[Image 8d25668-27-77ba205518838e7614f7-8.png&s3=25668-27-9136af152ed4c2897edea17b1d31a1d2-1032x559.png

For details, please refer to the product URL
If you would like to check out the diverse lineup, please visit the Gweike Japan sole agent website.
Gweike Japan sole agent URL:
Details about this release:

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