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Rising Zephyr Fukuoka Co., Ltd. Kyushu Derby match against Saga (GAME 1)

Rising Zephyr Fukuoka Co., Ltd.
Kyushu Derby match against Saga (GAME1)

The Saga match held on Saturday, December 10, 2022 was defeated by 8 points. We are pleased to announce that the result of “Fukuoka 66-74 Saga” was the result of the B League Round 11 [Rising Zephyr Fukuoka vs. Saga Ballooners] held on Saturday, December 10, 2022.
[Image 1

[Match results]
[Fukuoka] 66-74 [Saga]
1st 15-17
2nd 13-17
3rd 22-19
4th 16-21
[Battle commentary]
Kyushu Derby Game 1 against Saga, the leader of the West Division Immediately after the tip-off, #7 Gurin scored and the game started, and both teams played back and forth as they waited for chances due to fierce defense. #32 Gordon’s inside and #7 Grin’s 3-point shot create an offensive rhythm, but due to foul trouble, Fukuoka cannot get into the rhythm and Saga takes the lead. Still, # 24 Honda and # 6 Otsuka scored and ended the first half with 6 points behind.
[Image 2

Even in the second half, Fukuoka struggled against Saga’s powerful attacks, creating a flow from #32 Gordon’s score on the inside. Fukuoka, aiming for a come-from-behind game, created a flow from defense, but Fukuoka was unable to score key rebounds and free throws, resulting in a narrow loss to Saga.
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[Comment from HC Ramon Lopez Suarez]
Saga played at a very high level. I think the situational judgment was also excellent. We were able to compete well, but I think the big mistake was in the important clutch time. I think we need to raise the basic level of our defense, and we weren’t able to score turnovers or free throws, which is a shame as we weren’t able to win the match. The percentage of 3P shots was also not very good. I think it’s the pressure from Saga’s defense. I was able to make a no-mark, but I couldn’t decide and I have to improve my mentality. There were two or three games where we didn’t make free throws like this, but I think we have to build up our confidence in that aspect. I’ve been able to hit no-marks, so I’ll try again to see if I can score a shot.
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