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Ryunosuke Kamiki’s visual travel guidebook “Kamiki Kochi”, which explores the charm of Kochi, the stage of the NHK drama series “Ranman”, will be released on March 20, 2023! (with his own comments)

NHK Publishing Co., Ltd.
Ryunosuke Kamiki’s visual travel guidebook “Kamiki Kochi”, which explores the charm of Kochi, the stage of the NHK drama series “Ranman”, will be released on March 20, 2023! (with his own comments) Reservations are being accepted from today ・First production limited benefits, reservation benefits, and Kochi Prefecture limited benefits!
Ryunosuke Kamiki, who plays Mantaro Makino, the main character of Tomitaro Makino (born in Sagawa Town, Kochi Prefecture), in the NHK TV drama series “Ranman” in the first half of 2023, called Kochi a “miracle prefecture” and has many attractions. Visit and walk in search of NHK Publishing will release the Kamiki-ryu Kochi guidebook “Kamiki Kochi”, which is full of recommended information and photographs taken in various places, on March 20, 2023. Reservations for this book, which includes first-time production limited benefits, Co-LaVo Official Shop reservation benefits, and Kochi prefecture limited benefits, will start accepting reservations from today, December 27th.
Kamikikochi, a visual travel guidebook of “Sacred Tree + Travel + Kochi” [Image 1

Ryunosuke Kamiki (in Kami City, Kochi Prefecture)
Food, culture, traditions, industry, nature… This is a visual travel guidebook in which actor Ryunosuke Kamiki encountered and experienced many diverse people and things from west to east, from the sea to the mountains of Kochi Prefecture. . Mr. Kamiki, who touched on
sustainable things that make life sustainable, rich and enjoyable while preserving tradition and the environment, and had many dialogues with people who are rooted in the region and work hard. Kamiki-san thoroughly enjoys Kochi, which he called “the prefecture of miracles”. The perfect companion for your trip, full of insider information about Kochi, including a wealth of photos taken in various locations and carefully selected recommended items and places. Great for gourmet food, activities, souvenirs, and great photos. A Kamiki-ryu Kochi guidebook that will make you want to go to the site and imitate it. “Kamikikochi” special page is here▼ Comment from author Ryunosuke Kamiki
In the past, I had only been to Kochi Prefecture for the filming of “Kirishima, Club Activities Yamerutteyo”, but after it was decided that I would be appearing in the drama “Ranman”, I was given a chance to go there. I once again realized that it was a really wonderful place to visit for shooting books and calendars. Also, I think you’ll understand if you can see the wonderful smiles of the people you meet. I’m from Saitama, and I’m sure the locals know what’s great about Kochi. There is such an interesting place! There is such a beautiful place! And so on, I wish I could tell everyone about Kochi that I felt.

[Main dialogue]
“Niichu Futari” — Makoto Umehara (Designer)
“Kamiki no Kami-zukuri” – Mr. Rogier Autenbogart (handmade Japanese paper artist)
“Umi no Makino Botanical Garden?!” — Yu Kanda (Ichthyologist) “Make Sawachi cuisine. Taste it.” –Mr. Junko Matsuzaki
(Representative of the Tosa Traditional Food Research Group) “Sustainable life in Kochi” — Yuichiro Hattori and Asako Hattori (Writers) [Experience/encounter]
Makino Botanical Garden / Yuzu Harvesting Experience / Muroto Abandoned School Aquarium / Straw-grilled Bonito / Osowake Shokudo Mado… and many more.
Partial excerpt from the “Introduction” of this book
The first thing that comes to my mind when I hear Kochi is the delicious food, abundant nature, and friendly people. It was, so to speak, a mundane thing. For me, who grew up in the city, I think it was a vague image of the land called “region” itself.
To begin with, my first experience in Kochi was the filming of the movie “Kirishima, Stop Club Activities”. Since I was still in high school, I couldn’t go out and only went back and forth between the hotel and the site, so this trip was the first time I was able to experience Kochi.
Now, I am back in Kochi Prefecture, working on the filming of NHK’s continuous TV novel “Ranman,” which is modeled after Dr. Tomitaro Makino. This trip was also a journey that started with the desire to get to know the land of Kochi and the person Tomitaro Makino before starting the shooting.
I feel a strange connection between these two works, which will be a big turning point for me as an actor, and that they both have a deep connection with Kochi. I have the words to answer I would like to write those words in the afterword at the end of the book, so I hope you will read it at the end.
First of all, please enjoy your trip to Kochi with me in this book.
–Ryunosuke Kamiki
cover design
[Image 5d18219-602-18fc601bb083eb5d904b-3.jpg&s3=18219-602-bf964e216df601b7563a74bbedd1031a-1903x2700.jpg
“Kamikikochi” regular version
The cover design is a collage of illustrator Miki Iwasato’s
illustrations of things that symbolize Kochi and Ryunosuke Kamiki’s photographs.
Benefit information
Limited to the first production! With digital photo frame download An original frame image that allows you to take and create photos with Mr. Kamiki using a photo composition app or photo frame app will be presented to everyone who purchases the first production. It is a digital privilege that reads and downloads the two-dimensional barcode included in the book.
Limited to Co-LaVo Official Shop reservations! Comes with an original postcard For those who make a reservation at the Co-LaVo Official Shop by 23:59 on January 16, 2023, we will deliver an original postcard of “Kamikikochi”. Enjoy the design after it arrives!
Click here for Co-LaVo Official Shop “Kamikikochi” reservation page▼ Limited to Kochi Prefecture! Original design cover gift
For those who purchase “Kamikikochi” in Kochi Prefecture, we will give you a limited number of original design covers that you can enjoy hanging on the book. We will inform you about the stores that carry it in the press release and the special page of “Kamikikochi” around the beginning of February.
[Image 3d18219-602-667350f4ffe789450a75-2.jpg&s3=18219-602-834bf87d45a1e45103d46ab8e43c5947-1904x2700.jpg
“Kamikikochi” original cover limited to Kochi Prefecture purchases This cover uses photographs taken at the Makino Botanical Garden, where Ryunosuke Kamiki visited Tomitaro Makino for the filming of the NHK drama series “Ranman”.
Author information
[Image 4d18219-602-1c8cb2fc014965ca6e16-4.jpg&s3=18219-602-c5af4b61bc4951fab1b44ec6e4dfcb9a-1801x2700.jpg
Ryunosuke Kamiki
Ryunosuke Kamiki
Born in Saitama Prefecture in 1993. After making his debut at the age of 2, he appeared in numerous movies, dramas, commercials, etc. In 2022, in addition to appearing in the WOWOW original drama “Ryunosuke Kamiki’s shooting break” and the TBS drama “Wife, become an elementary school student.” In 2023, he will star in NHK’s continuous TV novel “Ranman”, and the movie “Daimyo Bankruptcy” will be released on June 23rd.
Ryunosuke Kamiki 2023-2024 calendar “RYUNOSUKE KAMIKI 2023-2024 CALENDAR” to be released on March 20!
* Taken in Kochi Prefecture & Comes with a natural wood frame made of thinned cypress from Kochi Prefecture
Co-LaVo Official Shop reservation page is here▼ Product information
[Image 5d18219-602-18fc601bb083eb5d904b-3.jpg&s3=18219-602-bf964e216df601b7563a74bbedd1031a-1903x2700.jpg
“Kamikikochi” regular version
Title: Kamikikochi
Author: Ryunosuke Kamiki
Publisher: NHK Publishing
Release date: March 20, 2023
List price: 2,090 yen (tax included)
Format: A5 size average
Number of pages: 208 pages (all color)
ISBN: 978-4-14-081931-9
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