Sagamihara City December 22nd is “Working Women’s Day”-Aiming for a city hall where everyone can play an active role-

Sagamihara City
[Sagamihara City] December 22nd is “Working Women’s Day”-Aiming for a city hall where everyone can play an active role-
Introducing the city’s first female deputy mayor

Sagamihara City aims to be a city hall where everyone can play an active role, such as supporting the career development of female employees.
In conjunction with “Working Women’s Day” on December 22, we will introduce the city’s efforts.
As part of the efforts of the “Work-family balance support plan for Sagamihara City staff” (hereinafter “plan”, formulated in March 2020), staff can envision their future visions and careers and increase their willingness to take on challenges. We are introducing role models for staff so that we can do so.
This year, we interviewed Deputy Mayor Okawa, the city’s first female deputy mayor, and posted it on the staff portal site.
About Deputy Mayor Okawa
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Deputy Mayor Okawa
Asana Okawa
In April 2003, he entered the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications. In addition to working at the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications Public Service Department and the Local Government Finance Bureau, she was also involved in the front line of local administration at the Okinawa Prefectural Government and Aomori Prefectural Government, and in April 2020, she was appointed as the city’s first female deputy mayor.
Responsible for clerical work belonging to the mayor’s office, finance bureau, citizen bureau, child and youth future bureau, ward office, and accounting division.
Q. What are you working on with a lot of effort?
I am in charge of a wide range of tasks, but in particular, the promotion of SDGs, civic pride, human rights, promotion of women’s empowerment, and child-rearing support are areas in which I can make use of not only my administrative experience but also my personal experience. I hope that I can help you achieve your goals.
Q What do you keep in mind at work?
In 2011, I took office as Aomori Prefecture Municipal Promotion Section Chief. I was worried about how to communicate with the staff who have more years of experience than me. Looking back now, I think there were some parts where I was a little reserved. Through this experience, I try to have a positive relationship with the staff. I believe that teamwork is important in work because it is a pleasure to accumulate results with the staff who work together, and it is also the secret to increasing work motivation.
Of course, there are times when I make mistakes in my work, but I try to be conscious of making use of my mistakes next time.
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State of meeting
Q: Ingenuity to balance work and parenting
Since my commute takes more than an hour each way, I use the travel time for my hobbies and housework, such as reading and online shopping.
I have a 1st grade daughter and a young son, and two children. Therefore, I cherish the time I spend with my family of four on weekends, such as eating out.
I also cherish the time to refresh myself, such as spending time alone at a café. I like to eat, and looking for delicious restaurants in Sagamihara City is one of my recent pleasures.
Q What do you want to convey to working women?
I get the impression that female employees tend to be reserved even if they are highly capable. Even if you are given a slightly difficult job or position, I would like you to stretch yourself a little and take on challenges without being timid.
Also, work is of course important, but I want you to take care of your private life as well. It’s difficult to strike a balance, but I hope you can enjoy every day.
Introducing Role Models
As a specific initiative to achieve the goals of the Plan, we periodically conduct roll-ups with the aim of making it easier for employees to envision their desired careers, increasing their willingness to take on challenges, and fostering a workplace climate in which each employee can play an active role. Introducing the model. -Role model introduced in 2021 (example)-
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Minami Ward Mayor Sugaya
Takako Sugaya, Mayor of Minami Ward
Joined Sagamihara City after graduating from junior college. Balancing work and raising three children, he successively served as the head of the bureau and the head of the ward.
Q When did you change your mind as you moved up the ranks?
I became a deputy manager in a section where window work was the main job, and while everyone was doing the same job, I began to wonder if it was okay to do the same thing as everyone else. I proactively dealt with difficult cases and acted to become a presence that people around me can rely on.
After that, when I became the manager in charge and became a position with subordinates, my awareness of responsibility and authority changed further, and I valued building relationships that make it easier for staff to work.
Q How did you feel when you became a female manager?
When I joined the agency, it was a time when it was unthinkable for a woman to become a manager.
At that time, it was natural for young women to be in charge of general affairs, and I myself was promoted to a higher position without any experience in finance or planning, so I often struggled to become a manager.
I never thought that I would find myself in such a position. Today is an era in which women play an active role, but at that time there were no women in administrative positions close to me. . In addition, we introduce various role models for employees. ・Career development as a social worker
・Training of young staff
・ Balancing work and childcare for male employees, etc.
Percentage of female managers in Sagamihara City
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Trends in percentage of female managers in Sagamihara City (excluding school staff)
In city, we try for improvement of ratio of the female staff occupying managerial position.
Specifically, we are supporting the implementation of training for female employees and the introduction of a mentor system*, and are actively promoting the appointment of female employees to various posts.
In order to achieve the target value of 30% (as of April 1, 2025, excluding school staff), all staff will fully demonstrate their individuality and abilities regardless of gender and respond to their own wishes. We will promote the creation of a workplace environment and workplace culture that allows employees to balance work and family.
* Mentor system: Mentors (senior staff) with extensive knowledge and work experience provide individual support activities to mentees (junior staff).
History of Sagamihara City
・In March 2001, “Sagamihara Gender Equality Plan 21” was formulated with the aim of realizing a gender-equal society.
・In March 2005, from the perspective of setting an example for private companies as a public affairs department, the “Staff Support Child-rearing Plan” was formulated as a measure for city employees. ・In March 2016, the “Promotion of Women’s Participation and
Advancement in the Workplace” was established to promote the participation of male employees in raising children, promote work-life balance for all employees, support career development for female employees, and support and promote the active participation of female employees who are raising children. Formulated a Specified Employer Action Plan based on the law.
・In March 2020, the “Employee Support Child-rearing Plan” and the “Specified Employer Action Plan based on the Act on Promotion of Women’s Participation and Advancement in the Workplace” were organized and integrated, and the Act on Promotion of Women’s Participation and Advancement in the Workplace was revised in June 2019. Based on this, we have formulated a new action plan for specified business owners, the “Support Plan for Balancing Work and Family for Sagamihara City Employees.”
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