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Save the director from stress! The long-awaited publication produced by MECE, the management staff of a dental c linic! “Cheap and useful dental management book” released in December 2022

MECE Produce Co., Ltd.
Save the director from stress! The long-awaited publication produced by MECE, the management staff of a dental clinic! “Cheap and useful dental management book” released in December 2022
Now on sale at each EC site or MECE Dental Pictures

In December 2022, MECE Produce Co., Ltd. (Representative Director: Koichi Kawashima) published the company’s representative book, “Cheap and Useful Dental Management Book”. It is on sale at each EC site or MECE Dental Pictures (
Direct sales EC site
MECE Dental Pictures
MECE Produce was launched in February 2019 with the corporate philosophy of “saving the director from stress”. Mainly management practice support business for dental clinics (mainly recruiting, staff training, management, construction of personnel evaluation system, marketing support, etc.). Our services are distinct from management consulting companies that specialize in providing advice and tools. The company provides daily information useful for the management of dental clinics on its official YouTube channel. The “Dental Clinic Management Staff / MECE Produce Channel” has more than 2,500 subscribers (as of December 2022), and is used for daily clinic management, mainly by dental professionals.
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Management advisor for dental clinics, MECE Produce Channel
Why did the company, which does not fail to provide information on a daily basis, dare to publish?
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The first is the efficiency of information gathering. Although the YouTube channel also provides information on dental management, when the director looks for the information he or she wants, it is necessary to search the channel and check the video. It will take some time, and it will be tedious. There is no doubt that the same amount of information can be collected faster from text than from video. The book is divided into six chapters by category, and you can quickly find the information you want by checking the table of contents. 【table of contents】
Chapter 1 Recruitment
Chapter 2 Organization
Chapter 3 Personnel Evaluation
Chapter 4 In-Hospital Marketing
Chapter 5 Out-of-Hospital Marketing
Chapter 6 Wasteful Spending
Epilogue Why we stick to freelance
Books on the dental industry, especially those related to management, tend to be expensive as a whole. The company’s thinking is that the price is not high because the value is high, but because the circulation is small, so unless the price is high, it will not pay. It seems that there is also a desire to throw a stone in such a current state of the dental industry.
Many specific examples such as “recruitment”, “organization”, and “marketing” are posted, and the director is particular about advice that can be used from tomorrow. Please take a look at the company’s official YouTube channel “MECE Produce Channel”.
Direct sales EC site
MECE Dental Pictures
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[Book overview]
“Cheap and useful dental management book”
Author: Koichi Kawashima
Issued by: MECE Produce Co., Ltd.
List price: 1,650 yen (main unit 1,500 yen + tax)
Release date: December 2022
Format: A5 size
Number of pages: 160 pages
ISBN: 978-4-99-127220-2
[Author profile]
MECE Produce Co., Ltd.
Representative Director Koichi Kawashima
1978 Born in Osaka
Graduated from Waseda University Faculty of Education
Joined MOCAL Co., Ltd., which operates “outsourcing office manager services for dental clinics and clinics” after working in the university entrance school industry, the professional recruitment industry for doctors, and the general manager of a medical
corporation. Appointed manager of the corporate planning office in an unusually early four months after joining the company. While in charge of dozens of clinics as an outsourcing office manager, he is involved in the promotion of the second area as a corporate planning of the company.
Started working as a freelancer in February 2019.
Launched “Dental management staff service” as an alternative to management consultant and acting office manager.
Established MECE Produce Co., Ltd. in August 2020. Appointed representative director.
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[Publisher information]
MECE Produce Co., Ltd.
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