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Sayuri Matsumura shows off her wedding dress in her longing Zexy Talking honestly about her views on marriage! Appeared on the cover of “Zexy Overseas Wedding 2023 Spring & Summer”

Recruit Co., Ltd.
Sayuri Matsumura shows off her wedding dress in her longing Zexy Talking honestly about her views on marriage! Appeared on the cover of “Zexy Overseas Wedding 2023 Spring & Summer”

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Recruit Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President: Yoshihiro Kitamura, hereinafter referred to as Recruit) publishes an overseas wedding information magazine “Zexy Overseas Wedding 2023 Spring & Summer” (released December 23, 2022) We have decided to use Ms. Sayuri Matsumura, who is active as a model and actress, on the cover of the magazine (excluding regions), so we will give you an overview.
■ “It was a really fun shoot!”
We asked Mr. Matsumura, who has been reading “Zexy” since he was a student, about his thoughts on this shooting. I was very happy to receive it.Also, it was a photo shoot while exploring the city, so I was able to relax.This shoot made me realize once again how wonderful it is to have an overseas wedding.” He answered me. Also, regarding the dress that she liked the most in this shoot, she told me, “My favorite is the glittery pink dress. I like both glitter and pink, so I think it was a dress filled with my favorite things.”
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■ “I want to open the ring box and say ‘Please marry me'” Revealing the ideal proposal
“I’m the type of person who dreams of love. I’m 30 years old, but I still love romantic things. For example, riding on a Ferris wheel and going on a date that’s said to be the royal road is ideal. Ideally, on a special day, I would like to eat at a restaurant on a high floor where you can see the night view, have a ring come out with the dessert, open the box of the ring, and say, “Please marry me.” It is,” he revealed about the ideal proposal. Also, when I asked Mr. Matsumura, who says that the ideal couple is his parents, about his views on marriage, he said, “I have a lot of admiration for marriage. A family is the ideal family image, so since I was young, I’ve always wanted to have a family like this someday. However, I don’t want to get married by any age.I feel like I’m waiting for a prince on a white horse who is gentle and loves me no matter how old I am (laughs).Also, the wedding is a flower. I want to do it in a space full of flowers.I like flowers, so I want to decorate the venue colorfully, and I want to wear a white dress.”
■What is your ideal Christmas date? “I want to go to German Village!” Since Christmas is approaching, when asked about her ideal Christmas date, she said, “I want to meet in the cold and go to German village. Actually, it would be best if I could go to Germany, but I feel like it’s Christmas overseas. I would like to go on a date to enjoy the Christmas market while drinking mulled wine and warming up.” Finally, when asked about his aspirations for next year, he said, “I worked hard this year, taking on the challenge of various dramas. I think it would be nice if I could study Chinese again, which I had been studying for a while,” he replied while looking back on this year.
■ Other cut
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■Performer information
Sayuri Matsumura
Born August 27, 1992 in Osaka Prefecture. Active as a core member of Nogizaka46 and graduated from the group in 2021. After graduating, he appeared in numerous dramas such as “Promise Cinderella” (TBS) and “Bride Escape” (TX), and currently “If My Favorite Comes to Budokan, I’ll Die” (ABC/EX) is being broadcast. Regular model for the women’s fashion magazine “BAILA”.
■ Media information
“Zexy Overseas Wedding 2023 Spring & Summer” (released December 23, 2022) 【appendix】
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Leonard`s marriage registration
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