Sazabi League Co., Ltd. Nojess 2023 Spring Collection

Sazabi League Co., Ltd.
[Nojess] 2023 Spring Collection
New products will be released from December 26, 2022 (Monday)
The arrival of sparkling spring. The line-up includes a limited number of ear cuffs inspired by the fantastic world when looking into a kaleidoscope, and aquamarine jewelry that emits sharp light. [Image 1

[Image 2

[Limited Edition]
An ear cuff that expresses a fantastic world that you can see when you look into the kaleidoscope. Expressed gorgeously with quartz with carved patterns and elegant decorations. With the hope that you will be able to see a lot of scenery in the new year, just like peering into a kaleidoscope.
ear cuff 34,100yen/ K5, diamond and quartz/ limited quantity [Image 3

The square-cut aquamarine emits a sharp reflection of light, which is likened to a mirror, and is surrounded by a decoration inspired by the frame of a vintage mirror. Just like your favorite mirror that makes you feel better just by looking into it, cherish the moments that make your heart dance.
from left
necklace pierced earrings ring 29,700yen each/ K10, diamond and aquamarine [Image 4

As a styling accent, we recommend wearing it with a layered ear cuff or pairing it with earrings to add a gorgeous color to your ears. [Image 5

Ear cuffs of various sizes are designed so that you can enjoy layering them. Enjoy layering ear cuffs just like layering rings.
ear cuff 7,700yen~24,200yen
[Image 6

Message jewelry that seems to make an ordinary day a special day full of excitement. A secret message item that only you can read as a talisman to cherish every day.
from left
ring 20,900yen/ K5 ring 8,800yen/ silver ear cuff 7,700yen/ silver ear cuff 19,800yen/ K5
[Image 7

Ear cuffs with white rope as the design source and white colored stones for a refreshing look. While the whole is neatly finished, the point is the vintage-like decoration attached around the stone seat. from left
ear cuff 12,100yen/ silver and agate ear cuff 24,200yen/ K5 and shell [Image 8

Sustainable stud earrings that remake and revive natural stones that have been sleeping without being used. The natural and carefree atmosphere unique to natural stones fits your current mood. Enjoy your own arrangement by combining charms.
from left
pierced earrings 17,600yen/ K10 and amethyst charm 8,800yen/ K10 pierced earrings 17,600yen/ K10 and quartz charm 9,900yen/ K10 and pearl charm 7,150yen/ K10 and pearl pierced earrings 18,700yen/ K10 and quartz charm 7,700yen/ K10 and pearl
[Image 9

Release date: December 26, 2022 (Monday) ~
Released sequentially at all Nojes stores and official online stores Official website (official online store): Instagram:

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