SB Foods Co., Ltd. Established a new corporate message on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of its founding in 2023

SB Foods Co., Ltd.
Formulate a new corporate message on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of our founding in 2023
Expressing the vision and hopes for the next 100 years

SB Foods Co., Ltd. will celebrate its 100th anniversary in 2023. I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to the many people who have supported our group since 1923, when our founder, Minejiro Yamazaki, succeeded in producing Japan’s first domestically produced curry powder.
In commemoration of the 100th anniversary, we have established a new corporate message that expresses our vision for the next 100 years and our aspirations.
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New corporate message
100 years since its founding, as a top manufacturer of spices, We have continued to make products that are particular about taste and quality. For the next 100 years, with the blessings of the land that grew up with plenty of sunlight,
We will deliver not only delicious food but also healthy and safe food to the world.
We process the fruits and leaves of plants grown by producers to create products that are useful in our lives.
And sow new seeds.
We aim to coexist with the earth through these sustainable businesses of plants and food.
“Contribution to a healthy and happy life” and “Contribution to the global environment”,
When these two future maps are superimposed…
[Image 2d3092-586-3c2addb09f657b28b20f-6.png&s3=3092-586-4c0961cc6c7914393b7e4580b0fb87eb-1325x203.png
Here is the answer we found.
Based on this new corporate message, we will continue to contribute to the preservation of the global environment while delivering health and happiness to the dining tables of people around the world through business development centered on spices and herbs.
Corporate logo with corporate message
[Image 3d3092-586-edb2faa5d508177fb033-2.png&s3=3092-586-a32d929d6c9dd4a482b38f16060e52c7-1417x768.png

Initiatives for the 100th anniversary of our founding
Throughout the year 2023, we are planning various measures to broadly convey our gratitude to our stakeholders in Japan and overseas. Details will be announced on the 100th anniversary website to be released in early January 2023.
・100th anniversary logo
We created a logo to commemorate the 100th anniversary of our founding. This “&100” symbolizes the desire to connect the past 100 years with the next 100 years.
[Image 4d3092-586-91272ed5c4cd305eea0a-1.jpg&s3=3092-586-b07a1d460a49f3e1f5f68b4ad85a1471-1521x822.jpg
[Image 5d3092-586-6bb81d1c5b238412d82e-0.jpg&s3=3092-586-ac1e04b63e28ebdde097b402c8e0c8b9-850x500.jpg
We look forward to your continued support of the SB Food Group. Details about this release:

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