SBS Group Makes Full-scale Entry into EC Platform Business

SBS Holdings Co., Ltd.
SBS Group Makes Full-scale Entry into EC Platform Business
Developed one-stop service “EC Logistics Omakase-kun” Appointed Hiroki Hasegawa as an image character

The SBS Group announced on December 26th that it will make a full-scale entry into the e-commerce (EC) platform business. It will be developed as an “EC Logistics Omakase-kun” service that provides a one-stop service from warehousing to shipping and delivery, aiming for 100 billion yen in EC logistics-related sales in 2030.
In recent years, the domestic EC product sales market has continued to expand rapidly, and we expect the market size to grow from
approximately 13 trillion yen in 2021 to 20 trillion yen in 2030. In addition, as various businesses enter the e-commerce business and expand e-commerce sales volume, each company faces its own challenges, such as increasing and concentrating goods, optimizing inventory, increasing delivery costs, and labor shortages.
In order to eliminate customer opportunity loss and contribute to the further growth of the EC market, the SBS Group combines warehouse management and delivery know-how cultivated in inter-company logistics and logistics DX that makes full use of LT (Logistics Technology). , built a platform “EC Logistics Omakase-kun” optimized for each industry.
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“EC Logistics Omakase-kun” (trademark pending) is a one-stop support service for all phases of EC logistics, from warehousing to storage to shipping, distribution processing, last one mile, site creation, operation, and order management. Distributed storage and shipping utilizing more than 700 SBS Group bases in Japan and overseas, various functions with logistics DX, labor saving, and response to
fluctuations support customers’ EC and logistics strategies. SBS Group Representative Masahiko Kamata commented as follows. “EC Logistics Omakase-kun” supports EC logistics operations in all industries and provides support that meets the needs of each customer. At the logistics center in Noda City, Chiba Prefecture, which will start operations in early 2024, we will create an area specializing in EC logistics where robots can freely move around. We would like to expand it to the second pillar of our business after 3PL/4PL business. ”
In addition, actor Hiroki Hasegawa has been appointed as the image character for “EC Logistics Omakase-kun”. From December 26th, we will continue to promote TV commercials, taxi advertisements, and video distribution on YouTube for the next year, so please pay attention to Mr. Hasegawa’s commentary on “EC Logistics Omakase-kun”.
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-Profile of Hiroki Hasegawa-
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Born in Tokyo. Debuted in 2002 on the stage “BENT”. He has made a strong presence in many stage productions, and later expanded his field to include dramas and movies. His first starring drama “Suzuki Sensei” (11) attracted a lot of attention, and since then he has appeared in various works. Major works include the drama “Small Giant” (17), the TV series “Manpuku” (18), and the movie “Yes, I Can’t Swim” (22).
Received the Japan Academy Award for Best Actor in the movie “Shin Godzilla” (16). Received the Broadcast Culture Fund Award for Acting in the NHK drama “Natsume Soseki’s Wife” (2016). Played the main character Mitsuhide Akechi in the NHK Taiga drama “Kirin ga Kuru” (20), winning the Hashida Award and the Nikkan Sports Drama Grand Prix Best Actor Award.
[Comment from Hiroki Hasegawa]
This time, I will serve as the image character for the SBS Group’s new service “EC Logistics Omakase-kun”. In this commercial, we aimed to convey the image of the service to the viewers in an
easy-to-understand manner. I would be happy if as many people as possible were interested in it and used “EC Logistics Omakase-kun”. -Overview of SBS Group-
Holding company: SBS Holdings Co., Ltd. (SBS Group holding company) Established: December 1987
Representative: Masahiko Kamata, President and Representative Director Listing: Tokyo Stock Exchange Prime Market (Securities Code: 2384) Head office address: Sumitomo Fudosan Shinjuku Grand Tower, 8-17-1 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Capital: 3.9 billion yen
Sales: 403.4 billion yen (consolidated, fiscal year ending December 2021) Number of employees: 23,494 (including 10,689 regular employees, consolidated) Business description: Since its establishment in 1987, the SBS Group has contributed to the creation of profits for customers by enhancing logistics and services incidental to logistics and providing one-stop logistics services. Within the group, we have a group of companies that handle a variety of products, from food to super-heavy items, a group of companies that can respond to a variety of delivery methods, including route, area, and same-day delivery, and a group of companies that specialize in logistics facility development, environmental logistics, and other areas. We have a group of companies.
*The information contained in this document is current as of the date of the announcement. Please note that it is subject to change without notice.
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