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Secretariat of Emergency Support Project for Stimulating Demand in Osaka Prefecture Shopping Streets End-of-year gifts from Shijonawate Shopping Association

Osaka Prefectural Shopping Streets, etc. Demand Stimulation Emergency Support Project Secretariat
Year-end gifts from the Shijonawate Store Association
Look forward to seeing what you win! An exciting three days where smiles are born at the shopping fair.

In Osaka Prefecture, while the impact of the corona disaster continues, we are promoting support for demand stimulation in the shopping districts in the prefecture.
The efforts of each shopping district are also introduced on the website “Eeyan!
The Shijonawate shopping district is located near Shijonawate Station on the JR Katamachi Line (Gakkentoshi Line), and is full of downtown atmosphere.
From December 16th (Friday) to 18th (Sunday), we will hold a “Large Year-end Lottery”.
One lottery ticket will be presented for every 2,000 yen spent at participating stores. A lottery ticket will be presented for every 200 yen spent. You can challenge the lottery once with 10 tickets. The prizes for the lottery include electric carpets, duvets, blowfish, beef, rice, cash vouchers that can be used at the Shijonawate Shopping Association, and other luxurious prizes that are close to your life. In addition, the store association is working to prevent infectious diseases, and we are working to ensure that you can enjoy the year-end lottery with peace of mind.
Flyers with detailed information will be distributed at participating stores. In addition, year-end sales are also being held at each store! Have a happy time at the “Large Year-end Lottery” with more discounts on December shopping. Please come to Shijonawate Shopping Association! Event overview
◇ Year-end lottery
[Period] December 16th (Friday) to 18th (Sunday)
[Time] 10:00 am to 5:00 pm
[Venue] Next to Ikko in Shijonawate Shotenkai
・One lottery ticket will be presented for every 2,000 yen spent on food and drink.
・For every 200 yen spent on food and drink, you will receive one lottery ticket, and you can participate in one lottery with 10 tickets.
Prizes include electric carpets, duvets, puffer fish, beef, rice, and cash vouchers that can be used at the Shijonawate Shopping
・Raffle tickets will be distributed at each store until 4:00 pm on the 18th (Sun).
・It may end as soon as the lottery ticket runs out.
Click here for the Shijonawate Shopping Association official website
[Image 1d67592-115-fc9a49db288a9c73d551-0.jpg&s3=67592-115-d9f9cf07ba15c332215e1f532f83f149-1182x1500.jpg
A big lottery full of fun that makes shopping fun!
[Image 2d67592-115-35e9204141d939d2acd1-2.jpg&s3=67592-115-98991c1c4f59c60387fdef5ed873867c-1077x1500.jpg
We also have a year-end sale.
[Image 3d67592-115-9d4d0986d6b653b82a99-1.jpg&s3=67592-115-ec56546adb655173afb7ea35b4eff41f-1180x1500.jpg
Please come by all means!

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