Seibu Co., Ltd./Prince Hotels Worldwide Shin-Yokohama Prince Hotel Enjoy this year’s strawberries with a chic and cool menu! Selling stylish black and red strawberry afternoon tea

Seibu Prince Hotels Worldwide Co., Ltd.
Shin-Yokohama Prince Hotel Enjoy this year’s strawberries with a chic and cool menu! Selling stylish black and red strawberry afternoon tea The delicious season of strawberries is finally here!

At Shin-Yokohama Prince Hotel (Location: 3-4 Shin-Yokohama, Kohoku-ku, Yokohama-shi, General Manager: Masato Takeda), from December 27, 2022 (Tuesday) to January 2023 at the “Top of Yokohama Bar Lounge” (42F) We will sell “Strawberry Afternoon Tea” until the 31st (Tuesday). Strawberry afternoon tea is especially popular among afternoon teas that offer seasonal menus. This year’s strawberry afternoon tea at our hotel has prepared a chic and cool menu with the theme of “black x red” with the desire that adult women and men who like sweets can enjoy it.
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strawberry afternoon tea
On the three-tiered stand, you can enjoy black and red macaroons made with bamboo charcoal kneaded baked dough, mousse with rich chocolate and Earl Gray flavors and sweet and sour red strawberry sauce. A number of stylish strawberry sweets are lined up.
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Various sweets
In addition, you can enjoy savory dishes using black and red ingredients, such as sandwiches with beef pastrami and beets in black bread, and tomato-flavored clam chowder.
In this delicious strawberry season, you can enjoy a “cool” strawberry menu that is a little different from the usual image.
Strawberry Afternoon Tea Summary
[Period] December 27, 2022 (Tuesday) to January 31, 2023 (Tuesday) *January 1, 2023 (New Year’s Day) is an exception.
[Hours] Weekdays from 4:00 P.M./Saturdays and holidays from 2:00 P.M. *It will be a 2-hour system. *Open on Saturdays and holidays on January 2nd (Monday) and 3rd (Tuesday), 2023.
[Place] Top of Yokohama Bar Lounge (42F)
[Price] ¥5,500 per person / ¥6,500 per person with option menu [Reservations and inquiries] Restaurant Reservation Desk TEL: 045-471-1115 (Reception hours 10:00A.M.-6:00P.M.)

Menu contents
[Image 3d24668-1616-a450d9ba5e260161c59e-1.jpg&s3=24668-1616-4c49f03406cbadf83c48c5b50dbf7a23-3900x2601.jpg
Strawberry afternoon tea (with optional menu)
◆ Sweets (9 types)
Strawberry and vanilla tart, strawberry and raspberry macaron, strawberry and berry mousse, chocolate and earl gray verrine strawberry sauce, strawberry and pistachio pudding, canelé, strawberry scone, chocolate scone, fresh strawberry
◆ Savory (3 types)
Tomato flavored clam chowder with black sesame pie sticks, snow crab and celery love remoulade belly corn style, beef pastrami and beetroot sandwich served on a bamboo charcoal loaf
◆ Drinks (free flow system)
21 types including coffee, black tea, original tea soda, herbal tea, etc. ★Option Menu★
Grilled Yokohama brand pork, Hamapoke, Amaou sauce, local vegetables, Amaou gelato
*Prices include consumption tax. A 10% service charge will be added separately. *Regarding our response to food allergies at our restaurants and banquet halls, we are obliged to display 7 specific raw materials (shrimp, crab, wheat, buckwheat) on the manufacturing companies (our ingredients suppliers) according to the Food Labeling Act. , milk, eggs, peanuts). If you would like to use the 7 specified raw materials, please let us know in advance.
* Depending on the purchase situation, the menu and ingredients may change. *The above information is information as of the release date (December 14) and is subject to change.
*The photo is an image for 2 people.

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