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[Seibu Ikebukuro Main Store] YOU+MORE! + Felissimo ~NEW YEAR GREETING SHOP~ Pay attention to next year’s main character, “Rabbit”!

Felissimo, a mail-order company that mainly develops products of the unique miscellaneous goods brand “YOU+MORE!” pop-up. We will develop miscellaneous goods that will heal your heart and make you laugh, such as next year’s zodiac “rabbit” items.
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■Plan name: YOU+MORE! + Felissimo ~NEW YEAR GREETING SHOP~
Dates: December 26, 2022 (Monday) to January 17, 2023 (Tuesday) ■Venue: Seibu Ikebukuro Main Store 4th Floor (Central A7) = Event Space NEWS *On the final day, January 17 (Tue), only this venue will be closed at 7:00 pm. Felissimo’s POP UP SHOP, a mail-order company that collects cute animal goods and interesting goods, including the unique miscellaneous goods brand “YOU+MORE!”.
In addition to next year’s zodiac “Rabbit” goods corner, we will introduce items that are perfect for New Year’s gifts from the “Best YOU+MORE! Please enjoy the real Felissimo world that popped out of the catalog.
[exhibition brand]
YOU+MORE!, Cat Club, Bird Club, Aquarium, Museum Club, etc.
Rabbit item
A porch to hook a rabbit that pops up
I support you with sparkling eyes. The appearance of putting your hand on a computer screen and showing your face is irresistibly cute cleaner and pouch.
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■ Product name: A porch to hook a rabbit that pops up
■Materials: 100% polyester, -Insulation-100% polyester, -Wire-Steel ■Size: Approximately 4.5cm long x 7-7.5cm wide x 14.5-15.5cm high (not including hands and tail), -tail-diameter about 4cm
Colors: orange, brown, squirrel, mini rabbit
■ Price: 2,090 yen each
* Target age is 6 years old and over. * Only the tail part can be washed by hand.
Pyoko from the cushion! A fluffy long cushion with a rabbit peeking out [Image 4

[Image 5

■Product name: Cushion Karapyoko! A fluffy long cushion with a rabbit peeking out
■ Materials: 100% polyester Insulation: 100% polyester
■Size: Approximately 30cm long and 80cm wide (rabbit not included) ■ Price: 7,590 yen
* Target age is 6 years old and over. *Only the removable cover can be washed by hand.
Plump bunny cushion to relax in
Just by being by your side, you will be healed as Kyun.
We have created a rabbit cushion that you can hold and love as much as you like. With a zipper pocket on the bottom, you can put your own hot water bottle. [Image 6

■ Product name: Plump cushion of relaxing rabbit
■Materials: 95% polyester, 5% polyurethane; Insulation: 100% polyester; Tail: 100% polyester *Not washable
■Size: Approximately 30cm long, 28cm wide (not including ears and tail) Zipper pocket: Approximately 25 x 25cm
■ Price: 3,740 yen
* Target age is 6 years old and over
Rabbit pattern series
Towel handkerchiefs, lunch totes, and pouches with all-over rabbit patterns drawn by illustrator Akiko Shirato. Perfect for New Year gifts.
This is a limited-edition product that is not available through mail order. [Image 7

■ Product name: Rabbit pattern towel handkerchief (blue, pink) ■Material: 100% cotton
■Size: about 25cm x 25cm
■ Price: 825 yen each
* Series lunch tote bags are 2,750 yen each, and pouches are 1,870 yen each. 《YOU+MORE!》
Cookies with canned rabbit
Heart-shaped strawberry cookies are lined up in a cute rabbit cream can that catches your eye.
When the can is empty, put it in the accessory case.
[Image 8

[Image 9

■ Product name: Rabbit canned cookie (cream) (baked sweets)
■Contents: 58g (10 strawberry cookies)
■ Price: 1,404 yen
* 28 items such as specified raw materials: including eggs, milk, wheat, and soybeans
(Ends as soon as sold out) Rabbit lucky bag
[Image 10

■Product name: Limited to Seibu Ikebukuro Main Store “YOU+MORE! Rabbit Covered Lucky Bag”
■ Quantity: Limited to 10; Price: 5,500 yen
Sales method: January 1, 2023 (Sunday/holiday),
first-come-first-served pop-up sales from the time of opening, ending when sold out
Contents: 6 items in total, including a pass case touched by a rabbit, a rabbit kinchaku pouch, and room shoes with a rabbit.
Best YOU+MORE! Award
《Best YOU+MORE! Award》
I’m sorry that it only fits a little bit Sparrow Tears Pouch A realistic sparrow pouch with the motif of the proverb “suzume no namida”, which means “just a little”. Please put small items such as candy and hair rubber in it and take it with you when you go out. [Image 11

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