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SeiRogai Co., Ltd. A collaboration between Zojoji Temple in Minato Ward and an immersive “VR 360-degree virtual tour” has been decided! Seeking partners and sponsors

SeiRogai, Inc.
The immersive “VR 360-degree virtual tour” and Zojoji Temple in Minato Ward have decided to collaborate! Seeking partners and sponsors Officially certified as a “MINATO City Promotion Crew” certification project by Minato Ward

SeiRogai Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Representative Directors: Yuen Sammiyol, Lynn Rachel) has announced the “Zojoji VR 360 degree virtual tour” where you can enjoy famous places using the latest technology. This project has been officially certified by Minato Ward as a “MINATO City Promotion Crew Authorization Project”, and aims to convey the charm of Japan, including Minato Ward, both domestically and internationally through tours that can be enjoyed remotely. We are also looking for sponsors who can eventually promote the company within the tour.
The project is currently in the planning stages, and the tour announced this time will be released in 2023.
About the business | Expecting attention from the new Taiga drama [Image 1d102895-4-d130a1c43ada37a99509-1.jpg&s3=102895-4-b18ac1d593ac205a38b1e2006a37e323-1920x1080.jpg
The currently planned “Zojoji VR 360 degree virtual tour” is a tour that can be enjoyed remotely. It is a project that has both a story that attracts people’s interest and an educational aspect that stimulates intellectual curiosity. I was.
The Daihonzan Zojoji (Zojoji) is a temple in Minato Ward with a history of 600 years. It has a deep connection with the Tokugawa shogunate and attracts many people.
It is a tourist attraction. We will be working on the first virtual tour of Zojoji Temple to fully convey its charm. In addition, the new Taiga drama “Dosuru Ieyasu”, which will begin in 2023, is expected to increase interest in Zojoji Temple as well as interest in the Tokugawa family, and many potential customers are expected.
The actual shooting is scheduled for January 2023.
A revolutionary 360-degree virtual tour like never before. Aim to attract people from Japan and abroad
The virtual tours produced by SeiRogai, which specializes in video production, use the latest technologies such as VR, and focus on storytelling and education. This is a great stepping stone for SeiRogai’s philosophy of “contributing to a society where people around the world can better understand each other.”
 With SeiRogai’s unique 360-degree virtual technology, we will deliver an interactive VR tour that will make you feel as if you are in a movie.
■ Utilize our own DX platform ― for an even more immersive experience We will use our digital content platform “Global Virtual Travel” to distribute virtual tours and use our strengths in marketing and advertising to convey the appeal of Minato Ward and Zojoji Temple both domestically and internationally.
Our unique platform, Global Virtual Travel, is a tool born out of the desire to entertain people with realistic virtual tours that cannot be represented by flat video tours. Developed independently with the aim of increasing engagement and disseminating the appeal of Japan both domestically and internationally. We are currently applying for a patent on the VR video provision system, provision method, and program.
Achieving Hollywood-level image quality ― Engagement is improved by combining it with education
One of SeiRogai’s strengths is video technology that rivals Hollywood. We confidently named it “virtual tour” because we can provide high-quality images that make you feel as if you are actually there. In addition, with SeiRogai’s three major philosophies of
“entertainment”, “education” and “engagement” as pillars, we aim to further increase user satisfaction and engagement by making highly educational content.
[Image 2d102895-4-24ddb1d9dac61d99b1f9-4.png&s3=102895-4-8c52323ddb15805bfd5f0d6b9b04f4e4-1090x358.png

■ The elite team involved in the project ― To provide the best experience In order to make this project a success and provide an experience that many people can truly enjoy, SeiRogai’s elite team is working on the project.
[Image 3d102895-4-9c8b48c979bacc6f92b7-3.png&s3=102895-4-ef5b2352af6085e6b5d3324f044fc905-479x605.png
Samuel Yuen | International Video Producer and Director
SeiRogai’s CEO Yuen Sammyol is also a video producer and director who has been involved in the video industry for over 20 years. Starting with his training in Hollywood, he has been active as a video producer/director with a unique and fresh perspective through activities in various countries such as Los Angeles in the United States, Sydney in Australia, and Bangkok in Thailand.
He also has one side as a Theravada Buddhist priest. You can enjoy the images born from the experience and skill of the unique combination of producer, director, and monk.
[Image 4d102895-4-20d8b84a30b33a0fbe25-2.png&s3=102895-4-51c59dca9dab582775a0148e0c3f4534-509x628.png
Rachel Leng | Presenter Expert Guide
Lynn Rachel, COO and co-founder of SeiRogai, contributes to the project with her knowledge and experience in numerous fields. An East Asian expert with top honors from Harvard and Duke Universities, she is an experienced essayist, think tank and Miss Singapore title holder.
In the project, we will introduce the hidden charms of Zojoji as an expert guide. In addition to his international experience and expertise, by guiding Zojoji Temple through his perspective as a foreigner living in Japan, not only overseas tourists but also Japanese people can feel the charm of Japanese culture that they have not noticed before. You should be able to.
Aiming for a deeper experience | Special Research Team
A research team will be formed from world-class institutions such as Harvard University and the University of Tokyo to convey to the audience the history and charm of Zojoji Temple, along with the unique and mysterious deep Japanese culture.
■ Join the tour immediately after the release! |Register for “Global Virtual Travel”
By signing up on our platform “Global Virtual Travel”, you will be able to receive notifications when the tour starts. Please register and enjoy the tour as soon as possible.
[Image 5d102895-4-e5429ea5e5ae88c6e18c-0.png&s3=102895-4-6417014eaef83fb187eef70202d17855-1075x253.png
A project that considers people’s mindfulness and SDGs
This business is very passionate about “spreading the philosophy of mindness and well-being”, which is also connected to our corporate philosophy. Through this project, I would like to disseminate and disseminate the ideas and philosophy that lead to the teachings of Buddhism both domestically and internationally.
In addition, the demand for virtual tours has increased in the post-corona era, and it has been devised to have a positive impact on society from the perspective of the SDGs.
■ Eco-friendly sightseeing tour
 This is a new eco-friendly style of tourism that leads to a reduction in carbon dioxide emissions and waste by reducing physical movement. Through the promotion of eco-tourism and green tourism using VR tours, we aim to raise awareness of “spirit to protect nature” and “spirit to coexist with nature” with an eye on environmental protection and climate change countermeasures.
We believe that demand for DX sightseeing virtual tours that contribute to the SDGs will increase as awareness of environmental protection increases.
■ Equitable educational and entertainment opportunities for many people Because it is a virtual tour that allows remote communication, it is expected that elderly people and people with disabilities who have difficulty traveling to distant places will participate in the tour and expand their playing field. Even for those who find it difficult to move in the post-corona world, we can provide an experience that feels as if you are traveling locally.
In addition, we aim to contribute to the expansion of access to education by allowing more people to enjoy educational content. We are looking for partners and sponsors! Virtual tours using innovative technology can be appealed both inside and outside of Japan The “Zojoji VR 360 degree virtual tour”, which is currently in the planning stage, is looking for partners and sponsors. This is a very rare opportunity to combine the old and new of Zojoji, a historic landmark, and the latest VR virtual tour. For partners and sponsors, the first-ever virtual tour of Zojoji will be a once-in-a-lifetime branding and PR opportunity to promote your company both domestically and internationally.
In addition to posting your company’s logo, it is also possible to advertise products that you would like to focus on promotion (shooting is scheduled for January 2023).
The number of partner/sponsor slots is limited. If you are interested in becoming a partner or sponsor of this business, please contact SeiRogai Co., Ltd. as soon as possible.
[Image 6d102895-4-4607f2236ac3d749195d-5.jpg&s3=102895-4-534fc61efa14fac79142e2e562dacd7b-366x183.jpg
About SeiRogai Inc.
Our company’s corporate philosophy is to “contribute to building a society in which people around the world can better understand each other through the creation and dissemination of compelling stories.” Our main business is producing programs and videos related to travel, education and culture related to Japan for overseas markets such as Thailand and Singapore.
In addition, we produce media content for global brands (TV
commercials, programs, music videos, VR 360-degree virtual tours, etc.), marketing, advertising, branding, business consulting (market research, overseas expansion support, founding support) and DX. We provide solutions that utilize our expertise and the latest
technology, such as the development, management, and operation of digital platforms.
In order to provide new services to the Japanese market and serve as a bridge between Japan and Southeast Asia, we have developed an Internet distribution service for TV programs and movies as our next
This project has been certified as a Minato City “MINATO City Promotion Crew” certification project.
【Company Profile】
Company name: SeiRogai Co., Ltd.
Head office location: Roppongi Denki Building 5F, 6-1-20 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-0032
Representative Directors: Yuen Sammyol, Lynn Rachel
Established: 2019
Main business:
1 Video production / video production service (including VR 360 degree tour) 2 Internet distribution service for TV programs and movies
3 Marketing, branding, advertising, image planning
4 Professional services and business consulting (market research, overseas expansion support, start-up support)
5 Development, construction and provision of VR distribution system and DX digital platform
6 Regional tourism/company information dissemination service for overseas, etc. Details about this release:

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