Seishun Publishing Co., Ltd. Food costs almost 100 yen! Let’s start saving deliciously with the strongest cost performance “100 yen lunch box that is fun every day”!

Seishun Publishing Co., Ltd.
Ingredients cost almost 100 yen! Let’s start saving deliciously with the strongest cost performance “100 yen lunch box that is fun every day”!
No hassle or ingredients! “Delicious” ride! Savings lunch box recipes taught by professionals on sale

Seishun Publishing Company (Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo) released “100 Yen Bento for Fun Every Day” (Satomi Kemizaki) on December 13th. [Image 1d75284-154-7b81bf87fa2c569d1c95-2.jpg&s3=75284-154-eafbf18560f5b84e1c58f24403676bff-3667x2268.jpg
Prices will not stop rising. Data has been released that in October 2022, the number of food items whose prices will be raised will increase by 2.5 times compared to August of the same year. Even in the restaurant industry, the movement to review prices is one after another.
I can’t eat out for lunch every day. So have lunch every day. However, if you are careless, you may unexpectedly end up spending a lot of money on ingredients.
[Image 2d75284-154-febf5b64aafa5dcecc91-0.jpg&s3=75284-154-054df6e98a32c555ba895907a29ce531-1488x2398.jpg
Lunch box for 100 yen that is fun every day
So, here is a proposal for a bento box that costs almost 100 yen. Named “100 Yen Bento”.
[Image 3d75284-154-b7600defe4559910de3e-3.jpg&s3=75284-154-02949d594bc2cceccc1ea899cb42f6d6-3667x2268.jpg
We make full use of all kinds of saving techniques unique to professionals, such as hidden helpful ingredients, tricks to increase bulk, reusable pre-cooked vegetables, and using frozen vegetables with good cost performance.
We will develop a lunch box that is very satisfying in terms of appearance, taste and volume.
[Image 4d75284-154-2fdb8c8f60bd19913110-4.jpg&s3=75284-154-553965667d0fd92fca7b0bb8125604ae-3667x2268.jpg

Author profile
Satomi Kemizaki
Culinary researcher, registered dietitian. After graduating from Akahori Nutrition College, worked as an assistant to a culinary researcher. After independence, he was active mainly in television, magazines, and books. He has a good reputation for the dishes that even beginners can make easily and reliably, and for his good taste. Book information
“Bento lunch for 100 yen that is fun every day”
Author: Satomi Kemizaki
Release date: December 13, 2022
List price: 1,430 yen (tax included)
ISBN: 978-4-413-21197-0
Details about this release:

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